Watercolors. Drawing with my Mummy – Наталья Суркова-Васильева

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“I don’t know what to draw” is a phrase often heard by parents. How they wish their little one would eagerly sit down to draw! After all, drawing is a calming activity that develops observational skills, creative thinking, and imagination, and it helps develop the hand for writing. The author shared this wish, and so she wrote these wonderful stories of a mother’s heart-to-heart talks with her son, which can help you just as they helped him. “It is so important to spend quality time with your child; to see through their eyes; to observe, suggest ideas, and let the imagination run wild,” says the author. “Today – scribbles; tomorrow – the world.”

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  • Язык книги: русский
  • Язык оригинала: русский
  • Издательство: SelfPub
  • Год издания: 2020
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