Lewis Foreman.

Easy Grammar Series. Teacher's book

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Grammar ONE

Present Simple

Richard (to live) in New York. He (to be) single. He (to work) at the office in downtown.

He (to wake up) at 7 am. He (to have) breakfast on his way.       He (to drink) a cup of coffee and (to eat) a chicken sandwich.

He (to arrive) at work at 9am. First he (to turn on) his desktop. He (to check) email and (to answer) the most important letters. He (to have) lunch at the canteen at his office. Richard (to finish) his working day at 6 pm. It (to be) dark outside at this time. He (to come back) home. He (to eat) dinner and (to watch) TV in his bedroom.

He (to fall) asleep at 11pm.

Grammar TWO

Past Simple

Sammy (to wake up) at 7 o’clock. It (to be) very early. He (to go) to the bathroom and (to wash) his face and hands. Then he (to go) to the kitchen and (to cook) his usual breakfast. He (to eat) it quickly and (to leave) for work. It (to be) not far from his home. Sammy (to arrive) at work at 10 am. He (to start) at 10:30 am. He (to work) until 7 pm. Then he (to come back) home. His evening (to be) very quite. He (to meeT0 with his friends and they (to play) some board games together. They (to eat) pizza and (to drink) coke. They (to have) fun. At 11 pm Sammy (to say) goodbye to them and (to go) to bed.

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