Janice Lynn.

Winter Wedding In Vegas

Dear Reader,

Weve all heard that old saying: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But it doesnt always Sometimes a girl marries the wrong man who might just end up being the right man!

Slade Sain is about as opposite to what Taylor Anderson wants in a man as he can possibly be. Except that hes sexy as sin, makes her feel good about herself, and hes a fantastic, compassionate oncologist. Now hes her husband. So this year all she wants for Christmas is a quickie divorce and for what happened in Vegas truly to stay in Vegas.

Slade dedicated his life to breast cancer research at the tender age of twelve, when his mother died from the horrible disease. He knows the path his life is destined to take. Getting married is a bump on that road he never intended to travel over. Sure, Taylor has always fascinated himbut hes a good-time guy, not a for ever kind of man. Shes vulnerable, a single mum, and still believes in Christmas. He should have known better. Only maybe his heart has been headed in the right direction all along

I hope you enjoy their story, and that Santa stuffs your stockings with all the things you really want.

Merry Christmas!


Winter Wedding in Vegas

Janice Lynn


To my favourite nurse, Joni Sain!

You rock!!!



Dear Reader

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TAYLOR ANDERSON woke from the craziest dream shed ever had. Apparently sleeping in a glitzy Las Vegas hotel stretched ones inner imagination beyond all reason.

Married. Her. To Dr. Slade Sain.

As if.

The man was such a player, she wouldnt date him, much less consider a more serious relationship with the likes of him. Sure, he was gorgeous, invaded her deepest, darkest dreams from time to time, but the mans little black book had more phone numbers than the Yellow Pages.

If and when she married, no way would she make the same relationship mistakes she had made during medical school. Never again was she walking down that painful path of inevitable unfaithfulness from a man she should have known better than to trust.

Yet her mind warned that last night hadnt been a dream, that she had married Slade.

Last night shed drowned her awkwardness around him. She rarely drank, but shed felt so self-conscious surrounded by Slade and her colleagues in a social setting, that she had overimbibed. She didnt think shed been out and out drunk, but she hadnt been herself.

These days, the real her was quiet and reserved, steady and stable. Responsible. Not the kind of woman to go to a tacky Sin City year-round Christmas-themed wedding chapel and marry a man she respected as a brilliant oncologist, had found unbelievably attractive from the moment shed first laid eyes on him, but thought as cheesy as the Jolly Old Saint Nick whod, apparently, also been an ordained minister. Who knew?

Mentally, she counted to ten, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes. She was in her hotel room queen-size bed and Sexy Slade Sain was nowhere in sight.

She glanced at the opposite side of the bed. The covers were so tangled, who knew if there had been anyone other than herself beneath the sheets? Just because she usually woke with the bedcovers almost as neat as when shed crawled between them didnt mean a thing. Really.

She wasnt in denial. No way.

Neither did the fact she was in the middle of the bed, sort of diagonally, and sprawled out. Naked. What had she done with her clothes?

What had she done with her naked body?

A knock sounded on the door leading out of the room. Feeling like she was suffering a miniheart attack, Taylor grabbed at the tangled sheets.

Room service, a male voice called through the door.

Room service? She pulled the covers tightly around her body. She hadnt ordered room service.

The bathroom door opened and a damp, dark-haired pin-up calendar model wearing only a toweldear sweet heaven, the man had a fine set of shoulders and six-pack!undid the safety chain.

Slade was in her hotel room. Naked beneath the towel and he was buff. The towel riding low around his waist, covering his perfect butt, his perfect... She gulped back saliva pooling in her mouth.

Despite her desperate clinging to denial of the cold hard facts shed been willfully repressing, she knew exactly what shed done with her naked body. What shed done with his naked body. Why her bedsheets were so tangled. The details of how shed come to the conclusion that marrying Slade was a logical decision might be a little fuzzy, but shed known exactly what shed been doing when Slades mouth had taken hers. Hot, sweaty, blow-your-mind sex, thats what shed done. With Slade. As much as her brain was screaming No! her body shouted, Encore!

That was quick, Mr. Multiple Orgasms praised the hotel employee pushing a cart into the room. He stopped the man just inside the doorway. Ill take it from here.

The pressure in Taylors head throbbed to where at any moment she was going to form and rupture an aneurysm. Slades wife. This had to be a nightmare. Or a joke. Or a mistake they could rectify with an annulment.

