Nikolay Lakutin.


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Для подготовки обложки издания использована художественная работа автора. Обложка книги разработана автором в дизайнерской программе и является интеллектуальной собственностью Николая Лакутина.


Lunch break in the wholesale company for the sale of floor coverings came to an end. In the dining room constructed by collective forces, there was the last occupied table. Ladies did not hurry to disperse, the subject of rough discussion was too attractive. From one of the employees left her husband.

They're all assholes. Okay! – the top emotionally parried Yana-a broken woman who considered herself a girl and forced to consider everyone else so.

Oh, and don't tell me who other-that was supported by the Olga, looking at the tears left by her husband of Inga, a friend sitting opposite.

About in this way the conversation lasted nearly an hour. But at the table sat four women, and in conversation for the most part participated only three.

– What you are silent, Tanya-once again took the initiative brisk Yana – support friends. I propose to raise the last remnants of juice in our glasses to these bastards know their place under our heel!

Jan eagerly picked up the glass, Olya, Inga did the same thing, but Tanya is not supported. She did not touch her glass, though it was not empty.

– He


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