Psycho-cosmic energies and economic growth


Professional communications among brilliant practitioners and equally brilliant scientists, who are working not on promotion of their citation rates, but rather on real practical problems, does not pass without a trace. Your mind, and then your conscience starts worrying about unfinished experiments, stated and unchecked ideas, unaccomplished affairs. You cannot get rid of thinking how it is simple to measure velocity of the ether near Earth, if you have precise apparatus measuring the magnetic field strength, and if you know where usually the ether blows. The magnetic field blows away the ethereal wind. When you measure and calculate these by yourself, then debates about the reality of cosmic ether begin to cause bewilderment. Then you realize: argue those people who cannot experimentally reproduce the results by themselves or those, for whom the existence of cosmic ether is not profitable. Like the existence of alternative economic theories is not profitable for some economists. It's like a peculiar self-protective reaction of personal professional status or, as well, like self-admiration. There are other reasons for disputes that are sometimes far from the search for truth.

Thus, the authors of this book did not waste their time on arguing the issue that cannot be proven by general considerations about the reality of cosmic ether, and about its properties. There is neither the detailed knowledge that is usually addressed in books issued earlier by the scientific center.

This are provisions telling about existence of ether vortices of left and right spins, on impact of cosmic ether on our history, cycles of such impact, of empires stages of development in accordance with cycles of cosmic energies, about the essence of gravity-spin energy, about its connection with the electromagnetic energy and with a certain arrangement of planets, about transfer of ether energy to Earth through pathways of Void, about the physiological, biological mechanism of perception these energies by the body, and etc. If certain assertions of this book will seem to readers insufficiently clear and evident, then we suggest to read materials published earlier by scientific and educational centers of "Biryuch" and "Bemkon". These materials are cited in the book.

We either do not waste time fighting with opponents of cosmic ether concept. Once, Poincare shrewdly and slyly noted: "It is not so important for us, whether the ether actually exists let the metaphysics argue over it; what is much more important for us is that everything happens as if it existed, and that this hypothesis is convenient to interpret various phenomena. And eventually, if we have other reasons to believe in existence of material objects themselves? Belief in their existence is in the same manner only a convenient hypothesis. (Poincare, Science and Hypothesis", 1902). Poincare expresses a quite thoughtful reasoning. You can simultaneously resolve scientific problem and avoid conflicts harmful to scientific research.

Otherwise, the conflict will take all your forces. It is the way enthusiastic practices work. Mainly silently.

Representatives of new physics, admitting existence of the ether, are divided into those who are passionately fighting for their ideas, and who quietly and modestly works practically.

Chapter 1. Electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic cosmic energies, and their relation to factors of economic growth

Electromagnetic energies are primarily related to solar activity in the electromagnetic range. Non-electromagnetic energies are in the first turn represented by vortex energies. It can come from space in the form of ether vortices, be radiated by Sun and come out of Earth.

1.1Vortices of cosmic ether on Earth and attributes of their change

For several years, authors of this article communicated and worked with the founder etherodynamics, professor V. Atsukovsky. He was obsessed with the idea of cosmic ether. So that surveys of employees of a large Russian holding company by the psychological and psycho-physiological methods (EEG electroencephalography) have agreed with discussions with this ingenious person. And it somehow turned out that results of psychological research were glanced through the ideas of etherodynamics.

For example, Atsukovsky introduces a scheme of spread of cosmic ether streams on Earth. It reflects places of higher and lower pressure of cosmic ether.

Distribution of the ether wind pressure around Earth by V. Atsukovsky

Source: http://ether-wind.narod.ru/glava22.htmEther wind: problems, mistakes, and issues V.A.Atsukovsky // Ether wind. Collect. of papers/Edited by V.A.Atsukovsky. M.: Energoatomisdat, 1993. 288 p.


And here comes a map of places with the most intensive terrorist attacks.

Let us compare zone of growth of irregularities in ether density on Earth with places on the map, which marked in the intensity of terrorist attacks. We see that they match each other.


We note, that this zone includes in itself both an area of low density of the ether and an area of unstable pressure. The bigger number of terrorists attacks was made in the areas of unstable, changing ether flows.


