Neesa Hart.

Who Gets To Marry Max?

Maxs To-Do List

1.Acquire new company and partner.

2. Talk brother into asking partners daughter to marry him.

3. Host party so said proposal will take place.

4. Speak with butler about guests and refreshments.

5. Become completely distracted from all of the above by butlers niece.

Sidneys To-Do List

1. Replace usual uniform with sexy black dress.

2. Finish making chocolate desserts.

3. Keep Max's brother from flirting with women other than his intended fianc?e.

4. Explain to Max that his butler, my uncle, is sick. Offer self as replacement.

5. Try to run party smoothly while falling hopelessly in love with Max.

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Who Gets to Marry Max?

Neesa Hart

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NEESA HART lives in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. She publishes contemporary romance under her own name, and historical romance as Mandalyn Kay. An avid theater buff and professional production manager, she travels across the U.S. producing and stage-managing original dramas. Her favorite to date? A childrens choir Christmas musical featuring The Pirates of Penzance.

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Dear Reader,

I first had the idea for this book when I was six years old. I had thirty-five Barbie dolls and three Kens. The odds werent so good. Besides, Ken liked to wear clothes that matched Barbies, and that didnt seem, well, quite as alluring as my brothers G.I. Joes, which had all those neat uniforms.

I made do with Joe while my brother wasnt looking, but wistfully longed for a Barbie doll companion that was up to snuff.

The thought reoccurred to me when I went to collegethe odds there for me werent much better than poor Barbies! This time, there were no G.I. Joes to be had, although there was a Marine Corps base right up the highway.

Still, the thought lingered, andthis truly is the best part of being a writereventually I got to see it through to the end. Max is a special guy. He charmed me from the beginning, and had, I thought, just what it took to turn a womans head even if G.I. Joe was in the room down the hall. Hope you enjoy him as much as I did!

Neesa Hart


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen


Chapter One

She looked good in black.

Sidney studied her reflection. She hadnt thought shed like it, but now that she wore it, she had to admit she was glad shed splurged on the outfit. Auspicious occasions, her uncle Philip claimed, demanded auspicious clothing. And being in the Hudson River valley home of Max Loden, financial guru and worlds most enigmatic bachelor, she supposed, was just about as auspicious as it got.

The luxurious fabric, which had seemed so incredibly impractical, highlighted the best aspects of her figure with exquisitely tailored perfection while somehow managing to downplay her flaws. It skimmed her hips and fell gracefully to the floor, giving her an air of sophistication she suspected she was going to urgently need. The short jacket, with its structured shoulders and waist-trimming fit, inspired her Miracle Bra to new levels of achievement.

Perhaps, she thought whimsically, she might survive this encounter after all.

What the hell is going on here?

Or, maybe not. Sidney took a deep breath before she turned to face him. At the fierce look on his face, she had to stifle a grin. She could easily picture him saying, fee, fi, fo, fum. Sidney schooled her countenance into an appropriately solemn expression. Hello, Mr. Loden.

Mad Max, as his enemies and even some of his friends called him, was everything she remembered and more. Elegantly clad in a black tuxedo, he towered over her. His melt-her-kneecaps gaze swept her from head to foot. Sidney. He sounded simultaneously baffled and annoyed. Wheres Philip?

She straightened the lapels of her catering jacket to disguise the customary nervousness she felt in the presence of the indomitable Max Loden. It was his eyes, shed decided years ago. They had a way of dismantling her. Im afraid youre stuck with me, she said. Uncle Philips not here.

His razor-sharp gaze darted around the spacious kitchen of his Hudson River homealthough, Sidney mused as she thought of the sprawling structure, the term was loosely applied. Her staff had seized the kitchen, and were functioning at their usual peak efficiency. Rows of hors doeuvre trays lined the stainless steel countertops. Three of her pastry chefs put finishing touches on an assortment of desserts and handmade chocolates. Champagne glasses, freshly polished, stood in neat rows, and her assistant busily rushed about making careful notes of each procedure. Evidently done with his inspection, Max met Sidneys gaze. What do you mean hes not here?

Uncle Philip isnt well.

That turned his generally fierce expression into a full-blown scowl. Not well? Hes ill? Whats wrong with him?

