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Michael Ouzikov, ,2017

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Tomy children Egor and Stephanie

Count Lev Tolstoy

loved children alot

Daniel Harms

Plum stone
(Atrue story)

Mother bought abucket ofplums and wanted togive them tothe children inthe afternoon.

Mother never ate plums before inher life and smelt them constantly. And she liked them. She really wanted toeat them.

When there was no one else inthe room, she would not resist herself and ate the whole bucket.

At dinner, father asked, Children, did anyone eat the plums?

The children answered, No.

Then father said, If any ofyou ate them thats not good ofcourse, but not atrouble. The trouble is that plums have stones, and if someone does not know how toeat them and swallows the stone, then this person will die. Thats what Im afraidof.

Everyone laughed, but mother began tocry.

And next morning father died.

(Atrue story)

There was ahouse on fire. No one could enter it, and honestly, wouldnt even wantto.

Asoldier came over and said: Illgo.

He was told: You will burn.

The soldier said: One cant die twice, and cant escape once

And he ran into the house

Infact, he was an extraordinary youth.

You wouldnt understand them, the Slavs.

The Lion and thedog
(Atrue story)

Once upon atime inLondon*, they showed wild animals and took dogs and cats instead ofmoney for watching.

The dogs and cats were used as feed for the wild animals.

One man wanted tolook at the animals, so he grabbed alittle dog on the street and brought it tothe show.

He was admitted towatch and the little dog he picked up was thrown into the lion cage tobe devoured. The dog dropped its tail between its legs and clung tothe corner ofthe cage.

The lion came over and sniffedher.

The doggie squealed.

The she lay on her back, lifted her feet and began waving her tail.

The lion touched her with his paw, and flipped her over.

The doggie squealed.

They got married

The doggie squealed.

Next morning, the doggie croaked and the lions lymph nodes began toswell.

* London is the capital ofGreat Britain

(Atrue story)

An eagle built anest inabig tree, away from the sea and broughtforth little children-eagles.

Once, some people began towork beside the tree and the eagle flew up tothe nest with alarge fish inits talons.

The people saw afish and surrounded the tree.

They started shouting and throwing stones at the eagle.

The people were Georgians.

The eagle dropped the fish, and the Georgians picked it up, poured themselves some sweet wine and shouted atoast


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