Maikl Sosnin.

Leader. Part 1

Regina Agnes

Arnold Stepanidu

Alla Rond

Maikl Sosnin,2017

Arnold Stepanidu, ,2017




Toall those people who fight with me making me stronger


what the fuck you put on the main page picture ofthat palms???

see yellow house at the back? That is the headquarters ofthe S&B International Holdings Limited inNiue. S&B owns half ofall modern corporations and nobody know who is the real beneficiary there


Imet Sergey for the first time inGoa, inSmall Vagator, inthe early 2000s, and he supposed toown the second half

Today Itravel alot with lectures about modern leadership and help millions ofpeople toachieve their goals.

From the time we met on Goa Iread tons ofbooks about leadership and understand that nobody really understand what leadershipis!

Ok, for me was clear that people do not same, but Ican not accept so much difference!!!

How can Ibe not the first???

And Ireally couldnot.

Again Iwas inGoa this winter.

Again Ifound there Sergey.

This book is about his rules oflife


Inline with modern process ofglobalization all translations ofthe Leader are made inGoogle translation.

Original version Russian.

Idea ofthis toshow that every man can communicate with others.

You can not speak all languages.

But you must know how touse modern world.

0.You have toread this before

Leader is translated toall main modern languages.

Number ofcopies more than 10000000.

Any information ofthis book regarding any real people or places innot true, if you think its true, you are not correct.

You must understand why is it like this.

If you do not understand it now, just read the book and you will understand.

Any claim will not be accepted.

There is no liability.

If you will try something from this book then you have full liability for your actions.

There is n


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