Linda Goodnight.

Her Pregnant Agenda

Wintersofts CEO is on a husband hunt for his daughter. Trouble is Emily has uncovered his scheme. But can she marry off the eligible executives before Dad sets his crazy plan in motion?

You have a miracle in there.

Two of them, Ariana responded.

Grant moved a hand to either side of her belly and drew her to him. The babies moved beneath his touch.

They stood there, connected in a most elemental way, and Grants urge to share in her babies shifted and changed. He had the most frightening need to pull her closer, to lay his mouth over hers, to feel her heartbeat against his.

Their glances connected. She knew he wanted to kiss her and she wanted it, too.

Ariana Fitzpatrick, pregnant or not, was exquisite. A dark and delicate beauty who caused him to feel things he didnt want to feel and to think things he had no business thinking.

With the great discipline hed cultivated over the years, he removed his hands and stepped away.

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Her Pregnant Agenda

Linda Goodnight

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A romantic at heart, Linda Goodnight believes in the traditional values of family and home.

Writing books enables her to share her certainty that, with faith and perseverance, love can last forever and happy endings really are possible.

A native of Oklahoma, Linda lives in the country with her husband, Gene, and Mugsy, an adorably obnoxious rat terrier. She and Gene have a blended family of six grown children. An elementary school teacher, she is also a licensed nurse. When time permits, Linda loves to read, watch football and rodeo and indulge in chocolate. She also enjoys taking long, calorie-burning walks in the nearby woods. Readers can write to her at



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Chapter One

She was not going to cry.

Ariana Fitzpatrick rushed into the forty-ninth floor ladies room of Wintersoft, Inc., found the place thankfully empty and slammed into the first stall. She shoved a Kleenex hard against her eyelids. No matter how rotten the day, no matter how guilty she felt, she would not cry. Not again. She was past the crying stage of pregnancy.

She glanced down at the seven-and-a-half-month protrusion around her middle and sniffled. Way past the crying stage.

She sniffled again and leaned her throbbing head against the cool stall divider. Reaching for another tissue, she found the dispenser empty, and that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Sobs ripped free like a mob at a soccer game. Once loose there was no stopping them. She, normally so professional and calm, cried until her headache became a concussion, her eyelids turned to puff pastry, and her throat felt like raw hamburger.

I hate you Benjy Walburn, she blubbered, slamming one fist into the wall.

Are you all right in there? A voice called, and Ariana wished she were anywhere but here. She clapped a hand over her mouth and hiccuped.

Someone rapped on the stall. Would you like to talk?

No. And that one word started the bawling over again.

Open the door, a concerned voice demanded.

Who is it? Ariana managed to squeak.

Emily Winters. Whos in there?

If she wasnt already squalling her brains out, shed cry. Emily Winters, the bosss daughter. The jig was up, the party was over. She may as well come clean. Besides, she was desperate for a tissue.

Ariana Fitzpatrick, she said and stepped out, taking care not to whack her belly on anything in the process. She grabbed for the tissue dispenser.

Ariana! Emilys gaze flew to Arianas midsection. Are you all right?

Yes, she managed to say, which was a silly answer given that she clearly was not all right.

How could she explain to Emily Winters, of all people, the extent of her duplicity? Ariana battled another wave of tears. More than anything she didnt want to lose her job. Couldnt afford to lose it now with the babies coming and Benjy gone like the wind.

Obviously, something has happened. If not your babies, then what? In a chic blue sheath topped with a white jacket, Emily looked slim and professional. With the emphasis on slim.

Ariana was desperate to tell someone, was certain she would explode if she didnt. These months of white lies and saving face and fretting over possible damage to Wintersoft, Inc. had taken an enormous toll on her. Who better to hear the truth than the bosss tenderhearted daughter? Before the tears rolled again, she managed to blurt, Im a big fat liar.

With the emphasis on fat.

Emily didnt looked shocked, only concerned. Want to tell me the problem? Maybe I can help.

Im pregnant.

Well, uhyes, Emilys sapphire gaze dropped to Arianas middle filling up half the distance between the stall and the sink. I had noticed that.

Ariana finally found her humor and laughed. Emily joined her. Who wouldnt notice a woman whod swallowed a Volkswagen?

