Наталья Ильина.

Загадки на английском языке

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Общение на любом языке требует большого словарного запаса, который накапливается в течение нескольких лет. Отсюда следует, что изучать язык следует начинать с раннего детства. Это вызвало поиск новых приёмов, позволяющих детям эффективно и качественно, а главное с интересом изучать иностранные языки. Учитывая тот факт, что интерес является лучшим стимулом к обучению, необходимо стараться использовать каждую возможность, чтобы разгрузить ребёнка посредством игровой деятельности в процессе обучения языку.

Огромную роль в процессе изучения языка играют загадки. Они являются эффективным средством воздействия на повышение уровня мотивации изучения, повышения уровня знаний в лексике, грамматике, фонетике и так далее. Загадки требуют от ребенка сообразительности, поэтической выдумки. Загадки учат детей говорить ярко, образно.

Назначение загадки состоит в выработке у внимания к свойствам окружающего мира, пополнения словарного запаса детей, знакомства с лексическим значением слова, развития слуховой, а позднее зрительной памяти, выработки орфографической зоркости.

Расширяя кругозор детей, знакомя их с окружающим миром, развивая и обогащая речь, загадки имеют неоценимое значение в формировании способности к творчеству: логического мышления (способность к анализу, синтезу, сравнению, сопоставлению), элементов эвристического мышления (способность выдвигать гипотезы, ассоциативность, гибкость, критичность мышления). Процесс отгадывания, по мнению современных педагогов, является своеобразной гимнастикой, мобилизующей и тренирующей умственные силы ребенка.

Отгадывание загадок оттачивает и дисциплинирует ум, приучая детей к четкой логике, к рассуждению и доказательству. Отгадывание загадок можно рассматривать как процесс творческий, а саму загадку – как творческую задачу.

При обучении английскому языку очень часто загадки используются для передачи национально-культурного опыта и знаний, с дальнейшей реализацией полученного в процессе обучения.

Наш сборник сделает изучение английского языка увлекательным и творческим процессом.

Загадки по темам


We are we are we

Are we are we are we are

Many in our hill.


I spend all my time

Picking ants up with my tongue.

It is a busy life.


I sleep by day,

I fly by night.

I have no feathers

To aid my flight.


A very pretty thing am I,

Fluttering in the pale-blue sky.

Delicate, fragile on the wing,

Indeed I am a pretty thing.


Wingless we went in,

But we emerged as fliers —

And oh, such colors!


I have no hatchet

And yet I fell a forest

My teeth are my tools


Brown are their toes,

Striped are their clothes,

Tell me this riddle

And you can pull my nose.


Busy craftsmen in their homes

Cluster on the honeycombs.


Black, but not a raven,

Horned, but not a bull,

Six legs without hoofs,

Flying and buzzing all around,

Landing and digging in the ground.


My first is in chocolate but not in ham,

My second is in cake and also in jam,

My third at tea-time is easily found,

My whole is a friend who is often around.


He is a boastful, puffed-up fellow,

Wearing spurs, eyes gleaming yellow.

As he proudly struts about

He is in charge, there is no doubt.


Four stiff-standers,

Four dillydanders,

Two hookers,

Two lookers,

And a flip-flap.


Eight were standing

Two were cracking

Two were looking.


Raucously we caw.

Your straw men do not fool us.

We burgle your corn.


My first is in window but not in pane,

My second is in road but not in lane,

My third is in oval but not in round,

My whole is known as a sign of peace,

And from Noah is Ark won quick release.


Old Mister Puddididdle

Played in the muddy puddle,

He had yellow socks and shoes

And a cap of greens and blues,

He was often in a muddle.

Now guess the riddle.


We are wrinkled hulks

With astonishing noses

Our ears block the sun.


From nests in the clouds

We survey our dominion

With telescope eyes.


Flip flop fleezy,

When it is in, it is easy.

But when it is out,

It flops all about.

Flip flop fleezy.


Alive without breath,

As cold as death,

Never thirsty, ever drinking,

All in mail never clinking.


Long legs

Short thighs

Bald head

And bullet eyes.


If I give a little clue

You will soon see what I mean,

Because my legs are long and thin,

Only one is often seen.


She is a long-necked animal.

Her name starts with G.

She stretches up high

To eat leaves from a tree.


My first is in dog but isn't in cat,

My second is in glove but not in hat,

My third is in flame but isn't in smoke,

My fourth is jester but not in joke.

My whole makes no fuss about what it will eat,

And is known to be nimble on its four feet.


What has:

Six legs, two heads,

Four ears, two hands,

But walks

On four feet?

(Horse and rider)

What always goes to bed with his shoes on?


A shoemaker makes shoes without leather

With all the four elements put together.

