Lewis Foreman.

Travel Series. Full

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This book will help you remember a lot of necessary and useful words and combinations that you are going to use in casual situations and small talks while travelling all over the world.

The following episodes are combined in order to provide you an opportunity of memorising some words and phrases just reading stories of different people about their trips and rest.

Enjoy and learn!


Episode ONE
Organising a trip

Ann is going on a vacation. She has dreamt about it for the last six months. She started planning her trip half a year ago. Ann made a research and surfed the Internet.

She found out that the most popular location was Spain.

So, she called a travel agency and asked about offers. They were too expensive so Ann decided to book the tickets and the hotel on her own. Ann also submitted papers for getting a visa.

Finally, she confirmed the reservation.

Ann is happy. She departs next week.

Episode TWO

Today Ann is flying away. She set her alarm clock for 5 a.m. She doesn't want to be late.

She arrives at the airport at 7. It's 2 hours before her airplane departs. Ann feels excited. She goes to the check-in desk. She gets her passport and tickets ready. She?s got one bag and checks it in too. Ann passes the passport control....

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