Ida Rodich.

Short stories for English stories. Something about Martha

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Корректор Liliya Kardenas

Иллюстратор Nadiya Doycheva-But

© Ida Rodich, 2017

© Nadiya Doycheva-But, иллюстрации, 2017

ISBN 978-5-4485-6098-9

Создано в интеллектуальной издательской системе Ridero

Clever names

In summer Martha lives with her grandparents in the country-side. Their cats live there too. It is a very nice cats family. The head of the family is the mother cat. She is ten years old, pretty and has a lovely character. Her daughters, two graceful kittens, are cute and friendly. The cats are Martha’s best friends, and she loves them a lot.

The cats have funny names. The mother cat’s name is Desde-mona. Her daughters are Wilhelmina and Manuela. Martha doesn’t like such long names and calls her pets short: Mona, Mina and Mania.

Sometimes Marta’s grandmother calls the cats gently by their pet names: Mosja, Misja and Masja. But she doesn’t always do that. The cats have to behave well to deserve that. And this isn’t often the case.

Sometimes Martha’s grandmother gets angry and says: «Desdemona, Wilhelmina and Manuela, behave yourselves!»

The strange names sound so stern that Martha understands: the cats can get into trouble with their owner. It is better to save them somewhere until her grandmother is in a good mood again.

What clever names the cats have. They help them to stay safe from Martha’s grandmother.

Meeting old friends

Marta and her grandparents have arrived at their summer house. Martha’s grandfather has driven his car into the backyard and is getting out of it now. Cats are running to meet him and cuddle on his legs.


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