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All the same it is thesea

One sunny day Claras grandparents pick their lovely granddaughter up from home and drive her totheir summer house. The road is running through the forest.

On the way Claras grandmother is telling the girl: Many wild animals live inthis forest.

That is true: wolves, foxes, bears, hedgehogs and lots ofbirds live here. Clara knows that from her books.

Never fry afish till its caught. .

But Clara isnt interested inwild animals. She likes fish. At home Clara has alargefish tank with myriads oftiny fish init. Clara especially likes adazzling fish with acolourfultail and bright eyes. She feeds the fish and it is thankful tothe girl. When Clara gets bored, she goes up tothe tank and knocks gently on the glass. The fish swims up tothe water surface, gazes at Clara and opens its mouth. Clara believes that the fish is telling her something, but the water swallows its words.

Clara is looking out ofthe window and starts fidgeting. The car is going along ahuge stretch ofwater. The water body is so large that Clara cannot see the other bank.

The little girl is surprised: Look, this is asea. Her grandfa-ther is smiling: Its alake, Clara! But Clara is only laughing at his words:

There is too much water and too much fish init. Grandpa, only asea can be this large!

What is the correct answer?

Clara is going bycar


2) toher summer house.

3) toalake.

The girl likes fish because

1)she isnt interested inwild animals.

2) she has alargefish tank athome.

3) fisch can be her friend.

Clara is surprised about ahuge stretch ofwater because

1)she cannot see the other bank.

2) this is asea.

3) only asea can be this large.




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