Liza Durst.

Three Rules of a Slender Body

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I welcome you to this personal guide to a better body. I probably should start with saying praises of myself, trying to assure you of how great I am, and that I’m an amazing specialist in nutrition with a medical degree or that I have a sports Ph.D. People like big names and titles. Well I’m not. I am just a regular mom of three boys. I became fat and pregnant three times and three times I lost my weight quickly and easily.

How did I come up with these rules? I read a lot! I’ve been studying nutrition, bodybuilding, and physiology for a long time. I researched hundreds of different sources: books, articles, videos and most importantly I tried all that myself. Cumulating all this knowledge and experience, I created a new formula for success. I believe you will find these rules unusual but that’s exactly what makes them so special.

Now let’s talk about you. If you are reading this book you are probably not very happy with your body.


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