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Never Enough
Kate Pearce

So, this is where the big boss hangs out when he comes over here? Josh hissed in Merediths ear. Its pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Privately Meredith agreed with Josh, but she wasnt going to gush. Shed leave that to her more exuberant friend.

Will, her other companion, studied the airy, open outdoor deck more carefully. I love a house on the beach and this one is sick. Do you think he owns it, or rents it?

Mr Clevedon of Clevedon Technology is fabulously rich. I say he owns it, Josh declared loudly.

I wish. A soft laugh drew Merediths attention away from the beach to where their host had come up behind them. A pleasurable shiver of anticipation crept over her. The man was fine and smart as hell. I am looking for a house, but the owners wont sell this one.

Luckily, nothing ever fazed Josh who stuck out his hand. Thanks for inviting us to the company barbecue, sir. We lowly minions sure appreciate it.

Robert Clevedon smiled to reveal white teeth and a dimple. Meredith guessed he was about fifteen years older than her, but he was still very, very fine. My secretary took care of all that, but Im glad you came. His interested gaze swept the three of them. I hear you were friends before you came to work for my company.

Thats right, Meredith said and made herself look him in the eye. Weve been buddies since high school, and roomies too.

You share with two guys?


There are some drawbacks, but also some great advantages.

He reached for her hand. Let me get you a drink and you can tell me all about it.

Meredith let Robert lead her back into the house, aware of both Joshs delight and Wills mild concern. She accepted the margarita Robert made for her and waited while he topped up his own glass.

Would you mind if I asked you a personal question, Meredith?

She shrugged. It depends.

Well, Ive been here at the West Coast office for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say I noticed you right away.

Because of my stunning beauty?

He laughed. That, and the fact that you are very good at your job.

Meredith felt her cheeks heat. Thanks. Are you going to promote me?

Yes, but thats a separate issue.

She opened her eyes wide at him. You mean youre not offering me the opportunity to sleep my way to the top?

His smile deepened. You have the brains to do it all by yourself. He hesitated. And I assumed you had a boyfriend if not two.


He moved a fraction closer, and she was aware of how tall he was and how he blocked her view of the party. I saw you in the parking lot kissing Josh.

I like kissing Josh.

And then I saw you with Will.

I like kissing Will too. She met his gaze. I told you there were benefits in sharing a flat with two guys. She waited for him to make some excuse and run away.

Interesting. He brushed his thumb over her lower lip and then glanced over his shoulder. Your guys are coming to rescue you. Dont forget to have a look around the house. The view from the master suite is phenomenal.

Meredith nodded, and he left her with another charming smile to join his other guests. Josh and Will immediately claimed her and drew her towards the stairs away from the thump of the music.

What happened? Josh hissed. Did he hit on you? Will thought he was going to. I wasnt so sure.

Im not sure either, Meredith muttered.

Its hard to tell with those Brits, isnt it? They are so subtle sometimes.

Hes Scottish. Meredith finished the rest of her margarita in one cold frosty gulp. He said we could look around the house if we wanted to.

Will took her hand. Id like to. Its getting a bit crowded and loud in here.

He started up the stairs, and Meredith and Josh followed him. To her surprise, the house had two more floors, opening up into a master suite that took up the whole of the top floor. Windows ran along the length of the back wall, giving a perfect view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

Oh, its beautiful, sighed Meredith. She placed her hands on the glass and stared out over the pebbled beach.

Josh came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She shivered when he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Youre trembling. Did that guy turn you on? He slowly inhaled. She smells like sex, Will. His hand slid down from her waist and under her skirt. Are your panties wet for Mr Clevedon? His finger slid under her lace thong. Yeah, they are. Soaking wet.

Will sank down to his knees and flipped up the front of her skirt. If anyone chose to take a stroll on the beach, theyd get an eyeful. Not that Meredith minded. Will licked the soft cotton of her panties, his tongue nudging and shaping her clit until she moaned.

You want some of this, Meredith? Josh bit down on her neck. Some finger-fucking and licking right here in Mr Clevedons bedroom?

Yes, Meredith breathed. They both knew what she liked, how turned on she got when they did this to her in public, how turned on they got.

Josh slid one hand under the halter neck of her dress. Leave her panties on for now, Will, lets make her beg.

