Sophie Love.

If Only Forever



The ring was more beautiful than Emily remembered. A twisting band of silver was interwoven with blue that reminded her of the ocean. A family of pearls nestled together. It was gorgeous, unique, and so utterly perfect.

A snowflake landed on Emilys hand, bringing her back to the moment. She glanced at Daniel, still down on one knee on the beach, black waves crashing behind him, stars twinkling above him, sand clinging to his pant legs. Tears glittered in his eyes and Emily felt her own eyes well up in response. She couldnt move, couldnt stand. The only thing she wanted to do was hold Daniel and never let go.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his body close to hers, kissing the exposed flesh on his neck over and over again and then winding her fingers into his hair.

Im so in love with you, she whispered.

I love you more than words can say, Daniel replied, breathlessly. Then, with a small laugh, he added, Youre shivering.

Emily giggled too, feeling girlish, carefree. That would be the snow, she said.

They finally pulled apart. Daniel grasped Emilys hand and pulled her to standing.

Should we head back? he asked.

Emily thought of the Thanksgiving party taking place in her B&B at this very moment. Practically the whole town was congregated there; surely her and Daniels absence would have been noted by now. But she didnt want to go back. Not yet. She wanted to stay here with Daniel in this perfect moment for as long as possible.

Emily shook her head and rubbed the goose pimples on her arms. Cant we stay here a bit longer?

Daniel smiled tenderly. Of course. He wrapped her in his arms. Together they rocked back and forth, as though dancing to music only they could hear.

I cant wait to tell Chantelle, Daniel murmured after a while.

At the mention of Daniels daughter, Emily felt a sudden surge of excitement. The little girl would be so happy for them. Suddenly, the idea of getting back to the B&B seemed much more appealing. Emily desperately wanted to see Chantelles face when they broke the news. It would be like a fairytale ending for the child whod had such a terrible start in life.

Come on, lets head back, Emily said, moving out of the embrace and taking both of Daniels hands in hers.

You sure? he asked.

She nodded. Breaking the news of their engagement to Chantelle was now Emilys greatest desire. She was feeling suddenly confident and proud, and she wanted the whole world to know it.

She wanted to stand on the widows walk of her inn and shout the news across town so everybody could hear for miles around.

But as they strolled along the beach in the direction of the B&B, Emily felt her nerves begin to creep up on her. Making announcements wasnt exactly her favorite thing to do, and there would surely be no way to sneak in without people questioning their absence. Thats not even to mention the ring. It was hardly inconspicuous. Anyone with eyes could see it sparkle from a mile away.

Emily couldnt help but imagine all of those faces gazing at her, some with supportive expressions but others with judgmental ones. Right now, their engagement belonged to her and Daniel and no one else. It was a private thing, a shared state of bliss. But as soon as they broke the news to others they would be inviting opinions into that sacred space.

Perhaps it wouldnt be like that at all, Emily thought as she strolled. Maybe the townsfolk would have been liberal with the mimosas in their absence and would all be so engrossed with their drinking, dancing, and merriment that they wouldnt even notice them return.

They reached the small path that led from the beach up to the street where they lived. Emily climbed up the steep bank first, Daniel following. As she emerged through the trees onto the sidewalk, she could see the lights of the inn glowing and hear the sounds of music and laughter floating through the air. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Ready? Daniel asked as he drew up beside her.

Emily took a deep breath. She was nervous but also felt more confident than ever, like she could take on the world.

Hand in hand, they slowly walked along the drive, past the carriage house that was once Daniels home, then up the porch steps and in through the front door of the Inn at Sunset Harbor. Immediately, warmth and brightness enveloped them. The comforting smells of Thanksgiving foods turkey, cranberries, corn, pumpkin pie permeated the air. Emily instantly felt the love ebbing through the inn.

Just then, a laughing Serena burst out of the dining room and into the hallway. When she saw Daniel and Emily standing there, she smiled at them through her ruby redpainted lips. She was blushing a little, and Emily wondered if it had something to do with an evening of reciprocated flirting with Owen the piano player.

Oh hey, Serena said, catching Emilys eye. I was wondering where you guys had gone off to.

Emily and Daniel looked at each other coyly. Caught red-handed.

Emily found that she was suddenly tongue-tied, like a naughty child who must own up to stealing cookies from the jar. She looked at Daniel for help, but he looked worse than her, with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face.

