Stacy Connelly.

Temporary Boss...Forever Husband

Zach never hadand never wouldenter a relationship at work.

Too many pitfalls, too many complications, too big of a chance that management would think he had his mind on something other than the job.

Unfortunately, Zach hadnt forgotten the first time he met Allison. That first smile, that first touch

Shes never let me forget, he thought. Just the sound of her laughter drifting down the hall made his gut clench and sent an electric rush of energy charging through his veins.

And every time she smiled at him, the flash of that dimple reminded him of his weakness where she was concerned, reminded him she was a woman who could do what no other woman had ever donetake his mind off his career.

Dear Reader,

Once upon a time, I took a job at a temp agency. I failed miserably, in that my first temporary assignment turned into a long-term, permanent position. I had no idea that would be the case, but I was lucky everything turned out as it did.

Allison Warner took a far bigger chance when she followed her boyfriend to New York for a new job, but it was a move she soon regretted. Now, shes determined to keep things simpleworking at a temp agency, where she wont make the mistake of mixing her personal and professional life again.

But life and love are rarely simple, and Allisons life gets a lot more complicated when she agrees to a one-night-only pretend date with her secret crush, Zach Wilder. Little does Allison realize where that one night will take them

I hope you enjoy Allison and Zachs story as they work together to find a lasting love!

Stacy Connelly

About the Author

STACY CONNELLY has dreamed of publishing books since she was a kid, writing stories about a girl and her horse. Eventually, boys made it onto the page as she discovered a love of romance and the promise of happily ever after.

When she is not lost in the land of make-believe, Stacy lives in Arizona with her two spoiled dogs. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at or

Temporary Boss Forever Husband

Stacy Connelly

I cant remember the very first romance I ever picked

up or attempt a guess at how many I have read since,

but this is dedicated to all the authors whose books

I have enjoyed over the years.

Thank you.

Chapter One

Allison Warner counted the rings as she waited for her sister to pick up the phone. After the fourth, she heard the all too familiar click of her call going through to voice mailagain. Bethanys voice came across the line, advising Allison to leave a message.

Allison sighed, giving in to the disappointment that had shadowed her since shed moved back to Arizona five months ago.

Shed talked to Bethanys voice mail more than shed talked to her sister, and she didnt know which frustrated her morethe message Bethany would likely ignore or the caller ID that enabled Bethany to ignore her call in the first place. Still, she took a deep breath and forced a bright note into her voice.

Hi, Bethany. Its Allisonyour sister, she teased even though the words really werent funny. Its Thursday afternoon, and Im getting ready to leave work. I was calling to see if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight or maybe shopping this weekend. We could look for baby furniture or decorations for the nursery. Im free all weekend if you feel up to hitting the mall. Or we could look online if youre not up to going out. So, you know, just call me.

Allison cringed as she hung up the phone. Could she have sounded any more desperate? And hadnt she learned by now, the harder she tried, the more Bethany resisted?

You have to be patient. The break in their relationship hadnt happened overnight. Allison would be foolish to hope she could repair the damage in a snap. Its going to take time.

Fortunately, that was one thing Allison had plenty of on her hands. After shutting down her computer, she took a moment to straighten the few personal items on her desk. The misshapen coffee mug shed thrown in pottery class; the wilting African violet; the handcrafted picture frame that rained tiny glass beads any time she picked it up. She and her sister smiled out from the photograph, heads tilted together in perfect symmetry. A single, perfect moment caught in time

If only life had that kind of pause button, to freeze a moment she wanted to last or better yet, a rewind button, so she could go back in time, and undo her poor choices.

The picture had been taken at Bethanys wedding when the two sisters were as close as could be. Bittersweet memories of the ceremony and the last time her family had been together flashed through Allisons mind. Bethany had smiled with tears in her eyes as their father walked her down the aisle and handed her to Gage Armstrong. Allison had stood at her sisters side, her maid of honor and best friend.

Only a few weeks later, Allison had followed her boyfriend, Kevin Hodges, to New York. That had been three years ago, and three years was a long time. Long enough for their fathers health to fail, for Bethanys marriage to fall apart and for Allison to get so wrapped up in her career that shed been oblivious to both. She had moved back home, but the three thousand mile gap had been much easier to close than the emotional distance between Allison and her sister. Especially when Bethany had made her opinion so clear.

