Natalia Volokhina.

Fairy tales about Nuta. For little children and their parents

Natalia Volokhina,2017

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Fairy tales about agirl namedNuta

Once upon atime the was avery nice girl named Nuta. She was agreat child, but she always had arguments with her parents. Her father and mother very really smart and wise, so they tried tofind out an unusual solution for all family problems.

Nuta was atypical child, but her parents wanted toteach and bring her up inaspecific way. Instead ofpunishing and shouting, they used other methods and tricks tomake their sweet child listen tothem and change her mind.

They were struggling with different difficulties, but thanks totheir wisdom they came up with agood solution.

The story shows that traditional actions dont work out, so parents, who really love their children and care about their health, should be patient and creative. It is really necessary tolearn how tobe wise parents.

Nuta was avery talented girl, so she used topaint the walls inher house. Ofcourse, her parents did not want Nuta todo this. Instead ofpunishing the child for such bad behavior, they allowed her todraw on wallpaper inher room.

It was agreat job tomake Nuta eat something. On the one hand, she was afussy eater, on the other hand, she was just asweettooth, like most children. Instead ofprohibiting, her parents came up with agreat idea and persuaded Nuta toeat healthy food.

It was also areal trouble for poor parents tomake their daughter sleep. But wise parents always work out great tricks. Nuta started tosleep tight and was happy.

These are afew examples ofall challenges, which Nutas parents faced. Just because ofbeing kind and loving parents, they found acompromise.

The main idea ofthe story is: love your children, be responsible for their future, let them love, live and create.


Once upon atime there was agirl named Nuta. Her parents were very kind and sma


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