Trish Milburn.

Her Very Own Family

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“Don’t let the outside fool you,” Brady said. “Eat Pal’s once and you’re a slave to it for life.”

Audrey gave the structure a doubtful look. “If you say so.”

They ordered on one side of the building then drove around to the other to pay and get their food. Her stomach growled when she handed the bag to Brady.

“See, your stomach knows good food is in the vicinity. Drive down the street. We can eat at the park.”

The park ended up being Sycamore Shoals State Park, complete with a reconstructed eighteenth-century fort. With the beautiful, late-May day as a backdrop, the slice of the area’s history captured Audrey’s fascination.

“I wish I’d brought my camera,” she said.

“You can come back when they’re doing garrison weekends. Seems more like you’re stepping into history with everyone dressed in costume.”

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