Deanna Talcott.

Marrying For A Mom

I love that kid so muchso damn much

Logan said, that the thought of losing her just

A hard, hot lump formed in Whitneys throat. God knows, shed do anything for Logan Monroe. All he had to do was ask.

Ill find a replacement for the special teddy bear your little foster daughter lost, she said. I promise.

Can you believe Im looking high and low for a teddy bear? Logan asked. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to find myself a wife. Maybe that would make the adoption caseworker happy.

Whitney stared into Logans blue eyes, and the most unimaginable, awesome thought crossed her mind. She had to bite her lip, and her cheeks ached from trying not to smile as she considered offering herself up as the sacrificial lamb.

But could she bring herself to say it? Could she actuallypropose?

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Marrying for a Mom
DeAnna Talcott

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grew up in rural Nebraska, where her love of reading was fostered in a one-room school. It was there she first dreamed of writing the kinds of books that would touch peoples hearts. Her dream became a reality when not one, but two of her Silhouette Romance novels won Readers Choice Awards. Those books also earned her a slot as a Romantic Times Magazine nominee, while The Bachelor and the Bassinet was named as one of Romantic Times Magazines Top Picks.

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Chapter One

Whitney Bloom paused, then reached over to readjust Byrons handcrafted sweater. Byron, Whitneys favorite teddy bear, occupied the spot next to the cash register in her specialty store, Teddy Bear Heaven. Like a silent partner, hed spent the last six years listening to all her hopes and dreams, and commiserating with all her disappointments.

You know what? she whispered to Byron. If we work our fingers to the bone this summer, we could be solvent in six months. Levering her elbows against the counter, she threaded her ankles around the stool rungs and raised slightly off the wooden stool she sat on. She picked up another bolt, convinced shed have the teddy bear-size park bench assembled in record time. I predict she paused for dramatic effect, and waved the screwdriver that there will be a bumper crop of tourists in Melville this summer, and every one will wantno, needa teddy bear to take home to their kids. In fact, right at this very minute, someone, somewhere, is thinking that what they really need is a teddy bear to cuddle and love.

The bell over the front door tinkled. Whitney looked up, astonished to think her prediction had come true, and promptly lost her balance. The bolt she had just picked up skittered across the wide plank flooring.

From across the room, and with the sun at his back, a mans silhouette reached over the hardwood flooring, nearly to the glass case she was sitting behind. As he stepped into her showroom, Whitney recognized the wide shoulders and lean arms, the tapered waist and muscular thighs.

Logan Monroe.

Two heartbeats of dead silence followed, and a million uninvited memories made Whitneys knees buckle.

Suddenly her heart did a little tap dance, just as it did every time she saw him. The heel-toe combination made her go weak all over. Then, Logan flashed her the famous Monroe smilethe same one the Melville Post routinely printed in the Sunday edition of the want ads. The copy beneath his photo never changed, and she should know because she read it faithfully: Logan Monroe, Realtor, specializing in vacation properties for Melville, Lake Justice and the southeastern Tennessee area.

Whitneys composure plummeted. Her stomach turned inside out. Her mouth went dry and her heart pounded. Whitney hadnt seen Logan in twelve years; saying she was tongue-tied would be an understatement.

Hey, sorry about that, Logan said easily, without really looking at her. When he doubled over to pick the bolt up off the floor, Whitney stared at the smooth arc of his shoulders, aware his clothes looked loose on him, as if hed lost a little weight. I didnt mean to startle you. He sidestepped the child-size teddy bear table and chair set that was in the middle of the crowded room, and laid the bolt on the counter.

Whitney gazed at it, half-afraid to pick it up for fear she would drop it all over again. The muscles in her shoulders constricted.

Logan didnt really look at her, his gaze was fixed on the shelves behind her, where the expensive collector bears and one-of-a-kinds were housed. Im looking for a bear.

