Melanie Milburne.

Their Most Forbidden Fling

His eyes moved over her face, as if he was committing her features to memory.

The silence throbbed with a backbeat of electric tension. She felt it echoing in her blood and wondered if he could feel it too. His eyes dropped to her mouth, pausing there for an infinitesimal moment.

In another life I wouldve kissed you the other night, he said in a gravel-rough tone. I probably wouldve taken you to bed as well.

Molly looked at his mouth. She could see the tiny vertical lines of his lower lip and the slight dryness that she knew would cling to her softer one like sandpaper on silk. Why not in this life? she asked softly.

He reached out and brushed her lower lip with the pad of his index finger. His touch was as light as a moths wing but it set off a thousand bubbly, tingly sensations beneath her skin.

I think you know why not, he said, and stepped back from her.

Molly felt as if the floor of her stomach had dropped right out of her as he turned and left the room. She put her hand to her mouth, touching where his finger had so briefly been

Dear Reader

Every day the news is full of stories of tragic eventsbad things happening to good people. I often wonder what happens to those other victims. The ones left behind to cope in whatever way they can with what happened.

That is the essence of Lucas and Mollys story. Lucas is a man in need of redemption. He has spent seventeen years paying for the accidental death of Matt Drummond, Mollys older brother and his best mate since childhood. A workaholic who has virtually no private life, Lucas is locked down emotionally and deeply lonely and isolatedalthough he would never admit that to anyone!

When Molly turns up at his London hospital for a short-term appointment he is determined to keep her at arms length. But when Mollys landlord threatens to evict her after she rescues a stray cat, Lucas steps in and offers to share his big old empty house with her. While Lucas is confident he can remain professional and distant with her at work, living under the same roof as Molly soon stirs up a blistering passion between them!

But the past is a wound that has never quite healed. Lucas is still struggling to come to terms with his role in the accident that took his best friends life. How can he be with Molly when he is the person responsible for causing her and her family such heartache?

Lucas and Molly are two of my favourite characters. Yes, I knowI say that about every hero and heroine. Molly is caring and kind, compassionate and givingthe perfect partner for a man who has taught himself not to love.

Their story is one of redemption and the healing power of love. I hope you enjoy following them on their journey to the happy-ever-after they both deserve so much.

Warmest wishes

Melanie Milburne

About the Author

From as soon as MELANIE MILBURNE could pick up a pen she knew she wanted to write.

It was when she picked up her first Harlequin Mills & Boon at seventeen that she realised she wanted to write romance. Distracted for a few years by meeting and marrying her own handsome hero, surgeon husband Steve, and having their two boys, plus completing a Masters of Education and becoming a nationally ranked athlete (masters swimming) she decided to write. Five submissions later she sold her first book and is now a multi-published, award-winning USA TODAY bestselling author. In 2008 she won the Australian Readers Associations most popular category/series romance, and in 2011 she won the prestigious Romance Writers of Australia R*BY award.

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Their Most Forbidden Fling

Melanie Milburne

To Tony and Jacqui Patiniotis and their sons, Lucien, Julius and Raphael, for their generous support to the National Heart Foundation in Hobart. This one is for you!


MOLLY SAW HIM first. He was coming out of a convenience store half a block from her newly rented bedsit. He had his head down against the sleeting rain, his forehead knotted in a frown of concentration. Her heart gave a dislocated stumble as he strode towards her. The memories came rushing back, tumbling over themselves like clothes spinning in a dryer. She didnt even realise she had spoken his name out loud until she heard the thready sound of her voice. Lucas?

He stopped like a puppet suddenly pulled back on its strings. The jolt of recognition on his face was painful to watch. She saw the way his hazel eyes flinched; saw too the way his jaw worked in that immeasurable pause before he spoke her name. Molly

It had been ten years since she had heard his voice. A decade of living in London had softened his Australian outback drawl to a mellifluous baritone that for some reason sent an involuntary shiver over her skin. She looked at his face, drinking in his features one by one as if ticking off a checklist inside her head to make sure it really was him.

The landscape of his facethe brooding brow, the determined jaw and the aquiline nosewas achingly familiar and yet different. He was older around the eyes and mouth, and his dark brown hair, though thick and glossy, had a few streaks of silver in it around his temples. His skin wasnt quite as weathered and tanned as his fathers or brothers back on the farm at home, but it still had a deep olive tone.

