V. Speys.

Book -11 Aliens novella

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"Well, did you buy the uniform?" – when she saw the purchase, she asked grandmother with pleasure. And my grandmother unrolled the knot. And got out the school uniform from there.

– And you tried on? – asked anxiously Mama, – Come on, Valik, put it on.

I put on a school uniform, a cap with a cockade and looked like a little boy from a sailboat, only the tunic was not marine, but a school jacket.

– Well now you can go to school. "From nowhere," Nyuska’s voice rang out.

Nyuska was considered a cousin, but behaved as if she were an older and own sister, allowing herself various educational attacks in my direction. She was of medium height; she was sixteen years old. She was distinguished by her venomous manner of talking and now she tried to yelp:

"You're like a minister in uniform!"

She lived with Olga Andreevna and was the daughter of Aunt Theodosia or, as her mother, Olga's sister, Aunt Fedosya called everything. During the war Fedosya Andreevna, the fascists were driven to Germany. The Germans took it to Poland and placed it in the concentration camp "Ausventzim", photographed and put a tattoo on their hands. There, after learning the details of its origin, they gave it to a German farmer. Farmer Aunt Fedosya worked until the end of the war. And after the Victory, I returned to the pregnant home. As expected, in his time to give birth, gave birth to a girl, who was named Nyusi. After a while she was found by her lover, whom she had met in Germany. It, as well as it was taken out by the Germans for work. He drove milk from German cows, which Aunt Fedosya milked there. They built a house and began to live. Aunt Fedosi's husband had three children, whom he took after building a house. Aunt Fedosi's protests did not give anything. Uncle Leontius, that was the name of her aunt's husband, was a Byelorussian and spoke with a terrible Belarusian accent, confusing Russian, Byelorussian and Ukrainian words. Sometimes it was difficult to understand. Especially when the dose of moonshine was taken to the soul, a dialogue of unholy moral delirium began, from which my headache began. Knowing this property of his Leontius, Aunt Fedosya tried to take him home as soon as possible. To me already at my preschool age, it seemed that this marriage was not will last a long time. And it happened, but after a few painful years of my poor aunt Fedosi’s life with Uncle Leonty.

So, the bride show was successful. Grandmother Eugenia Lavrentyevna no longer did such long trips and was engaged in farming. I cooked food by the stove, cleaned the walnuts, helped to harvest potatoes from the garden. So the worries came on the first of September. The mother prepared for this celebration in full. I had a brand new briefcase, notebooks, a pamphlet, a pen, an inkwell, ink, and everything necessary for a first– grader…

Say, well, at least to see it like I see you, can I?

"Well, what can I tell you?" – Silence.

"Maybe there is some way, anyway, eh?"

"Think what you're saying?" You know a continuum better than I do.

It's your idea to clone yourself, and the professor, as her husband to be allowed into a natural birth and on the planet Earth.

– It is not true! – Exclamation of indignation – He himself wished this and he himself asked me that I would be with him. To see this boy is very pleasant for him, and at the same time I want to hug him once, to caress, to caress, and to cling to me.

– As you do not understand, we are on Earth, and, incidentally, your "husband", reborn in the image of this boy – the friend. You see and hear how it does not fit into this environment, even though we tried to place it in a family with a certain wealth and an artless environment.

"Well, commander, you are as always right. Only pay attention that this boy is you, only after many generations. – Sad melody in the voice, – By the way, you're also a clone of my husband, like me, a clone of his wife. Also you are not real. Here it is, this boy is the real one, born naturally from a real mother, and not in the incubator of the Coalition, as we are with you. It carries the radiation of our young sun, which exists in the distant past with respect to our vibration of time. He has a stable emulation, inherent in his peers. – With some pride said the partner, and her voice sounded with a feeling of envy.

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