Too little, too late.

Guilt pressed against Allisons chest, the truth in her sisters words weighing so heavily it hurt to breathe. Shed give anything, anything to turn back the clock and to be with her family when theyd needed her most. But that time was gone, and the only thing that kept Allison going was her determination to make the most of now.

You have to get Bethany to open up and talk about what went wrong with her and Gage, their mother had insisted before she left on her three-week Mexican cruise. The trip was one Allisons parents had long planned to make for their thirty-fifth anniversary. When her father passed away six months before the anniversary date, Allisons mother decided to take the trip anyway as a tribute to his memory.

She missed her father so much. His laughter, his love, his encouragement to always aim high and shoot for the stars. How he would hate that his death had driven a wedge between his daughters. His girls, as hed fondly referred to Bethany, Allison, and their mother. It would have broken his heart. And though Bethany refused to believe it, the loss of their once-close relationship broke Allisons heart, too.

Setting the picture frame back on her desk, she sighed. She couldnt change the past, but she was determined to do whatever it took to rebuild her relationship with her sister. Right now, Bethany needed family around her more than ever, whether shed admit it or not.

At five-thirty, the offices of Knox Security were mostly empty, and she took a moment to walk down the hall and turn off the lights. She could have left a half an hour ago, but shed wanted to finish up some filing for what would be the last full week of her temporary assignment at the security-systems firm.

On Monday, Martha Scanlon would be back after a two-month absence for hip replacement surgery. Allison would return for a day or two to catch the woman up on everything that had been started during her sick leave. After that, she would move on to another temporary assignment.

The receptionist job at Knox Security had been her longest to date. Normally, she filled in for only a week or two, subbing for vacationing employees or emergency situations. She liked the variety of working as a temp, liked the short-term nature of the jobs. The Monday through Friday, eight-to-five schedule was a world away from the sixty-hour-a-week grind shed gotten used to working for Marton/Mills, an advertising firm in New York City. There was no chance of getting caught up in climbing the corporate ladder, on focusing so much on professional goals that personal relationships were pushed aside.

The glow of a glorious sunset shone outside the office window, signaling the end of another gorgeous spring day. One more reason to enjoy working in her hometown. The April weather was beautiful, sunny and warm and perfect for shorts and T-shirts. Business casual wasnt that casual even in Phoenix, and though Allison had left her razor-cut suits behind in New York, she did her best to dress appropriately while still being herself.

If you want to get ahead, youre going to have to learn to dress the part.

The echo of her ex-boyfriends words still burned as did the memory of how shed so eagerly buried every bit of her own personality to force herself into a corporate mold. Shed tried so hard to be the perfect girlfriend, the perfect rising star employee. Kevin had been the chosen one, the young graduate whose father was good friends with the CEO at Barton/Mills. Shed tagged along as little more than a plus one on Kevins job offer, determined to be so much more. Starting at the bottom, shed expected to pay the professional price of hard work and long hours, but she never imagined the personal costs.

Never again would she lose herself in a job or in a man, and her choice of wardrobe was a daily reminder.

Today, shed worn a pin-striped black skirt and black knit mock turtlenecka perfectly respectable combination, but one kept from being too boring by the barely-there pink lace at the hem of the skirt. It was a recent purchase, and one shed been eager to wear that day. Not that she had any particular reason to choose an outfit that did the most to compliment her short blond hair and green eyes. No reason at all

Her steps gradually slowed and her pulse quickened as she neared Zach Wilders office. After two months, she should have been used to the sight of his dark hair, vibrant blue eyes and chiseled features. Even his broad shoulders, narrow waist and lean, muscular limbs should have been commonplace by now. Still, there was something about the companys lead salesman that stole her breath every single time their paths crossed. That Zach was as wrong for her as a man could be did nothing to cool the attraction.

The old saying was trueyou never have a second chance to make a first impression, and Allisons first impression of Zach had been one of possibility. Theyd met briefly her first day at Knox with an incidental touch in the elevator that had rocked her to the soles of her stylish pumps. Weeks later, she felt like she was still reeling. As if that momentary encounter had done more than set her back on her heels, as if it had somehow thrown her off her emotional axis, threatening to send her life spinning in a different direction.