He was still imposingly tall and whipcord lean and fit, as if strenuous exercise was far more important to him than rest and relaxation. She looked at his hazel eyes. The same shadows were therelong, dark shadows that anchored him to the past.

I was wondering when Id run into you, Molly said to fill the bruised silence. I suppose Neil or Ian told you I was coming over to work at St Patricks for three months?

His expression became inscrutable and closed. They mentioned something about you following a boyfriend across, he said.

Molly felt a blush steal over her cheeks. She still wasnt quite sure how to describe her relationship with Simon Westbury. For years they had been just friends, but ever since Simon had broken up with his long-term girlfriend Serena, they had drifted into an informal arrangement that was convenient but perhaps not as emotionally satisfying as Molly would have wished. Simon and I have been out a couple of times but nothing serious, she said. Hes doing a plastics registrar year over here. I thought itd be good to have someone to travel with since its my first time overseas.

Where are you staying? Lucas asked.

In that house over there, Molly said, pointing to a seen-better-days Victorian mansion that was divided into small flats and bedsits. I wanted somewhere within walking distance of the hospital. Apparently lots of staff from abroad set up camp there.

He acknowledged that with a slight nod.

Another silence chugged past.

Molly shifted her weight from foot to foot, the fingers of her right hand fiddling with the strap of her handbag where it was slung over her shoulder. Um Mum said to say hello

His brows gave a micro-lift above his green and brown-flecked eyes but whether it was because of cynicism, doubt or wariness, she couldnt quite tell. Did she? he asked.

Molly looked away for a moment, her gaze taking in the gloomy clouds that were suspended above the rooftops of the row of grey stone buildings. It was so different from the expansive skies and blindingly bright sunshine of the outback back home. I guess you heard my fathers remarried She brought her gaze back up when he didnt respond. His new wife Crystal is pregnant. The babys due in a couple of months.

His eyes studied her for a beat or two. How do you feel about having a half-sibling?

Molly pasted on a bright smile. Im thrilled for them It will be good to have someone to spoil. I love babies. Ill probably babysit now and then for them when I get back

He continued to look at her in that measured way of his. Could he see how deeply hurt she was that her father was trying to replace Matt? Could he see how guilty she felt about feeling hurt? Matt had been the golden child, the firstborn and heir. Molly had lived in his shadow for as long as she could remembernever feeling good enough, bright enough.

Loved enough.

With a new child to replace the one he had lost, her father would have no need of her now.

Youre a long way from home, Lucas said.

Did he think she wasnt up to the task? Did he still see her as that gangly, freckle-faced kid who had followed him about like a devoted puppy? Im sure Ill cope with it, she said with the tiniest elevation of her chin. Im not a little kid any longer. Im all grown up now in case you hadnt noticed.

His gaze moved over her in a thoroughly male appraisal that made Mollys spine suddenly feel hot and tingly. As his eyes re-engaged with hers the air tightened, as if a light but unmistakable current of electricity was pulsing through it. Indeed you are, he said.

Molly glanced at his mouth. He had a beautiful mouth, one that implied sensuality in its every line and contour. The shadow of dark stubble surrounding it gave him an intensely male look that she found captivating. She wondered when that mouth had last smiled. She wondered when it had last kissed someone.

She wondered what it would feel like to be kissed by him.

Molly forced her gaze to reconnect with his. She needed to get her professional cap on and keep it on. They would be working together in the same unit. No one over here needed to know about the tragic tie that bound them so closely. Well, then, she said, shuffling her feet again. I guess Ill see you at the hospital.


She gave him another tight, formal smile and made to move past but she had only gone a couple of paces when he said her name again. Molly?

Molly slowly turned and looked at him. The lines about his mouth seemed to have deepened in the short time she had been talking to him. Yes? she said.

You might not have been informed as yet, but as of yesterday Im the new head of ICU, he said. Brian Yates had to suddenly resign due to ill health.

She gripped the edges of her coat closer across her chest. Lucas Banning was her boss? It put an entirely new spin on things. This first foray of hers into working abroad could be seriously compromised if he decided he didnt want her working with him. And why would he want her here?

She was a living, breathing reminder of the worst mistake he had ever made.

No, Molly said. I hadnt been informed.

Is it going to be a problem? he asked with a direct look she found a little intimidating.

Why would it be a problem? she asked.

Its a busy and stretched-to-the-limit department, he said. I dont want any personal issues between staff members to compromise patient outcomes.