Atsukovsky assumes that the Earths rotation slows down or accelerates also because of changes in the density of the ether flows, and not only due to changes of attraction forces of Moon and planets.

These relationships have been studied (N. Konuhov, 2016a, 2016b, 2016c). They have shown a connection between the density of the ether, more precise its properties and various indicators of mankind development: movement of stock markets, rate of economic development, alcohol consumption, people's health, mortality because of unnatural causes, etc.

In new physics, theory of the etherodynamics defines a system of signs when Earth is entering denser layers of the ether:

Reduction of the electromagnetic activity of Sun, reduction of the voltage of its magnetic field;

Reduction and even "jitter" in the form of "butterfly" of the magnetic field of Earth.

Lowering the temperature on Earth due to the effect of cosmic ether vortices (these vortices usually have the lower temperature inside lower than the temperature of environment). During large emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and heat flows from human activity it has become a less reliable tool for measuring the density of the ether flows. But in the past (minimum of Maunder) it was a fairly accurate tool for measuring the energy dynamics, density of the ether flows, and gravity-spin energies. Currently this feature can be replaced by lowering the temperature of the Sun's surface.

Reduction of the speed of flight of the solar system, rotations of Sun and Earth;

An increase of intensity in volcanic activity; Reduction of weights of bodies (A. Chernyaev. The Earths pulsation, the weight change of bodies and the gravitational "constant". M.: 2007);

The rapid growth of biota; Reduction of the Earth's rotational speed, increase in the duration of earthdays;

Measurements of the vortex energy using appliances (torsind, torsion balance, IGA-1), etc. (The breath of history. M.: 2015, 476 495 pp.);

The growth of concentration of isotopes due to more intense cosmic rays (for ether vortices with different physical characteristics, isotopes of different substances are more predictive): Changes of EEG of humans.

Curious to relate, the most effective method of such measurement in order to identify the impact of the increase of cosmic energy on the people is measurement and further comparison of the electroencephalogram. Our brain responds to changes in these energies better than any physical devices created to date. (N. Konyukhov. Psycho-cosmic energies: protests, revolutions, spurts in development M.: 2016, 57 p.).

The most important points of changing trends in the socio-economic and spiritual changes, protests, revolutions are associated with changes in the density and direction of spin of the cosmic ether vortices. Points of bifurcation in the development of humanity are the points of changing in the direction of the spin. This is a purely physical phenomenon for all vortex phenomena. It is figuratively described by Viktor Schauberger in an example of movement of water in the river. (V. Schauberger. Water energy. Jauza, 2007 320 p.).

Here, economic laws are important for us.

All the main indicators of economic development are linked and have cycles, reflecting the cyclical changes in the Earth's rotational velocity, i.e. the cycles of cosmic energies to the extent that the speed of rotation of Earth depends on the density of the cosmic ether. Part of the spectrum of energy directly affects our brain, psyche, our physiological, biological sense and effects on results of various activities. Hence, this energy can be called psycho-cosmic. The composition of this energy is twofold:

Non-electromagnetic cosmic energy of vortex character based on vortices of the cosmic ether.

Electromagnetic energy. First of all, it is the energy coming from Sun.

Although, Sun emits non-electromagnetic energy too. It has been measured experimentally by G. Nikolsky. He has named this vortex energy as solitons the fifth type of interactions known by physicists. So, cosmic energy includes also a vortex non-electromagnetic energy, not only well known electromagnetic. The vortices are connected with rotations of cosmic bodies, interactions of gravity-spin energy and energy of these rotations. This is the gravity-spin energy. Modifications, changes of the ether vortices under influence of rotating cosmic bodies are of the gravity-spin character.

There are visual evidences that vortices penetrate human. Hair fall on our head is in the form of a vortex. Yes, and all our fingers are in vortices. From head to hands and feet we see evidences of our exposure to vortex effects.

G.Nikolsky shows pictures of changes of substance under the influence of the vortex energy.

What is the similarity with the fingerprint! Note, that the configuration of vortices is associated with the Fibonacci number (on the top of the human head).