With only six feet between them, Whitney realized Logan still looked the same. Only older. Better.

He still carried his six-foot-four frame with the same self-confidence. His hairone shade darker than tobaccowas now sheared straight, and closely cropped. His angular face and thick jaw complemented brows that were perfectly matched slashes over cobalt eyes. His nose was narrow at the bridge, his nostrils, wide and thick. His mouth was full, and had a tendency to twitch when amused.

Then youve come to the right place, Whitney managed to say as Logan started moving around the counter.

He stopped, turning on his heel. From behind a rack of teddy bear barrettes and hair clips, Logan shimmied a glance in her direction.

Whitney noted the faint smile lines fanning from the corners of his eyes and shivered. He was despicably good-looking, thats what he was. Despicably good-looking.

Whitney? he said as a flicker of recognition sparked behind his eyes. His mouth had worked its way around her name, whispering it softly, as if in disbelief. Oh, my God, Whitis it you?

She nodded slowly, her breath shallow. She briefly debated whether she should offer up an apology for what had happened all those years ago or just forget it. She wondered how much he remembered.

Damn. Why didnt you say something?

She guiltily lifted both shoulders. I dont know. When you came in the door, I didnt think youd ever look at me. Really look, I mean. And then I didnt know if I shouldbecause

Whitney. Cmon, he chided. Then he took her in. From the top of her professionally highlighted, chin-length cut, to the gold bracelet on her wrist, and the pearl studs in her ears. His gaze lingered on the understated elegance of her sweater and matching slacks before his jaw slid off center. Im looking, he said. And I mean really, really looking, he emphasized.

Whitneys smile grew more tentative. Its been a long time, Logan.

It has. Too long, Whit.

Still, the uncertainty of their past hung between them. Harsh words, threats, and accusations had all been rolled up into their last goodbye. It had been a nasty scene. Logan had been outraged, Whitney defensive. To make matters worse, her ex-husband had offered up a dozen feeble excuses as to why Logans books didnt balance and his petty cash was missing. It had been the only time Whitney had ever heard Logan raise his voice; it had been the only time Whitney had ever let anyone but Gram see her cry.

They both stood there, awkwardly, both unsure of what to say.

Hey, look

I always wanted to

They both laughed self-consciously, both biting back apologies.

Okay. This is crazy. Look. I feel like I should hug you or something He lifted his arms, awkwardly, as if he didnt know the correct protocol for when old friends, who were no longer friends, let time patch up their differences.

He glanced down at the glass counter standing between them.

For a second, a long-held fantasy went winging through Whitneys head. Logan, a superhero, would leap over the barriers that separated them, then sweep her into his arms. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. He could fix anything, he could move mountains, he could mend hearts.

Shaking herself free of the daydream, Whitney took it upon herself to make something happen: she slid from the stool and extended her hand.

For a moment, everything seemed disjointed. Like pieces that were trying to fit back together again. Her gold bracelet glittered beneath the overhead fluorescent lighting, and her French manicured nails made her fingers appear long and slender and cultured.

They both knew she wasnt. Cultured, that is. In Melville, shed been raised on the other side of the tracks.

His hand reached for hers. The bones in his wrist were thick, his knuckles dimpled. The smattering of dark hair over the back of his hand was sexy, evoking powerful images of strength and wealth and confidence.

They had no business joining handsand she had no business feeling the way she did about him. Especially after everything that had happened.

Whitney. Logan clasped her fingers, then covered the back of her hand with his palm as she came around the counter. A liquid warmth spread through her, convincing her the past was forgotten, that he was genuinely pleased to see her. You look his gaze slipped down her front, all the way to her skimmers great. When he lifted his eyes, their gaze caught and held. Wonderful, he amended. Absolutely, positively stunning.

Whitneys smile softened, and she felt a rush of heat, from the inside out.

You know, he reminded, weve got a lot of history together.

And not all of it good. She couldnt help herself, the truth had to come out.

