Collins Good Dog Behaviour: An Owner’s Guide – Gwen Bailey

книга Collins Good Dog Behaviour: An Owner’s Guide автора Gwen Bailey
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Published in association with The Blue Cross, one of Britain’s top animal welfare societies, ‘Collins Good Dog Behaviour’ is an essential handbook for all responsible dog owners with numerous step-by-step photographs that will help to make training your dog simple and enjoyable.Gwen Bailey believes that the first step to having a well-behaved dog is for the owner to fully understand the dog’s behaviour – only then can you learn to communicate effectively with your pet and create a successful partnership. She maintains that all dogs can be well-behaved and that you can teach an old dog new tricks!You can learn about: how to be a good owner through talking and listening to your dog, dicovering the essential ingredients for a well-behaved dog, introducing step-by-step obedience exercises to prevent and solve problem behaviour. ‘Collins Good Dog Behaviour’ is a book which will advise you on how to make your dog really clever, thus making you a clever owner!

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