Energy solitons are extremely powerful. Their speed near the Earth surface is close to the calculated speed of the cosmic ether.

Vortex non-electromagnetic energies are now measurable. A. Pugach has been measuring them for six months continuously. Comparison of the data with EEG has showed that this energy directly affects our mind, our psyche.

Hundred books about this energy are written, thousands of experiments have been performed. We will only give a link to where these works are combined and analyzed: N. Koltovoy. Non-electromagnetic fields. Psycho-physics. Volume 6. Internet: http://koltovoi.nethouse.ru/page/941253

And we will also refer to the carefully collected bibliography on the part of the problem: spin, torsion fields http://www.prometeus.nsc.ru/partner/zarubin/torfield.ssi. This literature is published in our country, there are more than 500 titles.

Concepts have been developed so far, open facts in one way or another point at the existence of the cosmic ether. There are hundreds and thousands works dedicated to this phenomenon our days. The leader in fundamental investigations in this field is V. Atsukovsky.

Some scientists link non-electromagnetic vortex energy with the ether, the other with dark matter and energy, and others give it a self-sufficient value. But it is clear, that it exists, and our brain reacts to it better than any physical device in the present time.

And when we talk about the justification of these scientific fields we dont mean few charlatans, and not even a group of scientists, including brilliant representatives of the Academy of Sciences and of the whole layer of researchers and just thinking and experimenting people. These scientific ideas are born in the minds of talented doctors and candidates of science, and simply outrageous researchers. Some people call new received scientific concepts as the new physics, or the new paradigm. There are articles on the subject from representatives of sectoral institutions, most of the Siberian Branch of RAS.

Lets clarify the concept and turn to economic issues.

Psycho-cosmic energies are the part of the cosmic energies that affect the psyche of people. It includes both electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic cosmic energies.

Non-electromagnetic cosmic energy may or may not be vortex. It is connected both with the vortex motion (spin, torsion energy) and gravitational forces. It is called gravity-spin. (V. Dyatlov). There are a lot of terms of physics to describe these phenomena. We use the most common.

Now, let us turn to the analysis of the impact of these energies on economic development, on economic cycles. Lets make a link between the angular velocity of Earth (through its change reflects the change in the spin, the torsional energy of Earth) with Kondratieff cycles. There is a stable relationship: the higher the speed of rotation of Earth is (probabilistic sign of the low density of the cosmic ether) the slower is pace of economic development. Graphs are shifted by 30 years. That is, the first cosmic energies change, then we, people, and the dynamics of our changes is manifested in economic cycles. Change of generations of people is needed to change the so-called dynamic behaviors, work habits (Psycho-economics: 2012, 88 -104 pp.). As nowadays the rapid spread of computer technology is first of all through the emergence of computer literacy especially among young people.

Each cycle of N. Kondratieff was associated with the transition to a new type of energy, new technologies. It takes a long time, there is needed a change of generations, because each generation carries the structure of its psyche, brain imprint of those cosmic energies, dynamic stereotypes, in which it appeared. This will be shown in later experimental data. But our brain responds to changes in the cosmic energies directly. Therefore, to match the dynamics of the Earth's rotational velocity with changes in different human activities, we need a different shift schedules.

Financial indicators are quicker than real, natural, react to changes in the psycho-cosmic energies.

Cycles of N. Kondratieff reflect the cyclical, dynamic changes in the cosmic energies in the past time. Changed, lost the cosmic energy cycles form in which they were about 100 200 years ago N. Kondratieff cycles are gone. But to see it, we require hundreds, tens of years.

Under change of the measurement scale, the transition to the analysis of individual countries, the usage of different criteria and indicators, the relationship between the rotational speed with the pace of economic development is eroded, it becomes less obvious. This is due to many factors: the quality of the population in various countries, the cyclical changes of the quality (the law of three generations), economics development, technological level, level of social division of labor, and others.

The larger is the scale of the country's economy, the more time is required for the cosmic energy in its pace of development.