Will muttered something against her sex, his teeth teasing the lace edge of her panties while his tongue made the fabric even wetter, pushing it up inside her, making her want. Simultaneously, Josh pinched her nipple and Will thrust two fingers deep, making her gasp and arch against him.

Yeah, thats it, honey. Take it.

Behind them, the door opened. Meredith went still until she saw Robert Clevedon reflected in the glass. He locked the door behind him and came towards them, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a glass of wine. The sun glinted off the dark-auburn highlights in his hair. He took a seat and looked at Meredith. You dont mind if I watch, do you?

Meredith? Josh asked. Will waited on her response too.

A wave of excitement flooded through her. I dont mind at all.

It took her less than a minute to come, and less than three minutes more for her to come again. She found herself writhing on the floor, Wills cock in her mouth and Joshs filling her cunt. They must have changed positions because when she finally opened her eyes it was to find Will slumped over her and Josh on his back on the carpet still gasping.

Her gaze flicked to Robert who wasstill watching them and sipping his wine. The only difference she could see was the thick evidence of his cock pushing against his jeans. He stood up and came across to them, his sharp blue gaze taking everything in.

Meredith, will you stay with me, while the guys go and shower in the guest suite?

Again, Will and Josh checked with her to see if she was OK, but she nodded and waved for them to leave. They wouldnt go far. And, if she were away for too long, theyd do anything to find her.

She put her hands flat on the floor and attempted to push herself up.

No, dont get up.

To her surprise, Robert put down his wineglass and joined her on the rug. He bent his head and kissed her already swollen mouth.

I should probably shower. She tried to move away, but he gently held her down.

Why? I like you tasting like this.

Of other men?

Yes. He kissed her again, his tongue in her mouth already experiencing both Josh and Will. I like you being well fucked but ready for more. He paused. You are ready for more, arent you?

She sighed as he slowly lowered the zipper of his jeans and released his nice thick cock. Yeah. I always want more.

Even after two of them?


Me too. I could fuck all day. He grasped his shaft around the base and rubbed the crown against her already swollen clit before sliding on a condom. She moaned as he thrust deep and held still.

I want to fuck you without a condom like they did. I want you all wet from me. He circled his hips and Meredith clutched at his shoulders. Im totally clean and tested. You?

Me too.Meredith whispered, echoing his earlier comment. I want you like that. She swallowed hard. Ive always liked being wet from a man, the smell of him on me, the way his come stays inside me.

Damn, Robert groaned and moved hard and fast, each stroke shoving his full length into her until they came together. Without a word, he picked her up, placed her on the bed and stripped off what remained of her clothes and his own. Hiscock was already recovering, and she reached out to touch it.

He let her stroke him for a while, and then flipped her over onto her stomach and entered her from behind, his fingers seeking out her hard nipples and her equally hard clit, making her moan with each thrust. The smell of the condom mingled with the scent of sex. Meredith inhaled it all and loved it.

After he finally pumped himself deep inside her, he pulled out and rolled onto his back, settling her over him like a blanket.

Do you want more of me, of this?

What do you mean?

He kissed her throat. Id like to fuck you a lot. I need to fuck you a lot.

But what about Josh and Will? Would you want me to stop having sex with them?

Not at all. He came up on one elbow to look down at her. His auburn hair was rumpled, and the smile lines around his eyes much in evidence. Why would you think that?

Because most men dont like to share.

I like to share, and I like to watch. And, as Im not going to be here all the time, I couldnt bear to think you were not getting fucked enough. He cupped her chin. But, when I am here, Id probably want you all to myself for at least a couple of days. Would you like that?

Her breath caught as he nipped at her lip. Id like. She studied his aroused face. Girls arent supposed to want sex all the time. If they do, they get the slut label.

He moved her foot until it was balanced on his hip and slid back inside her, again without a condom. I want you to want it as much as I do. He rocked his hips and she bit her lip. Are you sore?

A little.She wondered if hed pull out, but he didnt.

I want to see you walk out of that door, and know that youre dripping wet because of me.

She climaxed around his barely moving cock and his blue eyes narrowed. His fingers slid around to her clit. I want you to get wet every time you see me.

Just when you want it?

He grinned. No, you can fuck me anytime you like.