Serena frowned. Then she narrowed her eyes suspiciously and a small smirk appeared on her lips. Clearly she could tell theyd been up to something.

Hmm, she said, pacing up to them like a detective. Snow in your hair. Sand on your jeans. My guess is youve been to the beach. She tapped her chin. But why? She paused for a moment, and then a look of realization flickered into her eyes. Gasping, she grabbed Emilys left hand, searching for confirmation for the thought that had hit her. At the sight of the ring, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open.

Oh. My. God! Youre engaged!

Emily felt the heat rising into her cheeks. It was the first time shed heard someone say the word engaged in relation to her and it felt so bizarre. All those years of wishing for it and dreaming about it, and she was finally here, in that abstract state of engagement.

She nodded quickly. Serena squealed and pulled them both into a clumsy embrace, elbows and arms flailing.

Am I the first to know? Serena asked when she let them go, the excitement in her tone growing.

Yes, Daniel confirmed. But can you get Chantelle? I want her to know before the rest of them.

Of course! Serena exclaimed.

With misted-over eyes, she took one last adoring look at Emilys ring before bounding away, a giddy spring in her step. Emily let out a noise that was somewhere between a nervous giggle and an embarrassed groan.

Daniel squeezed her hand reassuringly. It felt as though he was simultaneously congratulating her for having survived one persons reaction while boosting her in anticipation of the next reveal, the one that was far more important.

Emily took a deep breath. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. This was it. The big moment.

The volume of the party grew louder as the dining room door opened a crack. Then Chantelles face appeared, peeping timidly around it. Emily heard Serenas voice from the other side, encouraging Chantelle into the hallway.

Go on, its nothing to worry about!

Chantelle stepped fully out of the room and Serena closed the door after her, muffling the sound of the party-goers merriment once more. Emily found the quietness suddenly stifling.

At one end of the corridor stood Chantelle, looking terrified. At the other end stood Emily and Daniel, their nerves just as palpable. Emily beckoned to the child and Chantelle scurried toward them.

Am I in trouble? she said, her little voice quivering. Serena said you needed to speak to me.

Goodness, no! Emily cried. She reached for Chantelle and pulled her into a bear hug. Youre not in trouble at all! She stroked Chantelles soft, blond hair. It was just that Daddy and I want to tell you something. Nothing bad.

Chantelle pulled out of the embrace and frowned up at Emily, her blue eyes betraying her skepticism. She was only seven years old but had already learned to be suspicious and distrustful of adults.

Are you sending me back to Tennessee? Chantelle said boldly, tipping her chin up with fake nonchalance.

No! Daniel exclaimed, shaking his head. If it hadnt been such a sad statement to make, it would have been comical. Seeking to end Chantelles sense of doom as immediately as possible, Daniel crouched down so he was eye level with his daughter, took both her hands in his, and then, with a large breath, exclaimed, Emily and I are getting married.

There was a moment of hesitation as Chantelle took in the news. Then the fear melted from her expression and her eyes widened with astonishment. A huge grin spread across her face.

Really? she squealed, gazing at them in wonder.

Yes, really, Emily said.

She held out her hand so Chantelle could see the ring. Chantelles eyes grew even wider as she stared as though in disbelief at the beautiful ring sparkling on Emilys finger. Chantelle held Emilys hand tightly.

I thought she stammered. I thought you were getting rid of me. But actually, it came true.

What came true? Emily asked curiously.

My Thanksgiving wish, Chantelle said. She was still clutching Emilys hand, and her grip tightened. I wished that you would get married so that we could be a family forever.

At the sound of Chantelles earnest revelation, a lump formed in Emilys throat. She caught Daniels eye. By the expression on his face she could tell that his heart was melting just as much as hers was.

In that moment, Emily felt more blessed than ever before in her life. Somehow the stars had aligned and sent her Daniel to be loved by and Chantelle to be humbled by. Everything felt right.

Can I be the one to tell everyone? Chantelle asked suddenly.

You mean everyone in there? Emily asked, pointing toward the dining room door from where the sounds of laughter and chatter emanated.

Uh-huh. Is that okay, or did you want to make the announcement yourself?

Please go ahead! Emily exclaimed, relieved that she wouldnt have to be the one to do it.

Can I do it right now this second? Chantelle asked, jumping up and down.

Emily grinned. Chantelles reaction had made her more than ready for this moment. Seeing her excitement and joy had nullified Emilys nerves. As long as Chantelle was happy, then other peoples reactions didnt matter as much!