She refused to let the bulletlike pace of the interrogation rattle her. He has the flu.

The fluare you sure?

Very. He was extremely upset that he couldnt be here for you this weekend. She clasped her hands behind her back to keep from fidgeting.

Hell. Max rubbed at the muscles of his neck. The motion, she noted, spread his black jacket open to emphasize a broad chest that had been rumored to make women swoon.

Sidney made a mental note to thank Philip for encouraging her to abandon the jeans and sweatshirts she usually wore when she supervised a party this size. Although she spent her time behind the scenes, and would generally remain invisible to Maxs guests, both the cut and the cost of the black jacket and trousers boosted her confidence. Uncle Philip sends his regrets, she told Max.

His He swore. Is he going to be all right?

The question would have surprised many, she knew. Max Loden had something of a reputation. People called him all sorts of namescompassionate was not generally one of them. Had it not been for her uncles long relationship with him, Sidney, too, might never have seen behind Maxs implacable facade to the heart of this amazing, if daunting, man. She tilted her head to one side to study him. Im sure he will be.

Does he need anything? Has he seen a doctor?

Not for the first time, Sidney decided that every story shed ever heard about Mad Max Loden was completely unfounded. No man could inquire after the health of his butler with that rough and tender voice and be missing his heart, no matter what his critics said. Yes, he has. And hes quite fine. I stocked his refrigerator and his pantry before I left.

The flu can be dangerous for a man his age.

Heartless indeed, she mentally scoffed and felt her inner knot of tension begin to unwind. Even Philips home was another of Maxs flagrant generosities. While most butlers lived in their employers homes at their employers whims, Max had provided Philip with a personal retreat for his off-duty hours. Yes, it can. Thats why his doctor confined him to bed.

Is someone with him?

A neighbor.

Youre all the family he has.

Except you, she said quietly.

He stared at her for long, disconcerting seconds, his silver gaze searching her face. Everything else about him was dark. His hair, his expression, his countenance, even his voice. But those eyes were positively brilliant. Shouldnt you be taking care of him? Max prompted.

He wanted me to take care of you instead.

Max lifted one eyebrow in an expression she was willing to bet sent his employees scrambling. That sounds like Philip.

He knew this weekends house party was exceptionally important to you. He briefed me that your brother, Greg, is considering an engagement to Lauren Fitzwater. That, with any luck, Greg will finally muster the nerve to ask the young lady to marry himand that you hope the relationship will further your efforts to merge Loden Enterprises with Edward Fitzwaters electronics company.

Maxs eyebrows lifted. Philips in top mental form, I see.

Sidney nodded. He also explained that the younger Mr. Loden probably wouldnt respond favorably to that information, and that youd prefer discretion from the staff. Without Philip here to command them, he was worried they might not understand the importance of decorum. Since the Fitzwaters and several of your investors will be present this weekend, this particular event could prove both profitable and beneficial to your long-term goals.

It could, he agreed.

And, knowing that, Philip was extremely concerned. He knew how much you have riding on this event. Hed already employed my staff to assist your own for the weekend, and, in his absence, he asked me to supervise. She finished the speech and breathed a mental sigh of relief.

Max studied her for long seconds. Philip told me youre in business for yourself now.

The note of admiration in his voice almost felled her. Not in her wildest imagination had she pictured him admiring her for anything. Not when his first impression of her had been as a miserably unhappy adolescent whod cowered from him for no apparent reason, and every subsequent impression would have been formed while watching her cater his friends parties and assist her uncle. Though shed seen him from a distance, this was their first substantial conversation in years. I am, she said.

You run a temp agency. He drummed his fingers on the counter. Waitstaff and caterers, he clarified, still holding her captive with his gaze. As Philip explained it to me, you started the business after your divorce.

She cringed. Uncle Philip, it seemed, was certainly quite liberal with the details of her private life. She wasnt prepared for the idea that Max Loden had an intimate view of her failures. Thats true.

And you supply extra personnel for large events and household needs.

And parties like this one.

I see. He continued to stare at her.

Was there something else you wanted, Mr. Loden?