I think everyone in the company is excited about your twins and the upcoming wedding.

Ariana fought back a new threat of tears. Thats the problem. Theres not going to be a wedding. I made that up. The little white lie had seemed like the best solution at the time. Benjy jilted me two months agoon the day we were supposed to be married.

Oh, Ariana, Im so sorry. Emily ripped more tissue from the dispenser and poked the soft paper into Arianas hand. But I dont understand. Why lie about it? Youre not the loser, he is.

Ariana sniffed and dabbed at her sodden face. One of the twins elbowed her. Taking the hint, she leaned sideways, giving him more room. I love my babies and wouldnt undo them if I could. But I was worried about causing a problem for the company. My job in public relations is to make Wintersoft, Inc. look good. Instead Im a walking poster child for an abstinence program.

At least that was part of the reason. Shed thought everything would eventually work itself out and the lie wouldnt matter, but the problem only grew until she didnt know what to do anymore.

Nonsense. The companys image is not the important issue here, Ariana. You and your twins are. Emily frowned. This Benjy jerk is planning to support you financially, isnt he?

Ariana sighed and pressed the tissue into her burning eyes. According to Benjy, Im on my own. He thinks the stork brought these babies.

Thats outrageous!

The bathroom door swished open and Carmella Lopez entered. The older woman took one look at Arianas tear-stained face and draped a motherly arm over her shoulders. Whats outrageous?

Executive assistant to Emilys father, Carmella was way too close to the top of the pecking order for Arianas comfort. Shed much rather Mr. Winters never know about her duplicity. But Emily spoke before Ariana could stop her. Arianas fianc? left her and refuses to support their babies.

The dog. Carmella stepped away, sympathetic brown eyes traveling over Arianas very pregnant body. What you need is a good lawyer.

As if I can afford one, Ariana bemoaned.

Eyes lighting up, Emily held up a finger. I told you I could help. One of the best attorneys in Boston is our general counsel, and Ill bet we can talk him into taking your case pro bono. She took Arianas hand and pulled her to the door.

Oh, no, I couldnt. Ariana pulled back, horrified. Wasnt being pregnant, unwed and jilted bad enough without becoming a charity case to boot?

Of course you can. Lawyers do that kind of thing all the time. Ethics or something. And Grant Lawson is the embodiment of ethics. She gave another tug, and Ariana, already overbalanced, had no choice but to follow.

Carmella forestalled them. Emily, could you come by my office later? We need to discuss an important matter. Some sort of mental message passed between the two women.

Of course. Emily wiggled two fingers and pushed Ariana into the hall. See you later.

Ariana had a stitch in her side by the time Emily escorted her up to the fiftieth floor, through the outer office and passed Mr. Lawsons prim and proper assistant, Sunny Robbins. After a soft knock, she poked her head around the door marked General Counsel. Hi, Grant, do you have a minute? Ariana could use some advice.

Working furiously over a stack of papers, Grant Lawson glanced up at the interruption. He lay his pen aside. Advice is what I do best. Come on in.

Athletically built with black hair and stunning blue eyes, all six foot two of Wintersofts top attorney exuded strength and power. Mr. Perfect, as the girls in the secretarial pool called him, was gorgeous. Respected by everyone in the company, he was the object of more than one single females fantasy. But while friendly and polite, he maintained a businesslike reserve that screamed, Dont get too close.

Though aware of his good looks and impeccable manners, Ariana was not among the drooling. She was too busy falling for men who needed rescuing. Trouble was, she never succeeded in solving their problems; she only added to her own.

Rising, Grant came around the desk. Have a seat, ladies.

They did. Emily sat with her long, slender legs crossed and her skirt at midthigh. Ariana envied anyone the ability to cross one leg over the other. Choosing the widest chair, she eased into the plush brown seat. Getting out of the thing might be another problem altogether.

Arianas ex-fianc? is refusing to pay child support, Emily said. I told her you might be willing to take her casepro bono, of course, since her fianc? has left her in such a difficult situation.

Grant leaned his backside against the desk and crossed his ankles. Ariana would bet a weeks salary that suit was tailor-made to conform perfectly to his oh-so-fit physique. There ought to be a law against a man looking that good in the presence of an overly pregnant woman with a tear-blotched face.

