Veronica Larsson.

40 poses for an unforgettable sex. Secrets of the best sex poses

Veronica Larsson,2017



The best poses are those inwhich you are comfortable and inwhich at least one ofthe partners receives an orgasm. There are afew ofthe most common poses that are the best, as they fit almost everyone and they have worldwide recognition.

Why search for diversity? Yes, because monotonous, monotonous sex bored the same way as the most delicious soup after 2weeks ofdaily eating. So if you want toextend your sex life with your loved one, move from ordinary standard (lets say the best) poses tosomething unusual, unusual, new and better.

Pose 1. Greetings fromPisa

The name ofthis pose has something todo with the name ofthe famous Italian city. The position ofthe man who, being clasped bythe attracting female legs, leans forward slightly, played arole indetermining the name, thus recalling the Italian architectural monument the Leaning Tower ofPisa.

For many centuries, one ofthe most famous towers inthe world, one that is inthe small Italian town ofPisa, falls. Millions oftourists from all over the world flock tothis place every year toadmire the spectacle ofthe worlds slowest fall. Bythe way, the Leaning Tower ofPisa is often compared with the male sexual organ, phallus. One ofthe most recent examples ofthis is the highly acclaimed MTV commercial, inwhich the tower, at the sight ofagirl passing by, instantly straightens, symbolizing the phallus inastate oferection.

The pose Hello from Pisa has much incommon with the previous pose. It seems tobe its continuation. Only awoman performs amore active role here. As inthe previous time, the woman lies across the bed. But this time, her legs are not only parted and elevated, but also clasp the man standing infront ofher. Although it is not necessary for awoman tolie on the bed. With the same success it can be adesk, and achest ofdrawers standing inthe corridor, or maybe some other piece offurniture that is comfortable for making love insuch aposition. The environment insex is not the most important thing, but it often determines the atmosphere that prevails during sexual intercourse between lovers, and adds new, stronger sensations that the partners feel even physically. Therefore, the choice ofaplace on which you make love, depends entirely on your fantasies, and on those feelings that you want toreceive.

Aman, standing infront ofawoman lying across abed, enters her phallus into her vagina. Embracing the partner with his feet, the woman tilts his body slightly inhis direction, and then the lovers begin tomake frictions.

At the moment oforgasm, the speed ofmovement increases. The woman during each friction lifts her hips, as if trying toget up.

Aman helps her inthis, holding her hands behind her buttocks.

Posture 2. Knee-bent

Many couples inlove chose this position for their amorous pleasures when aman and awoman are on their knees. Only the man is on the floor, and the woman is on the bed. Naturally, inthis position the height ofthe bed should be small otherwise amans phallus may simply not reach the partners vagina well, the height ofthe man, respectively high.

Standing with the knees on the edge ofthe bed, the woman should spread her legs very wide. First, it compensates for the difference inheight, and secondly, it will allow more easily penetrate the penis into the vagina. The man is kneeling on the floor behind the woman. Being inasimilar position, the partners body is located between the female legs.

Before going directly tothe sexual act, the partners play asmall prelude, during which the man excites the woman who is inthe starting position. The partner, laying his head on the edge ofthe bed face up, so that she is between the legs ofa


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