Logan grimaced, then gave her fingers a light squeeze before reluctantly loosening them. Hey. Remember the time we connected on that pitching mound at the company picnic, and my watch did a number on your chin? he asked, intentionally changing the subject.

Her forefinger automatically flicked over the spot. How could I forget three stitches and a tetanus?

He critically eyed the tiny white scar, and his hands moved as if they had a will of their own, to capture her jaw between thumb and forefinger, and angle the spot closer for his inspection. I practically mowed you down, going after that fly ball. Logan distinctly remembered how shed crumpled beneath him, all soft, in a flurry of fighting limbs. The scent of leather gloves and dirt and diamond dust, and the thwunk as her chin connected with his wrist. But the worst was, after theyd collided, her husband yanked her up off the ground, dusted her off and told Logan not to worry, no damage. Hed had to remind himself to forget it, to tell himself it was none of his business, that she was married and that she belonged to someone else. Then hed had to beat back the regrets. The insurance cover three stitches and a tetanus?

Whitney started to shake her head, but stopped, not wanting to break from his touch. It doesnt matter. It was a long time ago.

The intensity of his blue gaze held her, as if he were trying to absorb her and look into her soul. A tremulous anxiety clutched Whitney, making her falter, making her breathing erratic.

Logan? she finally whispered.

Itumit left a mark, he murmured, refocusing on her chin, as his thumb gently flicked over the tiny cleft.

It barely shows.

His fingers fell away. Stillthe physical evidence remains. Weve had more brushes with fate than any two people should have to endure.

The momentand the referenceswere awkward.

Whitneys smile thinned. Logan deftly changed the subject. Again.

Damn, Ive driven by this place a hundred times. I cant believe you own it.

Lease it, Whitney qualified.

So he said softly, considering. Youre the teddy bear lady.

Whitney tipped her head. Please. Dont you dare say its cute. I love it, but its a business and it pays the bills. I have every kind and type of teddy bear you could ever imagine.

I guess you do. Logan swept the room with an all-inclusive look. It was jam-packed with teddy bears. Teddy bear toothbrushes swung on a revolving display, and teddy bear books were wedged on teddy bear bookshelves. There were teddy bear clocks, jewelry, stationery and stickers. Teddy bear erasers, pencils, pens and rulers. Framed prints, and bath accessories. Even shower curtains, regular curtains, blankets and rugs. He chuckled, his smile riding a tad bit higher on the left. But I never intended to say cute. Im impressed. Its a great concept. When I look around, Im inclined to buy the store out.

What? And reduce my inventory? she asked dryly.

Whitney, this place is great. And its just like you to think of something this clever.

The praise startled Whitney, putting a pink flush in her cheeks.

What? he asked, mimicking her. Am I embarrassing you? He didnt wait for an answer. I mean it. You were the one who always came up with the most creative ideas in high school. You were the one with the interesting slant on life.

Out of necessity.

Right. Like the time you suggested that instead of having a formal banquet for the National Honor Society, we have a picnic? That was the best day ever, and you were responsible for it. A whole day at the beach, playing Frisbee, and volleyball, and splashing around.

A shred of guilt crept into Whitneys conscience; shed suggested the idea because she didnt have the twenty-five dollars for the banquet ticket.

And what about that idea you had for prom? Fifties night at the Peppermint Lounge? We got by decorating with peppermint sticks, borrowed a jukebox and used the rest of the money in the treasury for catering the senior banquet so it didnt cost any of us a cent. A second guilty flush prickled over the back of Whitneys neck. Shed intended to go, and wear an old fifties formal Gram had tucked away in the attic. And to top it off, he went on, after you came up with the idea, you never even went to the prom. I specifically went looking for you, to con you out of one dance.

Whitney shrugged, her smile tight as she minimized the details. Grams health was kind of up and down just then.

Logan sobered. You always did have a lot of responsibility looking after her.