Molly felt affronted that he thought her so unprofessional as to bring their past into the workplace. She rarely spoke of Matt these days. Even though she had lived with her grief longer than she had lived without it, speaking of him brought it all back as if it had happened yesterdaythe gut-wrenching pain, the aching sense of loss. The guilt. Most of her friends from medical school didnt even know she had once had an older brother. I do not bring personal issues to work, she said.

His hazel eyes held hers for a beat or two of silence. Fine, he said. Ill see you in the morning. Dont be late.

Molly pursed her lips as he strode off down the street. She would make sure she was there before he was.

Lucas glanced pointedly at the clock on the wall as Molly Drummond rushed into the glassed-in office of ICU. Your shift started an hour ago, he said as he slapped a patients file on the desk.

Im so sorry, she said breathlessly. I tried to call but I didnt have the correct code in my phone. Im still with my Australian network so I couldnt call direct.

So whats your excuse? he asked, taking in her pink face and the disarray of her light brown hair. Boyfriend keep you up late last night, or did he make you late by serving you breakfast in bed?

Her face went bright red and her grey-blue eyes flashed with annoyance. Neither, she said. I was on my way to work when I came across a cat that had been hit by a car. I couldnt just leave it there. It had a broken leg and was in pain. I had to take it to the nearest vet clinic. It took me ages to find one, and then I had to wait until the vet got there.

Lucas knew he should apologise for jumping to conclusions but he wanted to keep a professional distance. Out of all the hospitals in London, or the whole of England for that matter, why did she have to come to his? He had put as much distance as he could between his past and the present. For the last ten years he had tried to put it behind him, not to forgethe could never, would never do thatbut to move on with his life as best he could, making a difference where he could.

Saving lives, not destroying them.

Molly Drummond turning up in his world was not what he needed right now. He had only recently found out she was coming to work here, but he had assured himself that he wouldnt have to have too much to do with her directly. He had planned to become director at the end of next year when Brian Yates formally retired. But Brian being diagnosed with a terminal illness had meant hed had to take over the reins a little ahead of schedule. Now he would have to interact with Molly on a daily basis, which would have been fine if she was just like any other young doctor who came and went in the department.

But Molly was not just any other doctor.

She wasnt that cute little freckle-faced kid any more either. She had grown into a beautiful young woman with the sort of understated looks that took you by surprise in unguarded moments. Like yesterday, when hed run into her on the street.

Looking up and seeing her there had made his breath catch in his throat. He had been taken aback by the way her grey-blue eyes darkened or softened with her mood. How her creamy skin took on a rosy tinge when she felt cornered or embarrassed. How her high cheekbones gave her a haughty regal air, and yet her perfect nose with its tiny dusting of freckles had an innocent girl-next-door appeal that was totally beguiling. How her figure still had a coltish look about it with those long legs and slim arms.

He had not been able to stop himself imagining how it would feel to have those slim arms wrap around his body and to feel that soft, full mouth press against his. He had his share of sexual encounters, probably not as many as some of his peers, but he wasnt all that comfortable with letting people get too close.

And getting too close to Molly Drummond was something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

I havent got time to give you a grand tour, Lucas said, forcing his wayward thoughts back where they belonged. But youll find your way around soon enough. We have twenty beds, all of them full at the present time. Jacqui Hunter is the ward clerk. Shell fill you in on where the staff facilities are. Su Ling and Aleem Pashar are the registrars. Theyll run through the patients with you. He gave her a brisk nod before he left the office. Enjoy your stay.

Dr Drummond?

Molly turned to see a middle-aged woman coming towards her. Im sorry I wasnt here to greet you, the woman said with a friendly smile. Things have been a bit topsy-turvy, Im afraid. She offered her hand. Im Jacqui Hunter.

Pleased to meet you, Molly said.

This has been such a crazy couple of days, Jacqui said. Did Dr Banning tell you about Brian Yates? She didnt wait for Molly to respond. Such a terrible shame. He was planning to retire next year. Now hes been sent home to get his affairs in order.

Im very sorry, Molly said.

He and Olivia just had their first grandchild too, Jacqui said shaking her head. Lifes not fair, is it?

No, its not.

Jacqui popped the patients file, which Lucas had left on the desk, in the appropriate drawer. Now, then, she said, turning to face Molly again. Lets get you familiarised with the place. Youre from Australia, arent you? Sydney, right?

Yes, Molly said. But I grew up in the bush.