His fingernail grazed her clit and she came apart for him, the ache mingling with the pleasure into something new, something so different and dark she suspected she would learn to crave it. He reared over her and slowly started to come, each long pulse separate, filling her with his liquid heat. When he pulled out, he touched her between her legs, and then fed her his come from his fingers, adding his particular taste to Wills and Joshs.

Youll stay the night.

Is that an order?

What do you think? His blue gaze was as beguiling as his soft voice. Im not going to keep you here against your will, but if you stay Ill expect you to do what I tell you.

Her heart bumped crazily against her ribs. Im not used to being told what to do.

I noticed that. He cupped her breast and used his finger and thumb to pinch her nipple. Youve got those two guys wrapped around your little finger. Im not like that. Ill take everything I can from you, and then Ill take more.

She couldnt look away from the calm certainty of his gaze. Could he really do that? Take her to a place shed always craved but never found?

She took a quick unsteady breath. Ill stay.

He bent to kiss her mouth. Good. Now get dressed and come back down to the party.

She shifted on the already damp sheets and let her hand drift down between her legs. I still havent showered.

He got off the bed and stepped into his jeans. He picked up her cotton panties and put them in his pocket. You can shower later while I fuck you. I want you wet.

You want a lot, dont you?

He smiled as he buttoned his blue shirt. I told you, I want everything.

She slowly got dressed, washed as well as she could, and followed him down, where she found Will and Josh on the dancefloor doing their own version of the Macarena. Robert was standing by the bar smiling down at some beautiful woman who clutched his arm. Meredith faced the other way and waved at her roomies. They waved back, but seemed determined to finish their dance.

She strolled across to the open window and studied the hazy coastline. She almost jumped when Robert came up behind her and handed her a fresh margarita.

Its beautiful here. Quite different from Scotland.

I would think so. Its cold there, isnt it?

He shrugged, the motion bringing his large body into contact with hers. Cold enough. Put your drink down and tell me whats along the coast from here.

Meredith balanced her glass on the windowsill and pointed to the right. Keep walking this way and youll end up in San Francisco.

Funny. She shivered as his hand skimmed under her short skirt and cupped her mound. Tell me more. God, youre nice and wet.

Unsteadily she pointed to the left. It gets better. His fingers, cold from carrying the icy drinks, searched out her already swollen pussy lips and tugged on them. If you keep going that way, youll end up in Los Angeles.

Really, he murmured into her ear before biting down on it. Youre better than my navigation system. One long finger slid inside her and another circled her clit. Have you ever been clamped down here?

Clamped as in parking? His answering chuckle tickled her skin. Oh, you mean that kind of clamp, sure.

Did you like it?


Good to know.

His fingernail grazed her clit and she bucked against his hand. He immediately moved closer, pinning her against the window frame. She wondered how many of the guests, the people she worked with, for Gods sake, were looking their way, what they thought, what they could see Her cunt clenched around his finger and he stopped moving.

Not yet, you havent finished giving me my geography lesson.

Meredith drew a very shaky breath and pointed straight out to sea. If you keep going for a few thousand miles that way, youll get to Hawaii.

Thats right. He pinched her clit and she came hard, her hands clenched on the window frame. Thats nice. She sighed as he removed his fingers and brushed them across his mouth. Now, please finish your drink.

He wandered away again but she didnt turn around. She wanted to follow him and see whether hed openly caress her in front of the other guests. Shed probably let him; let everyone in her office see that what theyd always gossiped about was true. She was a slut and proud of it. The sun was disappearing fast now, an orange and red ball streaking the skyline into a crazy patchwork of tropical colours and long shadows.

Will and Josh came and stood on either side of her.

Was he finger-fucking you just then? Will asked quietly.

Meredith shuddered. Was it that obvious?

Only to us because we know how you look.

He asked me to stay the night.

Will took her hand. And what did you say?

I said yes. Meredith swallowed hard. He doesnt mind about you two.

Thats big of him, Josh grumbled. Mind you, I bet he is big.

Will squeezed her fingers. You do what you want, roomie. And, if you need to come home in a hurry, just call us, OK?

Thanks, guys.

Josh kissed her cheek. Youre welcome, just as long as you share all the juicy details with us later.

Robert joined them and smiled at Meredith over Wills head. Everything all right?

Sure. I was just telling Josh and Will that I plan on staying over.

