Юрий Низовцев.

The person in the attractive field of power

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The person in the attractive field of power

("Makers" of history)

– Monster! – asked the little girl in a dream. «When will thou love all of us?»

The monster was surprised, but answered:

– Never! – and clarified: – Neither you nor me will not, if i fall in love you.


The popular masses in the state always allocate from themselves the elite (the intellectual-governing part, on the quality of which both the existence of the state and its development depends). The quality of the elite is determined mainly not by any external influences, but by the level of own collective self-consciousness, which in turn depends on the level of self-consciousness of each individual entering into the elite, accumulated in the course of the country's historical development.

In particular, the low level of self-awareness of the elite, expressed in its excessive conservatism and autarky, inhibits both the public and technological development of the state. Besides, this conservatism puts this state in the subordinated position in the relation of other states owing to the accumulated backwardness sooner or later and does the elite by the comprador concerning the states which were more advanced in the cultural and technological relation.

In principle, the imperious structures cannot have individuals with the highest possible level of self-awareness (the highest consciousness), i.e. the high-moral, conscientious, with high culture, humane and altruistic inasmuch the pragmatism promoting successful actions of the imperious structures for own preservation, and the concomitant deception of the masses, as a rule, consisting in a promise of the onset of the near prosperity, rejects the high level of self-consciousness of all representatives of the imperious structures, promoting negative selection of representatives of power or rapid decrease in this level to hypocritical and unscrupulous mediocrity, without denying maintaining sharpness of mind and other intellectual abilities, , which already go not for the benefit of the people, and, as a rule, for preservation of power, privileges, got property, and only forcedly – for development of the country, in order to avoid its disintegration and accession to stronger neighbors, that, as a rule, leads to loss of power.

Therefore, the most states aspire to alliances, in order to consolidate themselves in the blocs and to acquire the technological and cultural achievements of the allies, that in the modern world seems by a aspiration for globalization, but in fact – it is a aspiration to preserve own power through some relatively minor concessions, into which the depraved elite includes also sovereignty of the state. In other words, those who seized the power, never voluntarily will concede it, and change of rulers in the democratic countries as a result of elections is just a decoration of the preservation of the power of the same elite.

As a result, centripetal forces never defeat centrifugal, but always compete with them owing to what any secret or explicit world government, that controls everything and everyone, is impossible, inasmuch it is impossible to exterminate egoism and property of individuals or separate groups of persons within a civilization.

Naturally, attempts to create this government steadily fails, but at the same time – they force instability and produce local wars for the power over the world which is coming down in essence to taking by its resources by separate groups, creating for them illusion of the power over the peoples.

Any power for each individual is always a short-term mirage, quickly disappearing owing to continually arising contradictions in society advancing its development, which have no deed to individuals and even to entire elites.

Therefore, in order to retain the


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