Fire and water, earth and air,

Every customer takes two pair.


As I went over Lincoln Bridge,

I met Mister Rusticap,

Pins and needles on his back,

A-going to Thorny Fair.


I, the hoverer,

Sip the nasturtium's nectar

And sing with my wings.


Boneless, translucent,

We undulate, undulate,



She jumps, jumps, jumps!

Her name starts with K.

She has a pocket in front

Where her baby can stay.


Safe inside my pouch

Sleeps the future of my kind —

Delicate and frail.


A button-shaped nose

And rwo turted ears,

I live far away

Across the sea,

I look like a bear

But live among leaves

Of the eucalyptus tree.


It has two eyes,

A button nose,

It lives in trees,

And it eats leaves.


My first is woman,

My second a bird,

My whole is an insect

I give you my word.


My tail is long, my coat is brown,

I like the country, I like the town.

I can live in a house or live in a shed,

And I come out to play when you are in bed.


If not for the cat,

And the scarcity of cheese,

I could be content.


You would scarcely believe

That one dwarf could heave

A whole mountain range

On our lawn.

That is strange!


How foolish I am.

Why am I drawn to the flame

Which extinguishes?


As black as ink and is not ink,

As white as milk and is not milk,

As soft as silk and is not silk,

And is a thief but does not know it.


Without hammer or hands

A house now stands.


A house of wood in a hidden place

Built without nails or glue

High above the earthen ground

It holds pale gems of blue.


Look closely and you will find

A home of a different kind,

For I'm built with stones or bricks

But moss, leaves, and broken sticks,

I'm found near banks, hedgerows too,

Or hidden high away from you.


Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

I wonder if you know

This night bird's name

It begins with an O.


My first is in ocean but never in sea,

My second's in wasp but never in bee,

My third is in glider and also in flight,

My whole is a creature that comes out at night.


I hunt in woods and gardens

With black, beady eyes,

My young are hatched in nests,

Some say I'm very wise,

My beak is hooked, my claws are strong,

I sleep throughout the day,

With feathers that are soft and smooth

Quietly, I fly away.


I snack on my back,

Crack my dinner on my chest —

Bliss in the water.


I run very fast,

My legs are long,

When others are tired

I am still going strong,

My head is quite small,

My neck is stretched high,

I am the largest bird

But I cannot fly.


My first is twice in apple

But not once in tart.

My second is in liver

But not in heart.

My third is in giant

And also in ghost.

Whole I'm best when I am roast.


Gaudily feathered,

With nothing at all to say,

I can't stop talking


More eyes have I than I do need for sight,

A cry have I that is both sharp and clear,

A tail have I more fit for show than flight,

Admired am I wherever I appear.


Don't think about it —

Just leave the vicinity

If you hear my tail.

(Rattling Snake)

Long ears, cotton tail,

His name begins with R.

For a tasty, crunchy carrot,

This animal will hop far.


I prefer a bed of lettuce to any other kind,

And frolicking about is most often on my mind.

My ears are long, and short my tail.

If you try to catch me you will fail.


I nibble green lettuce

To make me grow strong,

My tail's soft and fluffy,

But not very long,

My ears listen out

As I race with ease,

Then rest in the cornfield,

Or play in the breeze.


Who is he that runs without a leg

With his house on his back?


Its belly is linen

Its neck velvet

Its mouth music

Its tail a fork.


My first is in fish and also in chips,

My second's in mouth but not in lips,

My third is ache but not in pain,

My fourth is my third all over again,

My fifth is in pupil but isn't in class,

My whole is a beast that feeds on the grass.


I move silently without wings,

Between silvery, silken strings,

And there stretched in the grass

You'll see my web as you pass.


I'm a busy active creature,

Full of mirth and play by nature,

Nimbly I skip from tree to tree,

To get the food that's fit for me,

Then let me hear, if you can tell,

What is my name and where I dwell.


I have a bushy tail

And bright, brown eyes,

My home is in a thee

I've built up high,

When snow is on the ground,

Before summer ends

My food I'll have found


I am slow I am.

Slowest of the slow I am.

In my tree I am.


When I raise my tail,

Expressing my displeasure,

Even wolves make tracks.


A squirrel has a bushy one.

It starts with a T.

My dog has a happy one.

She wags it for me.


He rows quickly with four oars

But never comes out from under his own roof?


I can not fly, I can not run,

I shelter from the mid-day sun,

Upon my back my house is placed,

I crawl along, but once I raced,

And now when danger lurks around,

Inside I pop, all safe and sound.


One where none should be,

Or maybe where two should be,

Seeking out purity,

In the kings trees.


Big and gray,

With so many teeth,

Searching all day

For flocks of sheep

And helpless prey.


