Olga Kholodova.

Chloe. The Tale of a Dead Flower

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Olga Kholodova


The Tale of a Dead Flower

Иллюстратор Olga Kholodova

© Olga Kholodova, 2017

© Olga Kholodova, иллюстрации, 2017

The Tale of the Adventures of Chloe. The girl grows orphaned with her uncle and aunt. By coincidence, Chloe enters the kingdom of King Harold and lives in the palace for seven long years. Once habitual life begins to give way to the adventures and adventures that led to the meeting with the witch Glenda.


The day was hot. The sun did not warm, but seemed to burn and bite. Chloe, along with Cousin Louise and Cousin Alan, collected strawberries from the house.

"I'm tired," Louise said. She sat down on the path and set before her a bowl with a berry.

"Louise, take my bowl." I filled it with strawberries to the top. Bring the berries to my mother, and in the meantime I will collect the strawberries in your bowl, "Chloe asked.

"Maybe you'll gather some berries in my bowl?" Alan asked and smiled.

"No. It's not fair. Louise is two years younger than us, so I'm helping her," Chloe said, and threw a rotten strawberry into Alan.

"Chloe stop throwing a berry at me," Alan said. "I do not want to offend you."

"Do not make me laugh," Chloe said, and laughed aloud.

Alan got angry with his cousin. He took a handful of earth and threw it at the girl. A little bit of land fell into a bowl of strawberries.

Chloe exclaimed, "Alan stop throwing the earth. You'll spoil the berry."

Alan did not stop. He again collected a handful of earth and swung, but did not abandon the ground.

"You're right Chloe. Perhaps, stop fooling around. We are already ten years old and I think we need to calm down a bit, "said Alan.

"A miracle happened, and you've become a smarter cousin," Chloe chuckled.

"How funny you joke," Alan muttered. He gathered a full bowl of strawberries and went to the house.

"Alan, do not be offended," Chloe cried to her cousin. She put some more strawberries in Louise's bowl and went to the house too.

The house was large and two-storied. On the second floor there were small bedrooms, and at the bottom there is a hall and a kitchen. The interior was decorated in warm colors, and oak furniture complemented the picture.

Chloe lived with Uncle Stefan and Aunt Emma from the age of three. Why little Chloe was an orphan, no one told her, and she did not ask. She fell in love with my uncle and aunt.

Chloe always spared and not hurt Cousin Louise, as well as the cousin of Alan.

Chloe's hair was chestnut, and her eyes were blue like the sea. The girl's white skin was very susceptible to sunburn, so Chloe tried to hide in the shade in the summer.

Chloe entered the house and saw her aunt picking up things in a large bag.

"We collected almost all the strawberries," Chloe said to Auntie.

"Well done," Aunt Emma complimented, and continued to gather her things.

"Where are you going," Chloe asked her aunt.

"Chloe does not distract me," Emma said.

Chloe put the bowl of strawberries on the table in the living room and went back to her aunt.

"Auntie, let me help you," Chloe suggested.

"All right," Emma agreed.

"Take the bag I've already packed and carry it into the wagon."

Chloe took a small blue bag and left the house. She went to the cart and put a bag in her. Uncle Stefan led the horse out of the stables and began to harness her into the wagon.

"Uncle Stefan, where are you going with your aunt?" Chloe asked.

"My dear girl, it's hard times," Uncle Stefan answered. "I'm almost ruined and in order to pay my debts and keep the house we will have to sell something valuable i


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