Leon Malin.

Missing mistress. Agency Amur

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© Leon Malin, 2017

ISBN 978-5-4485-5161-1

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Once a man came to our Agency (Agency Amur, affairs related to love relations). «I lost my mistress,» he said and told the following story. Sergey got acquainted with Irina (that’s the name of his «lady of the heart») in the seaside resort, in Sochi. The novel flared with extraordinary strength. Mad hot nights, all-consuming passion. The time of rest flew instantly, but (fortunately or unfortunately) the lovers turned out to be from the same city, from St. Petersburg. They transferred their novel to their hometown, but here there were difficulties, Irina was married. Her husband (with her words) was very jealous, so they could not meet freely, like at sea, they could not. And the meetings became less and less frequen


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