Ольга Манько.

Adult stories for children

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Once on my day off I got the things ready and went fishing. I went to the river, cast the line and started to fish. Birds were twittering in the sky, grasshoppers were stirring in the grass, clouds were reflecting in the river, here was the beauty! And because of that beauty I was in such a good mood, that I wanted to sing loudly. I started to sing (I like to sing aloud, so that everyone could hear).

I was lying near the river. I sang songs, looked at the clouds, and squinted from the sun. Suddenly I heard: someone near me was a kind of purring, or I would say whining; from another side someone was squeaking, a bit farther someone was bubbling, roaring and even mooing. I looked around and was shocked: the animals from the forest gathered round me, and even the cow from the next meadow came to see me. It said, “Moo! Moo!” And everybody sang songs with me, admired the beauty and nobody bit each other. I looked at my fishing-rod and saw an interesting picture: fishes


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