Could a couple get an annulment if theyd spent the night in bed, performing exotic yoga moves with energetic bursts of pleasurable cardio?

She closed her eyes and let images from the night before wash over her, of Slade unlocking her hotel room door, sweeping her off her feet, and carrying her to the bed and stripping off her clothes. Shed giggled and kissed his neck when hed carried her across the threshold. Then hed kissed her. Really, deeply kissed her. Even now she could recall the feel of his lips against hers, the feel of his body against hers, his spicy male scent. Heat rose, flushing her face, ears and much more feminine parts.

They so wouldnt qualify for an annulment.

Wow at the moves the man had hidden inside that fabulous body. His hands were magic. Pure magic. His mouth? Magic. Just wow.

She cracked open an eyelid to steal a peek. He tipped the man from Room Service from his wallet on the dresser, closed the door, turned and caught her staring.

Morning, Sleeping Beauty. He gave a lopsided, almost self-deriding grin. Some night, eh?

She groaned and pulled a pillow over her head to where she just peered out from behind it. Tell me that wasnt real.

He shrugged his magnificent shoulders. That wasnt real.

Dropping the pillow but hanging on tightly to the sheet, she let out a surprised sigh of relief.

But if by that youre referring to our wedding at the North Pole Christmas Bliss Wedding Chapel the words came out with a mixture of amusement and shock, as if he couldnt quite believe what theyd done either well, according to our marriage certificate, that was very real.

Keeping the covers tucked securely around her, Taylor sat up. A wave of nausea smacked her insides. He stood there looking sexy as sin and she was going to barf. Great. Just flipping great.

One minute we were kissing in the limo surrounded by Christmas music and that crazy peppermint spray the driver kept showering us with, the next were getting married so we could have sex. Great sex, by the way. You blew me away. His blue eyes sparkling with mischievous intent, he moved toward her and she shook her head in horrified denial.

Get back, she warned, covers clutched to her chest with one hand and the other outstretched as if warding off an evil spirit. Sure, there was a part of her that was thrilled that hed enjoyed their night as much as she had, but it was morning. The morning after. And theyd gotten married. Thats crazy. We didnt have to get married to have sex.

Pausing, he scratched his head as if confused. Not that I dont agree with you, but thats not what you said last night in the limo.

The movement of his arm flexed muscles along his chest and abdomen and sent a wave of tingles through her body, but that wasnt why she gulped again. She was just...thirsty? Parched. Still fighting the urge to barf. Forcing her eyes to focus on his face and not the rest of him, she blinked. The flicker of awareness in his blue eyes warned he knew exactly what she had been looking at, what shed been thinking, and he wasnt immune to her thoughts.

You told me you wouldnt have sex with me unless we were married, he reminded her.

She had said that. In the midst of his hot, lust-provoking kisses shed thrown down her gauntlet, expecting him to run or laugh in her face. So you married me?

He glanced down at the cheap band on his left hand and shrugged. Obviously.

Not that he sounded any happier about it than she felt, but someone should shoot her now. She was wearing a ring, too. A simple golden band on the wedding finger of her left hand. Because she was married. To Slade.

Slade was not the man of her dreams, was not someone shed carefully chosen to spend the rest of her life based upon well-thought-out criteria. He was exactly what she avoided even dating because men like Slade didnt jibe with her life plans. How could she have had such a huge lapse of judgement?

The metal hugging her finger tightened to painful proportions. At any moment her finger was going to turn blue and drop off from lack of blood flow. Seriously.

She went to remove the ring, but couldnt bring herself to do it. Why, she couldnt exactly say. Probably the same insanity that had had her saying I do to a man she should have been screaming I dont at. Besides, shed probably have to buy a stick of butter before the thing would budge.

We should talk about this. He glanced at his watch. But we have our presentation in just over an hour. You should eat.

She glanced at the bedside tables digital clock. Crap. Shed slept much later than normal. Then again, shed stayed up much later than normal.

Nothing had been normal about the night before. It had been as if shed been watching someone else do all the things shed done, as if it had all been a fantasy, not real.

You have to go to your room, she told him, needing to be away from his watchful blue gaze.

Im in my room. He shifted his weight and her attention dropped to where the towel was tucked in at his waist. His amazing, narrow waist that sported abs no doctor should boast. Abs like those belonged on sport stars and models, not white-collar professionals who saw cancer patients all day. Last night we arranged for the hotel staff to move my things into your room while were in class today.

