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обложка книги 1000 Drawings of Genius Учебники, обучение
1000 Drawings of Genius
Long thought of as the neglected stepchild of painting, the art of Drawing has recently begun to enj...

обложка книги 1000 Portraits of Genius Учебники, обучение
1000 Portraits of Genius
According to the predominant standards, a portrait should be a faithful representation of its model....

обложка книги Gaud? Учебники, обучение
Spanish architect and designer, Antoni Gaud? (1852-1926) was an important and influential figure in ...

обложка книги Dal? Учебники, обучение
Painter, designer, creator of bizarre objects, author and film maker, Dal? became the most famous of...

обложка книги Flowers Учебники, обучение
Flowers are the centerpiece in the majority of pictorial still-lifes. By painting their colours and ...

обложка книги Sculpture Учебники, обучение
Mega Square Sculpture spans over 23,000 years and over 120 examples of the most beautiful sculptures...

обложка книги Still Life Учебники, обучение
Still Life
C?zanne transformed a teacup into something alive, raising still-life to the point that it ceased to...

обложка книги Picasso Учебники, обучение
Picasso was born a Spaniard and, so they say, began to draw before he could speak. As an infant he w...

обложка книги Pieter Bruegel Учебники, обучение
Pieter Bruegel
Pieter Brueghel was the first important member of a family of artists who were active for four gener...

обложка книги The Viennese Secession Учебники, обучение
The Viennese Secession
A symbol of modernity, the Viennese Secession was defined by the rebellion of twenty artists who wer...

обложка книги Art Deco Учебники, обучение
Art Deco
Art Deco style was established on the ashes of a disappeared world, the one from before the First Wo...

обложка книги Rococo Учебники, обучение
Deriving from the French word rocaille, in reference to the curved forms of shellfish, and the Itali...

обложка книги Renaissance Art Учебники, обучение
Renaissance Art
The Renaissance began at the end of the 14th century in Italy and had extended across the whole of E...

обложка книги Baroque Art Учебники, обучение
Baroque Art
The Baroque period lasted from the beginning of the seventeenth century to the middle of the eightee...

обложка книги Romanesque Art Учебники, обучение
Romanesque Art
In art history, the term ‘Romanesque art’ distinguishes the period between the beginning of the 11th...

обложка книги Vincent van Gogh Учебники, обучение
Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh’s life and work are so intertwined that it is hardly possible to observe one withou...

обложка книги Lighthouses Учебники, обучение
The lighthouse, an indefatigable watchman, ceaselessly guides boats to their ports.This beacon of ma...

обложка книги Gothic Art Учебники, обучение
Gothic Art
Gothic art finds its roots in the powerful architecture of the cathedrals of northern France. It is ...

обложка книги Factories Учебники, обучение
Born in the Industrial Revolution, the factory has long been considered like a monster of iron, subj...

обложка книги City Lights Учебники, обучение
City Lights
A symbol of massive crowds and solitary desires, the city holds promise for all those that pass thro...

обложка книги Bridges Учебники, обучение
A bridge is a link between two worlds, a point of tension between two separate and often disparate l...

обложка книги Art in Europe Учебники, обучение
Art in Europe
The European continent gathers together, without a doubt, the most famous works of art, evidence of ...

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