Max. His voice was nearly a whisper. He seemed to be studying her. Without warning, he grabbed her hand and tugged her toward a door at one end of the kitchen.

She gave him an anxious glance. Is something wrong?

Max looped his fingers under her elbow as he hurried her toward the pantry. Maybe.

Sidney decided not to resist. If she did, hed probably make a scene. Max loved scenes. It was one of his quirks. Chip, she called out to one of her assistants, Can you take those lobster crepes out when the buzzer rings?

Sure. He lifted his eyebrows.

Sidney ignored him. Max steered her into the relative quiet of the pantry. The door swung soundlessly shut behind them. Why are you here, Sidney? His voice had dropped to a low rumble.

The only light in the cramped space came from the slight space around the door. With a sharp tug on the string, she switched on the overhead light. A mistake, that, she mused. The single light bulb made his expression more fierce. Gathering her calm, she met his gaze. Uncle Philip

Max cut her off with a wave of his hand. I know. Philips sick. He asked you to stand in. You havent answered my question, though. I want to know why you agreed.

Id do anything for him. He was very worried that he

Couldnt be here. Max moved a step closer. You told me. But Philip told me that you almost never supervise parties yourself. You leave that to your assistant. His eyebrows drew closer together. Kelly She could almost see the gears turning in his brain.

Lars, Sidney supplied.

Maxs nod was short. Thats right. You run the business and assist your clients with event planning, but she handles the events on site. Isnt that right?


He nodded. Its right. So I want to know why you made an exception in my case.

Well, I

Why did you decide that this particular event needed your personal touch?

Gritting her teeth in frustration, she resisted the urge to tell him it was rude to interrupt. I knew uncle Philip was particularly worried about not being here, and that hed rest easier if he knew I was.

He frowned. Is that what he told you?

Not in so many words, but he was very agitated about missing this event.

Max watched her through a narrow-lidded gaze. Is that the only reason?

She swallowed. What other reasons would there be?

He raised one hand to rest it on her shoulder. The slight pressure of his fingers eased her closer to him. I dont know, Sidney. You tell me.

Her breathing turned shallow. He couldnt possibly know the effect he was having on herthe effect he always had on her. By design, she saw him rarely. Most of what she knew about Max, she knew from her uncle. She stayed out of his way whenever possible simply because he had this ability to melt her bones. Max, I

His fingers tightened. Damn it, he whispered.

Whats the matter with you?

Damn it, he said again.


His eyes drifted momentarily shut. When they opened again, she saw the resolve in them. I want you to stay here this weekend.

Sidney blinked. Oh, Lord. Not that. Excuse me?

You heard me. I want you to stay here.

Vintage Max, she mused. No explanations. No commonsense argument. Direct, and straight to the point. What Max wanted, he was used to getting. Shed been afraid of this when shed spoken to her uncle. Max had a lot riding on this weekend. Hed want to make sure someone was covering for Philip. He couldnt know that three uninterrupted days with him would shrink her into a bowl of nerves. I dont think

There are twenty bedrooms in this place, not including the guest quarters where Philip usually stays when were out here. You could have the apartment to yourself.

Really, I

Your staff is going to stay, arent they?

She reached for her patience. Not all of them. Only the few that Ill need for early morning. You have an ample household staff to cover whatever happens during the night. You wont need any extra help until your guests start moving around tomorrow.

I want you to stay.

She stifled a groan. I know you

He leaned closer to her and said, with a soft insistence that curled her toes, Im serious.

She couldnt decide what he meant by that. I can see that.

Philip would stay.

Its Phillips job to stay.

He wont like it if you leave.

She recognized the lightning-fast change in strategy. He wasnt getting his way by bullying her, so hed switched to guilt as a maneuvering tactic. He doesnt like being sick, either, but he is. I had planned to stay with him tonight.

Max eased his hand down her arm to cup her elbow. There was something oddly intimate about the slight heat of his fingers seeping through her jacket. I appreciate your concern about Philip. Ill send someone over to take care of him.

Sidney felt herself losing ground. I really feel I should check on him myself.

He told you to stay here, didnt he?

The man was too insightful, that was his problemand he was making it her problem. Philip had argued with her for nearly an hour. Somehow, Max knew it, and didnt hesitate to use the knowledge to his advantage. I think you can understand why Philip would want

Didnt he? Max prompted.