Good. Robert nodded. Do any of you need another drink?

Meredith shook her head. Was it really as easy as that? No one was going to fight over her? Not that she wanted that, of course. Being civilised was so much better.

Im just going to the bathroom.

Meredith retraced her steps across the dancefloor and passed the kitchen at the front of the house. The powder room was quiet and cool and gave her a moment to gather herself. When she unlocked the door, Robert stepped in, locked the door behind him and crowded her back against the sink. He kissed her hard and lifted her up until she sat on the marble countertop, then pushed up her skirt to expose her naked sex.

Mmm He bent his head and held her open with his thumbs, licking and nipping at her pussy lips before thrusting his tongue deep inside her. She squirmed to get closer, blatantly rubbing herself over his working mouth and unshaven chin until she climaxed. He groaned his approval against her clit and one of his fingers slid back to rim her asshole before venturing inside. She braced her hands on the cold marble as he pulled away, his face wet with her juices, his eyes narrowed and so blue that she felt as if she was looking at the ocean again.

Take out my cock and suck it.

He slid a hand around the back of her neck, bending her forwards until she could unzip his jeans and release his hard hot length. She licked him like an ice cream, and he pushed against her lips until she took him deep, swallowed him down and sucked him in a regular driving pattern. He groaned her name, brought a hand round to her ass and flipped up her skirt. She smelled the rose soap by the sink and then his slick finger sank into her ass and then another one. His thumb delved into her cunt.

Have you ever had three guys, Meredith? he murmured. Fucking you, filling you?

She couldnt answer him with his shaft stretching her throat, but she came for him, let him know how much his words excited her.

Fuck, Id like to be part of that. Three of us on you until we ran out of come.

He grunted and shoved his hips forwards and came down her throat, holding her head so that she had to take everything. Not that she wanted to move, not that she wanted to be anywhere but where she was right now with him all around her. She waited until he relaxed his grip on her hair before sitting upright again. He kissed her mouth, one hand still buried between her legs, the other pinching her nipples. Shed never felt so alive, so well used, so drunk on the smell and power of sex.

Were not finished yet, he whispered. Im going to take everything from you tonight, strip you down to basics, make you think of nothing else but me and my cock and what Im going to do to you next. He nipped her breast through her dress, making her shudder. Maybe Ill fuck you in front of everyone. Get Josh and Will to help. Make you kneel at our feet and suck cock all night. I wonder if youd be able to stop me?

She finally found her voice. What if I didnt want to stop you?

He moved back, slowly buttoned his jeans and washed his hands. Then we might have a problem.

He unlocked the door and left. Meredith reached forwards and relocked it with fingers that shook. She was going crazy. Was she really contemplating publicly fucking the owner of the company and her two best friends at the company party? What about her colleagues? What about her hard-earned respect? She retied her halter neck and smoothed down her rumpled skirt. But the thought of making Robert Clevedon lose control was almost worth the risk.

The sun had disappeared below the horizon and a lot of the party guests had disappeared as well. The remainder were sitting watching something sporty on a big flat-screen TV. Meredith squeezed in on the end of the couch next to Josh and Will who scooted up to make room for her. No one bothered to put the main lights on, and the shadows lengthened throughout the room.

Meredith felt rather than saw Robert sit beside her. He leaned in close and murmured, Im not much into American sports. I dont have a clue whats going on here.

I can help you with that, Meredith whispered in return, allowing her hand to drop to his thigh and the bulge of his cock. Will glanced down at her and angled his shoulder to shield her and Robert from the rest of the party. When everyone started shouting at the umpire, she eased Roberts zip down and released his cock, wrapped her hand around him and worked him through her fingers.

He leaned against the couch, his arms spread along the back, and let her play with him. The soft wet sounds were easily covered by the noise of the TV. Unlike Will and Josh, he wasnt circumcised, and she enjoyed dragging down his foreskin to expose the tender flesh of his wet slit.

A roar went up from the TV viewers and Roberts arm came around Merediths waist. In one rough motion, he lifted her onto his lap and down on his cock. She bit her lip as he filled her, then saw Will realise what Robert had done and nudge Josh. God, he was big and she was so over-sensitive now. One flick of his finger on her clit made her come and she had nowhere to hide, had to ride out the pleasure among the cheers for the local team.

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