Next: A Vision of Our Lives in the Future – Marian Salzman

книга Next: A Vision of Our Lives in the Future автора Marian Salzman
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An almanac of the future for anyone who wants to know what’s new and exciting and around the corner…Originally published in 1999.We all know that the year 2000 is almost here – we all sense the exciting and enormous changes that are happening at breakneck speed: the world is getting bigger, but the world is also getting smaller, the old are young and the young are older, the lines between work and home are blurring… But in what specific way are these changes actually playing themselves out in our lives today and tomorrow? What do we need to know about the future to successfully negotiate the many paths open to us?NEXT is a hip, provocative and intelligent compendium of what is really happening today, tomorrow and into the millennium. How we will work, relax, travel, form relationships. What we will read, watch and listen to. From the realms of business and leisure, from what we will eat to what we will wear, from sexual attitudes to how our homes will look, NEXT tells you everything you need to know, including:The new generation gaps:• Global youth• Ageing. Who, me? The emergence of ‘mid-youth’High-tech families and parenting in the digital age.The fast track: women making their own breaks.Entertainment, retail and marketing in cyberspace.

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