It was crazy to put so much importance on a mundane event, but Allison knew she hadnt imagined the moment. Nor had she imagined the spark of attraction or the answering awareness burning in Zach Wilders blue eyes. Their first meeting still teased her thoughts with only the slightest provocation. Just the sound of his deep voice sent the memory shivering down her spine. But it was everything that happened after that meeting Allison forced herself to remember.

As in his reputation of business firstperiod. As in Zach keeping such a tight and narrow focus on work that she never again crossed into his line of sight.

Too bad Allison hadnt had as easy a time ignoring Zach. Each time she walked by his office, she couldnt resist sneaking a peek inside. Shed made a study of the way his blue eyes narrowed when he stared at the computer screen. The way his jaw clenched when something went wrong and the way the corner of his mouth kicked into a half smile when things went right.

But what she noticed most were the rare moments when sheer exhaustion hit. When Zach would rub eyes aching from the strain of staring at the computer and roll his head back on his shoulders, no doubt trying to dislodge the burden of constantly trying to succeed.

In those brief periods of time, Allison felt she was seeing the real Zach Wilder. He seemed human. Vulnerable.

Fortunately, that didnt happen often or last more than a split second before Zach immediately snapped back into business mode, seeming determined to wipe out any hint of weakness.

But like the bad habit it was, Allison glanced inside the narrow glass window alongside the door. His chair was pushed back from his desk as if awaiting his return, but the room was empty. She was a little surprised. From the moment she started at Knox, shed heard all about the long hours he worked, the impossible accounts he won, the fast track he was taking at breakneck speed. Each word shot off a warning flare in Allison, illuminating the danger of a man who was driven, ambitious and willing to succeed at all costs. But along with every accomplishment, Allison heard the undeniable respect and admiration of his fellow employees for a man whod worked his way up through the ranks to earn the position he held.

That alone was a world away from the friend-of-the-family connections Kevin had used for a significant leg up on the ladder of success.

But despite their differences, Zach still shared enough similarities with her ex-boyfriend to send Allison running even if he was so gorgeous she couldnt resist taking a look back.

Good thing she only had a few days left at Knox. Shed move on to the next job and leave all thoughts of Zach behind. She ran a finger across the brass placard, tracing his name, until she realized what she was doing and snatched her hand back. She hurried down the hall, embarrassed and relieved no one had had seen her mooning over Zach Wilders door.

Tuesday could not come soon enough, she thought as she stepped inside the waiting elevator and hit the button for the garage.

The doors had nearly closed when a masculine hand reached inside. One glance at the long, lean fingers, starched white cuff and designer watch, and a small shiver rippled from head to toe. She recognized that watch. Shed picked it out herself, on instructions from her boss, as a gift to the salesman of the year five years running.

Allison braced for what she already knew was coming, but try as she might, she couldnt keep her breath from catching when the silvered doors opened like an unveiling of female fantasies come to life and Zach Wilder stepped inside the elevator.

Five oclock shadow darkened his jaw, matching the hint of circles beneath his eyes. A lock of dark hair fell across his forehead, and his red and black geometric tie was off-kilter. Zach, is everything all right? Shed never seen him look so disheveled. He lookedhe looked like she pictured he would after being kissed. Because what woman could resist running her hands through his dark hair? Or using his always perfectly knotted tie to pull him closer? And wouldnt she love to put that hint of desperation in his blue eyes?

Allisons face heated at the foolish direction of her own thoughts. Like Zach would ever make out with someone at work! She knew better than that. Just like she knew better than to even entertain such a fantasy when he was standing so close. She twisted her fingers together as if she might grab hold of the thoughts running loose inside her mind. The last thing she needed was for all-business Zach to guess she had such an unprofessional crush on him.

His blue eyes drilled into hers as the elevator doors slid closed behind him. Slightly out of breath from running to catch the elevator, he confessed, I was afraid I was going to miss you.

Miss me? She was afraid she would miss him too, but even as distracted as she was by being so close to him, Allison didnt think he meant the words the same way she did.