Right now this second, Emily repeated.

On hearing Emilys affirmation, Chantelle squealed and rushed off down the corridor. She was so quick, Daniel and Emily had to hop-skip to keep up with her. Then she burst into the dining room so abruptly that everyone turned around in surprise at the sudden intrusion. At the top of her lungs, Chantelle shouted:

Theyre getting married! Theyre getting married!

Standing at the threshold of the door, Emily and Daniel waited through the seconds of shock as people acknowledged Chantelles shouting.

Then they watched the surprised expressions appear on the faces of their friends and neighbors: from Cynthias exaggerated gasp, to the flutter of Vanessas hand to her mouth.

People started to burst into huge grins. Yvonne and Kieran, Suzanna and Wesley, all the people they had grown to love and call friends began to clap.

Congratulations! Yvonne cried, the first to run up to Emily and embrace her.

Kieran was just behind. He shook Daniels hand, then hugged Emily once Yvonne had let her go. Everyone took it in turns, coming up to Daniel and Emily with hugs and kisses, well wishes and exclamations of joy. Emily felt the love of her community surround her. Shed never felt so supported. What on earth had she been worrying about?

We need to toast the happy couple, Derek Hansen announced in his strong, mayoral voice.

People began filling their glasses with champagne. A glass was thrust into Emilys hand. Beside her, Serena filled a champagne flute with cola so Chantelle could join in. Emily found her mind flitting all over the place, she was so overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria. It felt like she was in a dream.

Then everyones glasses were high in the air, the light from the chandelier making a thousand spots of light dance across the walls, floor, and ceiling.

To Emily and Daniel, Mayor Hansen called out. Then to Daniel, he added, To finding ones soul mate, and to Emily, And to following ones dream.

Everyone cheered and clinked glasses as Emily wiped the tears of joy from her eyes.

It was the best Thanksgiving she had ever had.


The party stretched on well into the night. It was filled with friendship and joy, and Emily was happier than shed ever thought possible, not to mention thankful. But finally the party wound down, the guests trickled out into the crisp night, and a hush fell over the inn.

Even when she and Daniel had turned in for bed, Emily felt herself still buzzing with energy. Her head was swimming, and she tossed and turned, unable to shut it down.

Cant sleep? Daniel said, half his face concealed by the fluffy pillow it rested upon. Then he grinned. Me neither.

Emily turned to face him. She ran her fingers across his bare, muscular chest. I cant stop thinking about the future, she said. Im so excited.

Daniel reached out and stroked Emilys cheek. I know something that might take your mind off things, he said. Then he pressed his lips to hers.

Emily sunk into the kiss, feeling all her thoughts melt away as her body was completely taken over with sensation. She pulled Daniel close to her, feeling his heart beating against her own. Daniel always ignited a fiery passion within her but what she felt now was beyond anything shed ever felt before.

Just then, their bedroom door flew open. A shard of light from the corridor outside burst into the room like a spotlight. Emily and Daniel sprang apart.

Standing in the doorway was Chantelle.

I cant sleep! she declared, running in.

Emily laughed. Well, that makes all of us, then, she said.

Chantelle leapt into the bed with Emily and Daniel, snuggling right in between them. Emily couldnt help but laugh. Chantelle was the only thing that could interrupt her and Daniels lovemaking without frustrating her.

When you and Daddy are married, will that mean youre my mommy forever? Chantelle asked.

Emily nodded. But then she wondered. She and Daniel had been speaking to their friend Richard, who was a family attorney, about whether they could officially adopt Chantelle. Would being married strengthen their case against Chantelles birth mother? Sheila was a drug user with no fixed abode, two things that already worked in their favor. Would their marriage help her adopt Chantelle?

She looked at Daniel and Chantelle, both now slipping into slumber. The sight overjoyed Emily. In that moment, she doubled her resolve to look into legal proceedings. The sooner the better. She wanted them to be a proper family more than anything shed ever wanted in the world. With the ring sparkling on her finger, she felt closer than ever to making that dream a reality.


Emily woke the morning after Thanksgiving to a feeling of elation. She had never felt so happy. The beautiful winter sunshine was streaming in through the lace curtains, adding to her already amazed, excited state. After a brief second of doubt, Emily concluded that she wasnt dreaming; Daniel had indeed proposed, and they were really getting married.