This animal's name

Begins with a Z.

She looks like a pretty

Spriped pony to me.


I really come from Africa,

But can be seen in zoos,

I look like a horse

And a donkey too,

You really can't mistake me,

I am a funny sight,

I'm sure you will know

My black and white stripes.


Явления природы

High in the sky

I can see with my eye

White horses are grazing.

Isn't that amazing?


Full and heavy it hangs in the skies,

And feeds the earth as it cries.


Fluffy and light,

I live in the sky,

My shape ever changing

As I go by.


What can you catch but not throw?


The greater it is

The less you see of it.


It can not be seen, cannot be felt,

Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.

It lies behind stars and under hills,

And empty holes it fills.

It comes first and follows after,

Ends life, kills laughter.


I'm sometimes strong and sometimes weak,

But I am nobody's fool.

For there is no language I can't speak

Though I never went to school.


I am something that no one has ever seen,

But many have heard me,

And I won't speak unless I'm spoken to.


As long as I live I eat,

But when I drink I die.


Give it food and it will live,

Give it water and it will die.


I can be touched

But I hurt those who touch me

I move swiftly through a dry forest

But die in a mountain stream

Where I pass I leave a black shroud.


Goes over all the hills and hollows,

Bites hard, but never swallows.


You'll find me in the morning

And also late at night,

You need warm clothes when I'm about

So wrap up snug and tight,

I make patterns on your window,

I turn the grass white, too,

Now read the first two lines again

And then you'll have a clue.


What lives in winter,

Dies in summer,

And grows with its root upwards?


You spread this on cake.

It is something you eat.

It begins with an I.

Taste it – it's sweet!


Fire won't burn me,

Water won't drown me

Wherever I am it's cold all around me.


I am something

That makes everything visible,

But am myself unseen.


What can fill a room

But takes up no space.


It's up in the sky

With the stars, shining bright.

The first letter is M,

And it lights up the night.


Nearly bright as the sun,

Sometimes dark as space.

Like a pearl on black velvet,

With diamonds twinkling in a case.


My face is pale, and full and fair,

And round it beauty spots there are,

By day, indeed, I seem less bright,

I'm only seen sometimes at night.

And when the sun has gone to bed

I then begin to show my head.


What has rits as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?


Stronger than steel,

And older than time,

They are more patient than death

And shall stand even when the stars have ceased to shine.

Their strength is embedded

In riits buried deep

Where the sands and frosts of ages

Can never hope to touch or reach.


I am something that comes with a train,

Goes with a train,

Is of no use to the train,

And yet the train can't go without me.


Through wind and rain I always play,

I roam the earth, yet here I stay,

I crumble stones, and fire cannot burn me,

Yet I am soft you can gauge me with your hand.


Runs all day and never walks

Often murmurs, never talks.

It has a bed, but never sleeps?

It has a mouth but never eats.


I don't have feet

To skip or hop,

Yet I can run

And never stop.


Violet, indigo, blue and green,

Yellow, orange and red,

These are the colours you have seen

After the storm has fled.


Up high the ribbons descend,

Forming a colorful blend.


You'll find I'm very bright

And pretty too, they say,

But you cannot see me

Until dark clouds roll away,

And then I shall appear

When the sun peeps through again,

A bow to brighten up your day

As sunshine follows rain.


What is the thing which,

Once poured out,

Cannot be gathered again?


Me riddle, me racket,

Suppose I tell you this riddle,

And perhaps not,

There is something moves all day

And all night and never stops.


I stretch as far as you can see,

Sometimes I'm out when you want me,

I'm in and out every day,

And when I'm in you'll laugh and play.


In bright sunshine,

I'm always here.

But turn off the lights

And I disappear.


I am something

That has form and size

And can bee seen,

Yet I cannot be felt,

And I neither substance

Nor weight.


There is thing that nothing is,

And yet it has a name:

It's sometimes tall

And sometimes short,

It tumbles if we fall.

It joins our sport,

And plays at every game.


The part of the bird

That's not in the sky,

Who can swim in the ocean

And yet remain dry.


Each morning I appear

To lie at your feet,

All day I follow

No matter how fast you run,

Yet I nearly perish

In the midday sun.


They are Dark,

And always on the run.

Without the sun,

Would be none.


I'm as small as an ant,

As big as a whale.

I'll approach like a breeze,

But can come like a gale.

By some I get hit,

But all have shown fear.

I'll dance to the music,

Though I can't hear.

Of names I have many,

Of names I have one.

I'm as slow as a snail,

But from me you can't run.


I like to pay a visit

About this time of year,

And you are glad to see me

When I suddenly appear,

For if it's very cold

You can play with me all day

But when she sun shines brightly,

Quickly I'll go away.