She wanted to take a step back, to give herself some breathing room free of the enticing scent of his citrus and spice cologne. But the elevator was too small and his presence too overwhelming for Allison to escape. And maybe it was time to confront her ridiculous crushand Zachhead on. You didnt miss me. Im right here. Is there something you need?

I need you.

Her heart slammed into her chest at the confession. Her stomach dropped to her high heels before bouncing back up again, and she didnt think it had anything to do with the elevators gradual descent. Iyou what?

I need your help with a client.

Oh, right. A client.

Embarrassment flooded through her. What exactly had she thought Zach was confessing? Some deep, emotional need? Please! The man lived and breathed work. She knew that. So why had she so quickly jumped to such a ridiculous conclusion? And why would she even consider testing the waters of her attraction for him when she knew how it would end? Business would win hands down and shed be so far behind, she wouldnt even show up in the picture.

Can this wait until tomorrow? Im kind of off the clock.

He was shaking his head before she finished speaking. No, its an emergency, he declared as the elevator doors opened to the parking garage. He caught her hand and started pulling her down the aisle of cars, leaving her little choice but to trot alongside. I need you to come with me.

Late in the day and with the security lights not yet on, the parking garage was cloaked in shadows. Keeping pace beside Zach, Allison felt like shed stepped into a spy thriller. Any moment, bad guys would jump out and spray the surrounding cars with a volley of bullets. Despite the slightly dangerous air and her own overactive imagination, they reached his car unscathed.

Almost unscathed, Allison amended, feeling the imprint of his palm branding hers. That slow burn inched up her arm, across her torso, tightening her breasts and centering in her heart.

Emergency? People have medical emergencies, mechanical emergencies, plumbing emergencies. They dont have receptionist emergencies! Theres no such thing

Ill pay you overtime. Double time triple time. Whatever you want.

Its after five-thirty. I want to go home. Of course, going home meant hanging out alone because, despite the message she left, her sister wouldnt call back. But she was not a workaholic Not anymore. She refused to sacrifice everything for money or success or whatever demons drove Zach.

He halted beside a black BMW and turned to face her. Please.

That single word, one she sensed Zach didnt say often, swayed her. A razor-sharp determination always ran beneath his polished surface, but today that edge was slicing through the fa?ade, revealing the real man inside. That was the man who caught her attention. The real man she sensed was buried so deep few people ever saw a hint of him. And this might be Allisons last and only chance to see more

Ignoring the warning in her head, she conceded, Okay, Ill help. What do you need?

Ill explain on the way.

On the way where?

Where were going, he said cryptically as he opened the passenger door.

She should be at least a little annoyed by his arrogance. After all, she was the one helping him, not the other way around. But a quick check of the emotions ping-ponging through her body as she slid into the leather seat, and nope, not an annoyed ball in the mix. Just curiosity and attraction bouncing back and forth, jumping through her stomach and along her nerve endings.

Zach didnt speak as he drove, the traffic-filled streets slowly taking them toward Scottsdale. Now that shed agreed to help, he seemed willing to keep her completely in the dark when it came to how she was supposed to do that. Fidgeting with the beads on her purse, she kept quiet as long as she could before bursting out. If Im going to help you, youll have to tell me what you need.

Stopped at a red light, he glanced over at her. Their eyes met, and questions about what Zach needed to break through the stress and tension constantly pulling at him tempted Allison. She knew it had to be a trick of the setting sun that a spark of desire in his blue eyes seemed to answer those questions

The honk of a horn behind them jerked Zachs attention forward once more, freeing her from the intensity of his gaze. Allison exhaled a sigh of relief as she practically wilted against the seat. She didnt know what the rest of the night had in store, but shed never survive it if she kept letting her imagination run away with her.

I have a dinner meeting in half an hour, he said, his grim tone a sharp contrast to the simple statement.

Okay, she said slowly. That watch of yours tells me youre usually a little more excited about meeting with clients.

Everything she knew about Zach Wilder told Allison he was a man who lived for the hunt, that victoryand conquestcould never live up to the chase. All the more reason to stay out of his sights, but she sensed his desperation, a chink in Zachs normally impenetrable armor. And not that she was searching for a weakness, but somehow, she couldnt let this opportunity go.

Youve had tough clients before. What about this dinner has you so stressed?

Zach winced. Im not supposed to be so easy to read.

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