Ill need the details first, but Im always happy to help a co-worker if I can.

Good. Emily rose from the deep cushioned chair, graceful as you please. Ariana turned green with envy. Ill leave you two to discuss the particulars. She squeezed Arianas shoulder gently. Everything will work out. Dont worry. Youre in good hands.

With that she took her leave and Ariana was left to confess her total stupidity to Mr. Perfect. As the story unfolded, faint lines appeared in Grants forehead. Occasionally he broke in with a question. Twice he nodded, his appraising gaze drifting over Ariana in a way that made her squirm. He probably thought she was an idiot.

When she finished, feeling that shed dumped all her dirty laundry on the floor before him, Grant tapped one thumb against his lip, clearly thinking the matter over. A gold Rolex peeked from beneath perfectly white cuffs.

So, ArianaDo you mind if I call you that?

Im feeling pretty old lately, but Ms. Fitzpatrick really does me in. Ariana would be great.

A tiny smile tipped the sides of his mouth. And Im Grant. Somehow you dont look like a Fitzpatrick. Irish, isnt it?

The expression on his face said her tan skin and mahogany hair sharply contrasted with the image of an Irish woman.

My dad is Irish. Mom is Cuban.

Ah. That explains it. Id wondered.

Ariana batted her eyes in surprise. Grant Lawson, aka Mr. Perfect, had wondered about her? She was seven and a half months pregnant with twins and a man like Grant had wondered about her? The teeny compliment lifted her spirits immeasurably.

So tell me about this ex-fianc?. Grant resumed his relaxed posture, leaning on the desk. Ariana suspected he struck the stance as a means to disarm people and gain their confidence. His pose worked. Some of the tension eased from her shoulders, relieved to finally share her problemsand the truthwith someone in the company.

For weeks, ever since shed waited three hours at the courthouse only to discover Benjy not only wasnt going to marry her, but he had moved in with a woman hed been seeing for weeks, Ariana had propagated the myth that they were awaiting the twins birth before tying the knot. Wintersoft had been good to her, giving her a chance in the competitive field of Public Relations, and the software company didnt deserve a tarnished image because of her.

Benjy ran off the day we were supposed to be married.

Benjy? He cocked an eyebrow. Is that your dog?

She could tell he was kidding. I wish. Then I could have taken him to the pound.

Or had him put to sleep?

Ariana laughed, surprised that the coolly aloof Grant Lawson had a sense of humor. She appreciated his efforts at levity. Anything to ease the awful strain shed been under. Unfortunately, Benjy is the father of my twins. The very absent, unconcerned father of my twins.

He is a dog.

More like a lap poodle. I only wished Id recognized his penchant for expecting women to take care of him. And when I say women, I mean multiple women.

An instant change came over her new attorney. The cool pose stiffened. His top lip thinned to a narrow line. When he spoke, his voice was harsh. He cheated on you?

I suppose I should have suspected it by the way he avoided making definite wedding plans, but I was clueless until he didnt show up at the courthouse. Even then, I worried hed been in an accident. She gave a rueful laugh. Stupid, huh?

You had a right to expect fidelity from the father of your children. Trust is an important part of a relationship.

The news of Benjys betrayal had been a knife in the back. Shed tried so hard to help him when he came out of rehab, but as soon as she was too pregnant to be his pretty little toy anymore, he found other playmates. And shed been too naive to recognize the symptoms. Admitting such a thing aloud, even to a lawyer, was humiliating.

And what about you? Grant pinned her with a courtroom gaze that would have quelled any witness. Were you unfaithful?

Never. Ariana blushed at the blunt question. Though Benjy was not the first in a long line of bad relationships, he had been her first and only lover. Shed been so certain her love was all he needed to overcome his problems that shed given herself to him completely.

Arianas self-confidence suffered to know shed been used, that Benjy had only wanted someone to take care of him while he got back on his feet. Hed never wanted to marry her. In fact, hed been furious about the pregnancy and had even urged her to end it. But after a terrible fight, Benjy had done an about-face, asking her to marry him at some vague, future date.