They had stopped by the front desk and requested that. Wincing, her gaze shot to his.

No. She was going to throw up. Really she was. How was she going to explain this to Gracie? She grimaced. I dont want you in my room.

Understood. He looked as if he really didnt want to be there either. But were married.

Married had come out sounding much like a dirty word, like someone whod just been given a deadly diagnosis.

Guilt hit Taylor. She had told him she wouldnt have sex with him unless they were married. But wasnt marriage a bit far for a man to go just to get laid? He had a busy revolving door to his bedroom so he couldnt have been that desperate for sex. He must have been as inebriated as she had.

How did we end up married? she asked, pulling the bedcovers up to her neck. The less he could see of her the better. She already felt exposed.

You told me you wanted to have sex with me, but that you wouldnt unless we were married. Our elfish limo driver said he knew a place that could take care of a last-minute license and we happened to be right outside it. We got married and had sex. You know this. You were there.

If shed been into one-night stands, last night would have been amazing. But she wasnt. She was a mature, professional doctor who had learned her life lessons the hard way and had a beautiful little girl she was raising by herself to prove it. Shed vowed she wouldnt have sex again without being married first. Had she foolishly believed marriage would protect her from future heartbreak?

Shed wanted Slade so much. Had possibly wanted him for months, although shed never admitted as much to herself. When their pointy-eared three-and-a-half-foot-tall limo driver had taken them to the chapel, shed looked at Slade, expecting him to laugh at her condition.

When shed seen him actually seriously considering marrying her just to have sex with her, a big chunk of the protective ice shed frozen around her heart had melted, leaving her vulnerable and wanting what shed seen in his eyes. Whether it had been the alcohol, the Christmas magic everywhere, or just Vegas madness, shed wanted to marry Slade the night before. It made no logical sense, but shed wanted him to want her enough to walk down the aisle to have her.

We were drunk, she offered as an out. We can get an annulment because we were drunk.

His expression pained, he narrowed his gaze. Maybe.

His hands went to his hips and, again, she had to force her eyes upward to keep them from wandering lower than his face. The man was beautiful, shed give him that.

I wasnt sober, she persisted, clinging to the fact that she hadnt been in her right mind. She wasnt in her right mind now either. Her head hurt and, crazy as it was, she wanted him, but she couldnt tell him that. Regardless, I want a divorce.

* * *

Raking his fingers through his towel-dried hair, Slade eyed Taylor grasping the covers to her beautiful body as if she expected him to rip them off and demand she succumb to his marital rights whether she wanted him or not. Did she really think so poorly of him? Despite the fact hed not been able to say I do fast enough the night before, he didnt want to be married any more than she apparently did.

Probably less.

Sure, hed been attracted from the moment hed met her. But although hed have sworn she felt a similar spark, shed brushed off his attempts to further their relationship.

Until last night.

Last night shed looked at him and hed felt captivated, needy, as if under a spell he hadnt been able to snap out of.

He took a deep breath. A divorce works for me. A wife is not something I planned to bring back from Vegas.

Or from anywhere. He had his future mapped out and a wife didnt fit anywhere into those plans. Hed dedicated his life to breast-cancer research and nothing more.

Marrying Taylor had been rashthe effects of alcohol and Las Vegas crazinessand wasnt at all like his normal self. Women were temporary in his life, not permanent figures. He preferred it that way.

A divorce sounded perfect. His marriage would be one of those what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas kind of things.

Thank goodness she didnt harbor any delusions of happily-ever-after or sappy romance. Theyd chalk last night up to alcohol and a major lapse of judgment.

Maybe there really was something about Vegas that made people throw caution to the wind and act outside their norm. Or maybe it had been the smiley little elfish limo driver, whod kept puffing peppermint spray into the car, telling them they were at the wedding chapel that had made the idea seem feasible. Had the spray been some type of drug?

Good. Taylors chin lifted a couple of notches. Then were agreed this was a mistake and we can get a divorce or an annulment or whatever one does in these circumstances.

Ill call my lawyer first thing Monday morning. Relieved that she was being sensible about calling a spade a spade and correcting their mistake, he pushed the room-service cart over next to the bed and stared down at a woman whod taken him to sexual heights hed never experienced before. Maybe that peppermint stuff really had been some kind of aphrodisiac.