Suddenly aware of all the things she had to do, she leapt out of bed. She had people to call! How had she forgotten to call Jayne and Amy to break the news? And what about her mom? Shed been so wrapped up in the moment, in her own joy and the celebration of her friends, it hadnt even crossed her mind.

She quickly showered and dressed, then ran down to the porch with her cell phone. Water from her still-wet hair dripped onto her shirt as she scrolled through her contacts. Her thumb hovered over her moms number and began to tremble. She just couldnt find the courage to dial it. She knew her mom wouldnt give her the sort of response she wanted; shed been suspicious about Chantelle and would assume that Daniel was only marrying Emily to turn her into a mother to his kid. So she decided to test the water with Jayne. Her best friend always told it to her straight, but it never came with the same air of disappointment her mom exuded.

She dialed Jaynes cell and listened to the ring tone. Then the call connected.

Em! Jayne cried. Youre on speaker.

Emily paused. Why am I on speaker?

Were in the conference room. Me and Ames.

Hi, Emily! Amy called brightly. Is this about the job offer?

It took Emily a moment to work out what they were talking about. The candle business that Amy had started from her bedroom at college was, over a decade later, suddenly flourishing. Shed employed Jayne and had been trying so hard to get Emily into the fold. Neither could really understand why Emily would want to live in a small town rather than New York, why shed want to run an inn instead of work in a swanky office with her two best friends, and they certainly couldnt work out why shed want to take on another mans child (a man with a beard no less!) without any reassurance that hed give her her own children one day.

Actually no, Emily said. Its about She faltered, suddenly losing her resolve. Then she checked herself. She had nothing to be ashamed of. Even if her life was going in a different trajectory to her best friends, it was still valid; her choices were still her own and they should be respected. Daniel and I are getting married.

There was a moment of silence, followed by shrill screaming. Emily winced. She could imagine her friends with their perfectly manicured nails, their moisturized skin that smelled of rose and camellia, their shiny hair flailing as they jumped up and down in their seats.

Through the noise, Emily made out Jayne shouting, Oh my god! and Amy shouting, Congratulations!

She let out a sigh of relief. Her friends were on board. Another hurdle had been overcome.

The incomprehensible screeching finally died down.

He hasnt knocked you up, has he? Jayne asked, as inappropriate as ever.

No! Emily cried, laughing.

Jayne, shut up, Amy scolded. Tell us everything. How did he do it? Whats the ring like?

Emily recounted the story of the beach, of the declarations of love in the snow, of the gorgeous pearl ring. Her friends cooed at all the right moments. Emily could tell they were ecstatic for her.

Are you taking his name? Jayne probed further. Or double barreling? Mitchell Morey is a bit of a mouthful. Or would it be Morey Mitchell? Emily Jane Morey Mitchell. Hmm. I dont know if I like it. Maybe you should stick with your own name, you know? Its the strong, empowered, feminist thing to do, after all.

Emilys mind whirled as Jayne spoke in her characteristically fast over-caffeinated way, barely pausing to give her time to answer any of the questions.

Were going to be your bridesmaids, right? Jayne finished, in her typically blunt, straight-talking way.

I havent thought about it yet, Emily admitted. Jayne and Amy may indeed be her oldest friends, but she had made so many more since moving to Sunset Harbor; Serena, Yvonne, Suzanna, Karen, Cynthia. And what about Chantelle? It was important to Emily that she played a pivotal role in the whole thing.

Well, wheres the venue, then? Jayne asked, sounding a little grumpy that Emily was even considering other people as her bridesmaids.

I dont know that yet either, Emily said.

It suddenly hit her how enormous the task ahead of her was. There was so much to organize. So much to pay for. She suddenly felt very overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Do you think youll have a big wedding or small one? Amy asked. Her questions were less loaded than Jaynes but she still had an air of judgment about her. Emily wondered whether Amy was still upset about her own failed engagement to Fraser. Maybe she resented Emily for having a ring and fianc? when she herself had lost both.

We havent worked out any of the details yet, Emily said. Its brand new.

But youve been dreaming about this for years, Amy added.

Emily frowned. Marriage, yes. That had been something shed wanted for a long time. But shed never pictured the way her life would go. The love she had with Daniel was unique and unexpected. Their wedding ought to be the same. She needed to rethink everything to make it perfect for them, for this specific relationship, this life.

Can you at least tell us the date? Jayne asked. Our calendar is packed.

Emily stammered. I dont know.

Just the month will do for now, Jayne pressed.

I dont know that either.

Jayne sighed with exasperation. What about the year?

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