Лиана Димитрошкина.

Autism as a malicious generic program. Causes of its occurrence. Successful experience of the experimental group

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The first of May in Tuapse was very windy, very sunny and very hot. My husband and I got wet while dragging our belongings into a huge hotel; on top of that my hair turned into a crow's nest. I was just about to find a quiet corner to pin up my hair as a woman with wide open eyes ran up to me:

“You are Liana Dimitrokshina, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. Good morning”, I answered politely, hastily grabbing the most rebellious curl.

And suddenly the young woman burst into tears.

“I'm studying your program MАu-Therapy for the second month, Liana Ivanovna. My son had compulsive movements just like many other autistic kids, he pulled out his hair and his head was like a big open sore! And now it is getting soft. It all stopped! Such a pity that I did not take pictures, you would have feedback with results, documented in square centimeters. Thank you so much. I’ve tried everything! Oh God we had gone through it all!”

The hairpin fell down on the floor and the curl dropped over my eyes. The students of the coaching school gathered around rushing to get the keys to their rooms. The final two-week training of the coaching school started the next day and I was teaching the Systemic Family Constellations course. My husband was filling in the hotel check-in form; I left him my passport and suggested to the young woman:

“Let's step aside. What is your name?”

“I’m Helena. Liana Ivanovna, we tried family constellations, and gestalt therapy, ericksonian hypnosis, theta healing, authorial psychological programs. We consulted healers, went to Matrona and other holy places.”

We sat down on the round armchairs at the back of the hotel lobby. Students of different ages were bustling all around, the huge windows were flooded with sunlight, people were chatting and laughing – after months of online training people recognized each other, hugged, exchanged their phone numbers.

“I love Matrona so much. I fly to Moscow or through Moscow for my studies about two times a month. And every time I go to visit her. I believe you came on our course not without her blessing.”

“You know, my husband and I reached such a level of hopelessness, despair, tiredness and frustration. We believed in nothing. But we decided to try your course, too, out of stubbornness. Despite the fact that it is for mothers.”

“It's very reasonable. As a wise man once said, out of 10 surrenders there is only one loser. I do not like giving up either. I fight to the end. I’m a chess player, and in the past that lengthened my parties significantly. I managed to win many times, even when it appeared like a hopeless situation.”

“So we decided – let's try! And can you believe it! It has not even been two months and there is already such progress! Your course is unique!! So many insights, so much internal work, the transformation system is perfectly set up.

And on top of it there is daily feedback which increases the efficiency significantly. Now that I am two steps away from a psychologist's degree myself I understand when you say that autism is not a disease of the child but of a whole family”

“Yes, that's why it


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