Even with her haughty expression, she was pretty with her long blond hair tumbled over her milky shoulders and her lips swollen from his kisses. Until the night before hed never seen her hair down. He liked it. A lot.

He liked her a lot. Always had. Hed wanted her from afar for way too long. Despite the whole marriage fiasco, he still wanted her. Even more than he had prior to having kissed her addictive mouth. Shed tasted of candy canes, joy and magic. Kissing her had made him feel like a kid on Christmas morning whod gotten exactly what hed always wanted.

Which was saying a lot for a man who hadnt celebrated Christmas since he was twelve years old.

Now that thats settled, theres no reason we cant enjoy the rest of the weekend. Lets eat up before this gets cold.

The covers still clasped to her all the way up to her neck, she crossed her arms over her chest. Her eyes were narrow green slits of annoyance. Dont act as if were suddenly friends because we both want a divorce. Were not and we wont be enjoying the rest of the weekend. At least, not the way you mean.

Fine. We wont enjoy the rest of the weekend. He wasnt going to argue with her. But were not strangers. Ignoring her I-cant-stand-you glare and his irritation at how she was treating him as if he had mange, he lifted the lid off one of the dishes hed ordered and began buttering a slice of toast. Ive been working with you for around a year.

You see me at work. She watched what he did with great interest. That doesnt make us friends. Neither does last night.

She had to be starved. While satisfying one hunger, theyd worked up another. Hed ordered a little of everything because he hadnt known what she liked. Other than coffee. Often at the clinic, he saw her sipping on a mug of coffee as if the stuff were ambrosia. Funny how often hed catch himself watching for her to take that first sip, how hed smile at the pleasure on her face once she had. Hed put pleasure on her face the night before that had blown away anything hed ever seen, anything hed ever experienced.

You make your point. He sat down on the bed and waved a piece of buttered toast in front of her, liking how her gaze followed the offering. But as were in agreement that we made a mistake, one we are rectifying, I dont see why we cant be friends and make the most out of a bad situation.

Scowling, she shot her gaze back to his. You and I will never be friends.

She grabbed his toast and took a bite, closed her eyes and sighed a noise that made him want to push her back on the bed and, friends or not, taste her all over again.

Perhaps shed prefer it if he told her how much he was enjoying how shed just licked crumbs from her pretty pink lips? How much, now that he knew disentangling himself from their impromptu marriage wasnt going to be a problem, he was anticipating making love to her again, because for all her blustering he wasnt blind. Shed looked at him with more hunger than she had the toast. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was as affected by him as he was her. They had phenomenal chemistry.

She leaned toward the tray, got a knife and a packet of strawberry jam, then nodded while she spread the pink mixture on what was left of her toast. Not an easy task because she refused to let go of where she clutched the bed covers, which seemed a bit ridiculous to him since hed seen every inch of her. Seen, touched, tasted.

Slade swallowed the lump forming in his throat and mentally ordered one not to form beneath his towel. In case you need reminding, we had a good time last night.

I didnt.

Dont lie. Hed been there. She hadnt faked that, couldnt have faked her responses, and he wouldnt let her pretend she had. Yes, you did.

Okay, she conceded with a great deal of sarcasm. Youre good in bed. Anyone can be good if they get lots of practice and we both know youve had lots of practice.

Lots of practice? He hadnt lived the life of a monk, but he didnt go around picking up random women every night either. Sure, he never committed, but the women he spent time with knew the score. He wasnt the marrying kind and avoided women who were. You want to discuss my past sex life?

Not really. Her face squished, then paled. Although I guess we should discuss diseases and such.

He arched his brow. You have a disease?

No. She sounded horrified enough that he knew she was telling the truth. They should have discussed all this the night before. And birth control. Because for the first time in his life he hadnt used a condom. Because for the first time in his life hed been making love to his wife.

Slades throat tightened. Hed not only gotten married the night before but hed had sex without a condom. How stupid could he have been?

Was that why the sex had been so good? Because theyd not had a rubber barrier between them? Because theyd been flesh to flesh? He didnt think so. There had been something more, something special about kissing Taylor.

Besides, theyd used a condom the first time. It had been their subsequent trips to heaven that had been without one. Hed only had the one condom in his wallet and theyd still been high under the Las Vegas night airor whatever foolishness had lowered their inhibitions.

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