Grant rocked away from the desk and stalked around to his chair. Ill take your case.

Ariana batted her eyes in surprise.

Just like that? Hed take her case.

He yanked a legal pad from beneath a neat stack on his desk. Mr. Poodle will do his part to look after your children. You have my word on that.

Grant furiously scribbled notes on the pad, letting his mind drift over the bits of information Ariana had shared. He did plenty of pro bono cases, especially for company employees, and he enjoyed doing them. Those were the cases that made him feel like a true champion of the law, serving those in need. But he hadnt taken Arianas case out of altruism, not totally anyway. If there was one thing he knew about it was ugly domestic cases in which one partner cheated the other and then tried to skip out scot-free. No one should have to live through that kind of pain.

He raised his eyes to the woman who knew exactly how that felt and was struck again by her smooth skin. Though every previous conversation had been business related, hed noticed Ariana before. She was lovely. Almond-shaped eyes that defied him to name the color. And dark brown hair that floated around her shoulders with a rich, natural shine. Always warm and friendly even to the biggest jerks in the building, she had a dark beauty that would fascinate any man who still had a heart in his chest. Which left him out since a great gaping hole occupied the area in his rib cage where a heart once resided.

He tried not to look at her stomacha near impossible task. Hed never seen anyone quite so pregnant. Behind the brave thrust of her chin and the steady gaze, he saw the tear-stained cheeks and detected the vulnerable quiver of her full lower lip. All his protective urges leaped to the fore. Urges he hadnt acknowledged for a long time. And though they disturbed him no little bit, hed be hanged if this fianc? of hers got away without taking equal responsibility for those children.

Do you know this Benjy characters current address?

I know where he works. She gave him the address. But dont expect him to be cooperative.

The idea angered him. What kind of worthless scum refused to acknowledge his own offspring? Children didnt deserve to be pawns in domestic litigation. If hed been fortunate enough to have a child

He put the brakes on that thought immediately. Just as hed closed the door on love, hed promised not to dwell on what could never be.

He pushed a pad toward Ariana. Will you write that address down? Along with the correct spelling of Mr. Walburns name?

The element of surprise was always important in these cases, so he needed to make certain he had every last detail, right down to the correct spellings. He was nothing if not thorough.

Ariana gripped the chair arms and rocked several times, her off-center body not cooperating. When he started to offer his assistance, she held up one hand to stop him, and shook her head. I can do this.

She rocked again and then again. On the next try she stood. Hiding a smile, Grant exhaled, unaware hed been holding his breath. Her stubbornness appealed to him.

He watched her move toward the desk, a light green dress billowing softly around her legs. Except for the enormous midsection, Ariana Fitzpatrick was actually very small and graceful. Tiny hands, slim shoulders, fine-boned, heart-shaped face with the kindest eyes hed ever seen. An odd twist wrenched his gut. Sympathy pains surely, though he wasnt prone to such feelings. A man couldnt find a woman appealing when she was pregnant with someone elses baby. Could he?

Absolutely not.

Taking the pen, Ariana leaned over the paper. Her hair spilled forward, inches from his nose. He inhaledpurely a function of normal biologyand filled his lungs with the faint scent of flowers. Gardenias, he thought.

Nature forced another breath. Ah, lovely. So clean and fresh. He studied her profile, admiring the graceful angle of her neck, waiting for the moment she lifted her head so that he could study her delicate face more closely. Purely for professional reasons, of course. An attorney gained a lot of information from a clients eyes.

As she straightened, her naturally dark complexion paled, and she grabbed for the edge of the desk.

Whoa, she whispered and weaved sideways, knocking his nameplate to the beige carpet.

Grant was out of his chair and around the desk faster than a guilty criminal could say appeal. He slipped an arm around her middle and had the novel experience of feeling a stomach move beneath his fingertips.

Instead of the aversion hed expected, his own stomach quivered in awed response. He shook off the sensation. Sentimentality had no place in attorney-client relations.

Are you all right? His voice sounded gruff.

Fine. She panted a few times, then took a deep breath. A little dizzy. Thats all.

He backed her to the chair and very gingerly eased her down, then remained standing in front of her, studying the pale line around her mouth. Has this happened before?

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