Partridge's igloo – Victor Tarasov-Shlishan

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Dear friends and Comrades! My country USSR exists under occupation of The International Zionism and Usurper of the Colonial Administration on the territory of RSFSR destroys the Russians. Nevertheless, more than 30 millions citizens of the RSFSR hope for the Revival of the Motherland! The story «Partridge igloo» written in the world famous tradition of Soviet science fiction. This story tells in detail about the mysterious adventure of the Soviet surveyor that happened with him, during the Development of natural resources in the Far North of RSFSR. Based on idea and notes of my father, Anatoly Nikolayevich Tarasov (1939-2012). Dedicated to all Pioneers of the Far North of the USSR. For a wide range of readers.

Информация о книге:

  • Язык книги: русский
  • Язык оригинала: русский
  • Издательство: SelfPub
  • Год издания: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-5-532-97727-3
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