With this approach, some questions remained. Why do we choose certain indicators? Which are principal? What is a connection between them? How does time of the shift of the intensity of the cosmic energies change in comparison to changes in economic indicators for the development of a society. To answer these questions, we take the basic economic indicators of the US for a long time, relations between which have already been found, and combine them with the Earth's rotational velocity.

Foreign economic statistics provides various graphs and charts. One of them is special. It is known as "The One Chart to Rule Them All".

CPI Consumer Price Index is one of the types of price indexes created to measure the average level of prices for certain goods and services (market basket) over a certain period of time. Consumer Price Index measures changes in the level of prices for a variety of "fixed basket" of goods and services. In calculating the index, the prices of imported goods and services are taken into account. The Consumer Price Index is the main indicator of inflation in the country. The value of this index is of fundamental importance for the other economic indicators. It more closely and directly related to the Earth's rotational speed.


We note that the increase in the CPI after a sharp rise in the Earth's rotational speed occurs later every century. At the beginning of the XIX century the difference is in within 2 years, and at the beginning of the XX century in 3 years, and at the beginning of the XXI century in about 7 years.

This let us approach the complex issue of the relationship between electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic energies and the relationship between the dynamics of their change and the dynamics of economic growth.

1.2 Rotational speed of Earth, solar activity and their connection to indicators of economic growth

Generalized indicator of economic growth, which is associated with other economic indicators, is the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Here are the data for the time available for the Earth's rotational speed, for changes in the value of the consumer basket, i.e. the CPI (percentage related to the previous year), and solar activity. These data are from the beginning of the XIX century.

The CPI value is taken as an average of a decade. Graph of the CPI changes (mean per decade) accurately rests on the chart of the Earth's angular velocity. Lack of the cosmic ether the high is price of the consumer basket. The reason is the low productivity due to low physiological, mental, intellectual capabilities of people. In this case, the measurement step in 10 years smooths the data on changes in the cosmic ether density under the influence of the various planets and by changing the direction of spin of the ether flows. With this step of the measurement charts do not need offset for a few years.

Growth of gravity-spin energy leads to increase of the efficiency of industry. And it is not only in our millennium. This is how society was changing throughout history. Greek cities grew more intense in the decline of temperature, which is an indirect sign of entry of Earth more powerful cosmic ether vortices. (The breath of history, pp. 488-495). We are developing rapidly under the influence of non-electromagnetic cosmic energies. And what about Sun? It is important, that we not die of starvation due to the termination of the growth of vegetation. If there is not enough solar energy cereals do not grow here comes death from starvation. But if there is some minimum of solar energy for food security, then the development is more dependent on the density of the cosmic ether. The combination of these two cosmic energies is important and determines the features of the development we have at a given point in history (N. Konuhov, 2016b).

Relationships between of solar activity and cosmic non-electromagnetic energies are of probabilistic character. If we take a typical graphs of ratio of the Wolfs numbers and the various features of non-electromagnetic cosmic energy, then this relationship is difficult to see.

L. Konstantinovskaya shows resulting chart with a different visualization of the solar radiation data there is a deviation from the mean for all years. The dependence of the two kinds of cosmic energies become visible. http://www.astronom2000.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/7_6.gif

The points of change in a sign of the Earths rotational acceleration are at the same time the points of changing in the intensity of solar radiation for decades and centuries.

The points of change in a sign of the Earths rotational acceleration are at the same time the points of changing in the intensity of solar radiation for decades and centuries.

Notice, how the combination of turns in the Earth's rotational speed and intensity of solar radiation is consistent. The low values of solar intensity on turns are consistent with high values in turns of gravity-spin energies, energies of the cosmic ether. It is the ratio of these energies had been substantiated by V. Dyatlov through the law of the full electromagnetic and gravity-spin currents. According to his calculations, the gravity-spin energy growth is combined with falling of electromagnetic energy if we are talking about a separate cosmic system. In his terminology it is vacuum domain. But it is on the scale of centuries.

Now, the laws regulating these cosmic energies become more apparent. It is necessary to combine these turning points of these great cosmic energies. And for this we need a certain step of measurements and representation of initial data.

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