Konstantin Krokhmal.

Gardener. Secrets of the Ottoman house

Konstantin Krokhmal

Konstantin Krokhmal

Konstantin Krokhmal

Konstantin Krokhmal,2017

Konstantin Krokhmal, ,2017

Konstantin Krokhmal, ,2017

Konstantin Krokhmal, ,2017



Dear friends!

Many know me as apublic figure, an auto expert, ajournalist, aparticipant intelevision and radio programs. Today Iam opening up for you on anewer side, as awriter. Possessing ahuge amount ofinformation, historical facts, Ido not use them infull, except that Isometimes quote the classics inspeeches before citizens, on television, radio, etc. Only afew ofmy close associates know my hobby towrite stories and novels. Iwrite inthe new, and more correctly, inatransformed style ofan active story based on areal story or alittle-known historical fact. Itry todescribe the events inan exciting manner from the first lines ofthe narrative. Iwould call my style astory-track or astory-composition.

Ihave long wondered why we listen tothe song we liked afew times inarow. Why does not it botherus?

And all because agood song every time givesus afeeling offamiliar novelty.

Have you re-read astory or astory for along time?

Inmy opinion, an interesting and intelligent book should be read several times inarow, fueled byemotions and getting acharge ofenergy. Ihope that this my story The Gardener will take aplace inyour library and will be among the books that will want toreread, reside and empathize with its heroes.

Ispecially designate and describe my characters with special touches, and already you, my dear reader, visualize the image ofthe hero and imagine exactly how it looks. Igive aguide, and already the integrity ofthe picture is formed ineveryones own, according toyour imagination.

Inmy works, Ido not claim 100% historical certainty, but only try toreconstruct events, and Imyself live with my characters specific life situations.

Ispecially write compact, but capacious stories. My goal is tomake them dynamic, easy toread and kept insuspense until the very last line. The ending ofmost ofthe works will surpriseyou.

Ipurposefully try toinclude inmy stories amaximum offacts, so that you can add tothe baggage ofyour knowledge, for knowledge, like health, is never superfluous.

Ido not cunning, saying that my stories have agood therapeutic effect, inorder totap into those parts ofthe brain that are responsible for the flexibility ofthought. Checked experimentally: Iwant toreread my works, and they give acharge ofmental activity.

Inmy opinion, these stories are ideal for preparing ascript and shooting an exciting movie.

If among the readers there is aknowledgeable person, Iwill be glad tocooperate.

Inthe story there is aspecial terminology ofthat time, ofthat era, and at the end ofthe book inthe Notes section, detailed explanations are given so that you can more fully understand the details ofthe narrative.

Inmy table there is alarge number ofsimilar works ofvarious themes: from serfdom toWorld War II and the modern era. All ofthem are planned for publication, as they are ready for printing.

Iwill be glad if you liked my book, and you have spent your time and have learned alot ofnew things.

Enjoy reading!

With sincere respect for you, my dear readers!

Yours, Konstantin Krokhmal.

web-site: krohmal.ru

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One is the gardener, the other is the Vizier. The capricious will ofthe Great Su


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