Jacob Feldman.

Films and Levels 3. Humans and Angels

Jacob Feldman,2017



Preface tothe English edition

Glaring effulgence ofDonald Trump from the political Olymp does not change the fact that Vladimir Putin and his propaganda-machine today is now the main threat tothe all civilized world. The duty ofevery intelligent man now is tospeak out against this machine, tobeat her todeath. This is the first theme ofthe entire series.

But if this is awar, if we face awar machine how can we opposeit? We can counter it with the latest and strongest methods ofdata analysis ofinformation emitted, transmitted, distributed, perceived, understood.

At the beginning ofthe second book, Ihave used this image: the broadcast runs at acertain frequency, and the receiver should tune tothat frequency.

Human communication always runs at certain frequencies levels. Only inthe human communication has precisely 8available levels, numbered from 1to8. The first book describes it as atheoretical model. Next books gave examples ofmovies on all levels and with various combinations oflevels.

The second leading motif ofthe series is as follows.

Russian speaking intelligent-and-educated Homo sapiens had not found yet aplace where they could unite all good people and keep out idiots and crooks.

The problem is not technical; it is about meanings and values. Iwould really like tocreate such aplatform with books and with adiscussion ofthese books.

Just as cities are usually built near the water, and industrial enterprises near cheap sources ofenergy, platforms for serious discussion ofserious issues should be located where? Next tothe new global producers ofmeanings.

Today, the worlds best producers ofaglobal sense are the American moviemakers. Analyzing the conflicts and problems embodied inthe American cinema over the past 30years, Ilaunch new discussions.

This sets the semantic nature ofthe place speaking inthe language ofmy previous books the sixth and the eighth level ofcommunication and thinking. Sixth toknow how toarticulate their thoughts and justify them. Eighth toknow how totake into account the interests and opinions ofas many potential interlocutors, opponents.

Philosophy from the time ofSocrates more often pretends tobe an environment offree dialogue than it trulyis. Iassume that Socrates himself was fond offree discussion, but Socrates ofPlatos dialogues acts as askilled manipulator. Manipulation and free dialogue are incompatible.

Bythe way, low cul


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