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Описание книги:

The written story is acting in unison with the reality!

Summer of 2009. Professor Mikhail Marmarov, magister in astrology, investigates a very complicated murder of a movie star. The murderer doesn't sharpening his knives and doesn't watch after his victims through an optical sight. His weapon is resonance flashes: he releases trigger, which is pressed on by us. By our own dimness or ignorance, but by us.

Making sure that the virtual method works, the villain, making god of himself, tries to apply his methods to the members of 2009 G-8 summit. The story ends on that note. However, Mikhail Marmarov presents to the reader an antidote.

It is curious, but in few following years the majority of participants of the 2009 G-8 had been involved into most outrageous scandals, grotesque accident, natural disasters or were kicked off their office chairs or… their own lives.

Novella was written in 2009 – one month before prime minister of Japan Taro Aso's total defeat at the elections. Ten months prior to prime minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown's resignation.

The story was in print four months prior to scandalous Berlusconi's resignation, three months prior to death of Qaddafi, ten months before Sarkozy's election campaign failure.

Till now Angela Merkel is chased by ridiculous rumors and anecdotes doing injustice to her position. Even thou Obama had won elections with tiny margin in votes, yet didn't enjoy his victory with following natural disasters.

This story is not another horror tale about Apocalypses. «Often the real power of villain is not in his personality, but in our unawareness» considers Mikhail Marmarov. He has given the «antidote» against invisible killer's hand not only to high-ranking individuals but to all of us.

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Название: The scent of bergamot
Жанр: Детективы
Размер: 187 Кб
Язык книги: английский
Язык оригинала: русский
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