IOU: The Debt Threat and Why We Must Defuse It – Noreena Hertz

книга IOU: The Debt Threat and Why We Must Defuse It автора Noreena Hertz
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We are bombarded with images of poverty, terrorism, war and collapsing states. Do we ever question what the root cause of these problems might be? Noreena Hertz, one of the world's leading experts on economic globalization, tackles Third World Debt as a problem which must be resolved if we are ever to see global stability.For every $1 the west gives to developing countries in aid, developing countries pay the west $9 in debt service.At the beginning of the new millennium we are witnessing a global debt crisis of unprecedented size. Sub-Saharan Africa owes $200 billion, Brazil $223.8 billion, Argentina $155 billion. Why does this matter? In this shocking, ground-breaking book, Noreena Hertz shows that these numbers matter because they account for millions of people dying of AIDS; for the rainforests being cut down; for poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and war. These numbers matter because they will affect all of our lives if the balance is not redressed.‘IOU’ is a story of avarice but als

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  • Название: IOU: The Debt Threat and Why We Must Defuse It
  • Жанр: Политика
  • Язык книги: английский


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