Logan. She was looking after me.

I think, he said slowly, you looked after each other. He chuckled, as another memory hit him. Your gram was something else, though. Ill never forget how she rode all over Melville on that three-wheel bike of hers.

Whitney shifted uncomfortably; Gram had ridden a bicycle because they couldnt afford a car. The truth was, Whitney and Logan had hung out with different crowds, and had literally been from opposite sides of the have/have-not world.

Logan had lived in a big house on the hill, and spent his summers tanning at the country club. His parents owned several car dealerships, and made sure their only son never lacked for a thing. Hed loved playing the part of the big, brash jock, and had run around Melville in a brand-new sports car, making sure he was noticed on every intersection by revving his engine and waving at all the girls.

Whitney, raised by her grandmother, had lived in a rented bungalow just off of Main. It was a dilapidated little house, with a barren scrap of a front yard, and a painted tractor tire that held a few scraggly petunias. Whitney never invited friends in because they stared at the black spots on the linoleum, the water rings on the drop ceiling, and the peeling wallpaper in the front room. Still, she loved Gram dearly, and it would have cut her to the quick to have anyone say Gram hadnt provided for her.

Without warning, Logan reached across her, to skim the tiny teddy bear charm from around her neck and balance it on the pad of his forefinger. The fine gold chain swayed beneath her chin, pulling slightly.

Just like this shop he said, catching Whitneys eye. This close, the sloe-dark color on her eyelids was fascinating. He leaned closer, thinking she smelled like a crazy mixture of vanilla and fabric softener. The links in the necklace, draped over the hollow of her throat, rolled up and down with every breath she took. Details. Perfect details, Whit. Only you could pull this off.

Maybe. But teddy bears arent as fancy as real estate, or owning car dealerships or a marina, so

No, he said quickly, letting the teddy bear charm fall from the tip of his finger. It fits. Only you could do something this memorable. Something that would touch people and put a soft spot in their heart.

Whitney shuddered. Matters of the heart were the last thing she wanted to discuss. Especially with Logan Monroe. Okay, Logan, she said unsteadily, I know you didnt come in here to give me warm fuzzies, and admire my shop. Whats up?

Logans mouth quirked, but the light in his eyes slowly faded. I came in here to replace a teddy bear, he said, his tone subtly changing. I should have done it months ago, buthey, look, he went on, his voice suddenly lifting, I want to show you something. In fact, Im proud to show you this little something. Logan reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, flipping through the plastic windows. On the opposite side, a sliver of plastic showed: American Express Platinum.

Whitney blanched, thinking how some thingseven a piece of plasticcan put you in your place. In her wallet, she carried only one low-limit credit card to the local discount store. It had been all she could do to get this store off the ground, and every cent shed had she put back into the business. For a year, shed slept on a rollaway in the back room and cooked on a hot plate.

Here, he announced, pausing at the photo of a little girl perched on a wicker rocker. Her legs were crossed at the ankles, and in her hands, and propped over her shoulder, an exquisite lace parasol framed the tangle of flaxen curls cascading over her shoulders. I had this taken for my wife two years ago. For Mothers Day.

Whitney couldnt breathe. Your daughter? she said numbly. She knew Logan had married a girl from Memphis, but she hadnt known theyd had a child.

My foster daughter.

The bears for her, Whitney guessed, vaguely hearing his clarification.

He nodded. See? he said. Thats the bear she always used to carry around. The photographer propped it against the chair because Amanda insisted it had to be in the picture. She never went anywhere without it.

Amanda. Her name was Amanda.

Shes darling, Logan.

His smile was full and proud. Thanks. And I want a teddy bear just like that.

Whitney started, and swiveled toward Logan. That may not be possible, she warned before squinting back at the photo. She wasnt able to make out any real details, but there were thousands of styles of teddy bears, and hundreds of manufacturers with their own distinctive signature.

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