She squelched a sigh of irritation. Max knew Philip well. Yes.

Philip had worked for the Loden family for forty years. Two days after Maxs birth, hed been promoted to senior butler. And he considered the care and tending of Max Loden his lifes work. When Sidney had informed him that she planned to leave her assistant in charge overnight, Philip had pushed himself up in his sickbed and given her a sound lecture on the importance of personal service. Sidney had no answer for that. She certainly couldnt explain that she was sure to be wearing her heart on her sleeve by the end of the weekend.

Then whats the problem? Max persisted.

Sidney frowned at him. Uncle Philip doesnt run my life, you know?

He runs mine pretty well.

And he cant right now. He needs someone, and I want to be there for him.

By driving home at two oclock in the morning? Do you have any idea what kind of people are on the road at that hour?

Overworked caterers who are being harassed by their clients?

His scowl darkened his features. Drunks and criminals.

Ill be careful.

He uttered a mild curse. Itll be almost four when you get there. Youll get three hours sleep, and then drive back out here tomorrow. Thats inefficient and foolish.

Blunt as usual, she thought irritably. Theres more to life than efficiency, you know.

His expression told her he thought that was ludicrous, and barely resisted the urge to tell her so. He shook his head instead. What are you going to be worth to me tomorrow night, or the night after, if youre exhausted?

I assure you, you wont have any complaints.

I know I wont if you stay here.

Why are we arguing about this?

Because you arent giving me my way. He reached for the wall phone. Im going to send Charlie to your house to pick up your clothes.

Sidney recognized the name of one of Maxs chauffeurs. Max

He ignored the warning note in her voice. Really, he said. I left Charlie in town with the limo. Its a stretch. I never use the damned thing. Too pretentious, and parkings impossible. He punched a couple of numbers.

Then why have it?

He shrugged. Because Im supposed to. People expect it.

Sidney abruptly pressed down the receiver button. Max, stop it. This isnt going to work.

He ignored her. Of course it will. If you call someone to pack a bag for you, Charlie can swing by your place, get your stuff, then stop at Philips on the way here to let him know your plans have changed.

Thats not She drew a deep breath. Im not staying.

He can be here by midnight if I call him now.

I hadnt planned to work all weekend. Sidney said.

That stopped him. You had plans?

Plans like fighting her way through her accounts, and trying, somehow, to dig her way out of the mess her tax accountant had left her holding. Plans like taking care of her uncle. Still, they were her plans, and while Max might have succeeded in taking over the lives of his family, her life was her own. Yes. I do.

Hell. Can you cancel them?

Maybe I dont want to. And why is this so important to you, anyway?

I just want you here to take care of things, Sidney.

Something about that didnt ring quite true. She frowned at him. I know youll miss Philip, but

Im not trying to be a jerk about this, you know.

Really? She raised a knowing eyebrow.

He stared at her. She pictured him rummaging through his mental bag of tricks for a new strategy. Ill make it worth your while, he said softly. What am I paying you for this? Four, five thousand for the weekend?

She gritted her teeth. There hasnt been time to discuss the terms of the contract. Philip got sick this afternoon.

Did you already have an event for this weekend?

Thats not

Did you?


Did you have to cancel it?

I spread my staff out, and brought on some extra people. Were fine.

His low whistle parted her hair. I hope youre charging me a premium for this. How much overtime are you shelling out this weekend?

Dont worry. Ill make sure the bill hurts when you pay it.

I doubt it. Look. He covered her hand where she still had her finger on the phone. Whatever youre planning to bill me, Ill double it if you stay.


He stared at her for several breathless seconds. Because Ive got a lot riding on this weekend and itll make me feel better if youre here.

For a man with a renowned sense of business acumen, paying twice my fee for a little personal security seems a little rash.

He shrugged. Dont let it get out. The stock market might crash.

Not even a hint of humor showed in his expression. Sidney searched his face for some indication, even a flicker of evidence that he wasnt absolutely serious. Finding none, she released a careful breath. Are you going to let me out of the pantryor do you plan to hold me hostage in here until I agree?

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