Frank Webster.

Airship Andy: or, The Luck of a Brave Boy

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Andy made some demur at the largeness of the amount, but Mr. Webb was persistent, declared he was simply acting as agent for the lawyers, and Andy had to take the money.

“As to myself,” observed the gentleman, “I want to say what you must already know, Nelson – I am greatly interested in you. I wish you could suggest some way in which my means can benefit you.”

“So do I,” broke in John Parks. “The lad is a genius in the aviation line, and I want him to keep on at it.”

“Don’t I intend to?” challenged Andy.

“Not when you say you are going to leave me next month,” declared the aeronaut.

“Yes, but why?” said Andy. “I’ll leave it to Mr. Webb here if I have not decided in a sensible, practical way.”

“What is it, Nelson?” inquired Mr. Webb.

“Why, I have over two thousand five hundred dollars in the bank. I want to put one thousand of it aside for my half brother, when he turns up. He was good and kind to me in the old days, and I must not forget it. Then I want to go through college and learn something so I may be of some use in the world.”

“An excellent idea,” commended Mr. Webb.

“Yes,” growled Parks, but playfully, “and spoil a good aviator!”

“Not at all,” declared Andy quickly. “I love the airship business, Mr. Parks, but I want to learn every branch of the science that covers it. It looks as if airships are to be the coming vehicles of travel, you say, Mr. Parks. If that is so, everybody will be flying in time, and the professional aviator will be just a common, everyday person.”

“Well, I suppose that’s so,” admitted Parks.

“Then, the wise man will be the one who knows how to build the airship. Why, I’ll go through college, come out with my head chock full of new ideas, and Mr. Webb and you and I will get up the World’s Airship Construction Co.”

“That’s a pretty grand scheme, Nelson,” said Mr. Webb.

“Mayn’t it become a true one?”

“Yes, it may,” said John Parks, “but I’ll always think most of you just as you are – Airship Andy.”


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