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The State and Revolution – Владимир Ленин

слушать книгу The State and Revolution автора Владимир Ленин
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Описание аудиокниги:

"The State and Revolution (1917), by Vladimir Lenin, describes the role of the State in society, the necessity of proletarian revolution, and the theoretic inadequacies of social democracy in achieving revolution to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.Lenin began the composition of an early draft of State and Revolution while in exile in Switzerland in 1916, under the title «„Marxism on the State“».""Soviets"", legislative bodies of workers and peasants were the de facto governments of Petrograd and many smaller cities. The Russian public was deeply upset with the continuation of Russia's involvement in World War One and the continued economic difficulties that it brought on. On November 7th The Congress of Soviets officially elected a coalition of Bolsheviks, Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviks to govern. Through the Red Guards, paramilitary organizations of revolutionary workers, sailors and soldiers; the Soviet government was able to storm The Winter Palace and offici

Информация об аудиокниге:

  • Язык книги: русский
  • Формат: mp3, mp4
  • Издательство: Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого


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