High born, my touch is gentle,

Purest white is my lace,

Silence is my kingdom,

Green is the color of my death.


As beautiful as the setting sun,

As delicate as the morning dew,

An angel's dusting from the stars

That can turn the Earth into a frosted moon.


White bird, featherless,

Flying out of paradise,

Flying over sea and land,

Dying in my hand.


At night they come without being fetched,

And by day they are lost without being stolen.


Always quiet,

Always creeping,

Awake at night,

In daytime sleeping.


I'm like a garden

Of blossoms bright

That only blooms

In dark of night.


I daily am in France and Spain,

At times do all the world explore,

Since time began I've held my reign,

And shall till time will be no more.

I never in my life have strolled

In garden, field, or city park,

Yet all of these are sad and cold

If I'm not there and it is dark.


Inside a great blue castle

Lives a shy young maid

She blushes in the morning

And comes not out at night.


A golden treasure that never stays,

The coin whose face gives wealth to all.

Strands, nuggets, and dust of gold

Are all bought with its shining grace.

And all are more precious than any gleaming metal.


I rise up every morning,

I'm never up at night,

Children love to see me

When I am warm and bright,

But if I'm hot and strong

Each flower drops its head,

And gardeners complain

And wish for rain instead.


The snow is thawing,

The rivers start flowing,

The birds arriving,

When does it happen?


The rye fields are ripening,

The heavens are shining,

The birds are rejoicing.

When does it happen?


What is it

That makes tears without sorrow

And takes its journey to heaven?


I am the black child of a white father,

A wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven.

I give birth to tears of mourning in pupils that meet me,

Even though there is no cause for grief,

And at once on my birth

I am dissolved into air.


My mother has a sheet

Which she cannot double.

My father has so much money

To count it is trouble.

(Sky and Stars)

What can go through the water and yet

Not ever become the least bit wet?


You break it

Even if you name it.


What is always coming, but never arrives?


What eats rocks,

Levels mountains,

Rusts metal,

Pushes the clouds

Across the sky,

And can make a young man old?


Mountains will crumble and temples will fall,

And no man can survive its endless call.


This thing all things devours:

Bird, beast, trees, flowers,

Gnaws iron, bites steel,

Grinds hard stones to meal,

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down.


Fatherless and Motherless,

Born without sin

Roared when it came into the world,

And never spoke again.


Voiceless it cries,

Wingless it flutters,

Toothless bites,

Mouthless mutters.


This stars with a W.

I like it! It's wet!

I splash in a tub of it.

Look how clean I can get.


I am something that can run

But can't walk.


Three lives have I.

Gentle enough to soothe the skin,

Light enough to caress the sky

Hard enough to crack rocks.


I run smoother than any rhyme,

I love to fall but cannot climb.

I tremble at each breath of air,

And yet can heaviest burdens bear.


Though it's close to toys eyes you'll have to admit

You never get more than a gimpse of it.

I tremble and shake at the least breath or breeze,

Yet I can take as much weight as you please.


The meadows are snowy,

The forests are frosty,

The north winds are gusty

When does it happen?


Round as an apple,

Deep as a cup,

All the King's horses

Can't pull it up.


The first letter is an X.

It's a picture of me.

It's shows all my bones.

For the doctor to see.

(X ray)

A tree has twelve branches

With four nests each the same.

Each nest has seven birds,

And each bird has a name.

(Year, month, weeks, and days)

I am something

That every living person has seen,

But no one will ever see me again.



If the rope is folded

It reaches the well,

Unfolded, it doesn't

What is it, pray tell?

(Arm and mouth)

I am something that is lighter that a feather,

And yet harder to hold.


The man who invent it, doesn't want it.

The man who bought it, doesn't need it.

The man who needs it, doesn't know it.


We are a pair,

We can dart here and there,

Though we always stay in one place.

We can smile or shed tears,

Show our pleasure or fears,

And you'll find us on everyone's face.


I am a window,

I am a lamp,

I am clouded,

I am shining,

And I am coloured,

Set in white,

I fill with water and overflow.

I say much,

But I have no words.


I'm double, I'm single,

I'm black, blue and grey,

I'm read from both ends,

And the same either way.


I am forever, and yet was never.


White and thin,

Red within,

With a nail at the end.


I am something that is often

Where I don't exist.


It's the part of your body

You put into your shoe.

It starts with an F,

And we each have two.


My second is performed by my first,

And, it is thought,

A thief by the marks of my whole

Might be caught.


The more you take

The more you leave behind.


In sand and in mud,

I'm easy to find.

You're always in front,

I'm always behind.


A father's child

A mother's child

Yet no one's son.


What have you that a pin has too?

And no doubt about it

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