Like our Lucas, huh?

Yes, we actually grew up in the same country town in New South Wales.

Jacquis eyebrows shot up underneath her blunt fringe. Really? What a coincidence. So you know each other?

Molly wondered if she should have mentioned anything about her connection with Lucas. Not really. Its been years since Ive seen him, she said. He moved to London when I was seventeen. Its not like weve stayed in touch or anything.

Hes a bit of a dark horse is our Lucas, Jacqui said, giving Molly a conspiratorial look. Keeps himself to himself, if you know what I mean.

Molly wasnt sure if the ward clerk was expecting a response from her or not. Um yes

No one knows a whisper about his private life, Jacqui said. He keeps work and play very separate.

Probably a good idea, Molly said.

Jacqui grunted as she led the way to the staff change room. Theres plenty of women around here who would give their eye teeth for a night out with him, she said. It should be a crime to be so good looking, dont you think?


Hes got kind, intelligent eyes, Jacqui said. The patients love himand so do the relatives. He takes his time with them. He treats them like he would his own family. Thats rare these days, let me tell you. Everyone is so busy climbing up the career ladder. Lucas Banning was born to be a doctor. You can just tell.

Actually, I think he always planned on being a wheat and sheep farmer, like his father and grandfather before him, Molly said.

Jacqui looked at her quizzically. Are we talking about the same person? she asked.

As I said, I dont know him all that well, Molly quickly backtracked.

Jacqui indicated the female change room door on her right. Bathroom is through there and lockers here, she said. The staff tea room is further down on the left. She led the way back to the office. Youre staying three months with us, arent you?

Yes, Molly said. I havent been overseas before. The job came up and I took it before I could talk myself out of it.

Well, youre certainly at the right time of life to do it, arent you? Jacqui said. Get the travel bug out of the way before you settle down. God knows, youll never be able to afford it once the kids come along. Take it from me. They bleed you dry.

How many children do you have?

Four boys, Jacqui said, and with a little roll of her eyes added, Five if you count my husband. She led the way back to the sterilising bay outside ICU. One of the registrars will go through the patients with you. Id better get back to the desk.

Thanks for showing me around.

Molly spent an hour with the registrars, going through each patients history. Lucas joined them as they came to the last patient. Claire Mitchell was a young woman of twenty-two with a spinal-cord injury as well as a serious head injury after falling off a horse at an equestrian competition. She had been in an induced coma for the past month. Each time they tried to wean her off the sedatives her brain pressure skyrocketed. The scans showed a resolving intracerebral haematoma and persistent cerebral oedema.

Molly watched as Lucas went through the latest scans with the parents. He explained the images and answered their questions in a calm reassuring manner.

I keep thinking shes going to die, the mother said in a choked voice.

Shes come this far, Lucas said. These new scans show positive signs of improvement. Its a bit of a waiting game, Im afraid. Just keep talking to her.

We dont know how to thank you, the father said. When I think of how bad she was just a week ago

Shes definitely turned a corner in the last few days, Lucas said. Just try and stay positive. Well call you as soon as theres any change.

Molly met his gaze once the parents had returned to their daughters bedside. Can I have a quick word, Dr Banning? she asked. In private?

His brows came together as if he found the notion of meeting with her in private an interruption he could well do without. My office is last on the left down the corridor. Ill meet you there in ten minutes. I just have to write up some meds for David Hyland in bed four.

Molly stood outside the office marked with Lucass name. The door was ajar and she peered around it to see if he was there, but the office was empty so she gently pushed the door open and went inside.

It was furnished like any other underfunded hospital office: a tired-looking desk dominated the small space with a battered chair that had an L-shaped rip in the vinyl on the back. A dented and scratched metal filing cabinet was tucked between the window and a waist-high bookcase that was jammed with publications and textbooks. A humming computer was in the middle of the desk and papers and medical journals were strewn either side. Organised chaos was the term that came to Mollys mind. There was a digital photo frame on the filing cabinet near the tiny window that overlooked the bleak grey world outside. She pressed the button that set the images rolling. The splashes of the vivid outback colour of Bannington homestead took her breath away. The tall, scraggy gum trees, the cerulean blue skies, the endless paddocks, the prolific wildflowers after last seasons rain, the colourful bird life on the dams and the waters of Carboola Creek, which ran through the property, took her home in a heartbeat. She could almost hear the arck arck sound of the crows and the warbling of the magpies.

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