The Spoilers / Juggernaut – Desmond Bagley

книга The Spoilers / Juggernaut автора Desmond Bagley
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Double action thrillers by the classic adventure writer set in the Middle East and Africa.THE SPOILERSWhen film tycoon Robert Hellier loses his daughter to heroin, he declares war on the drug pedlars, the faceless overlords whose greed supplies the world with its deadly pleasures. London drug specialist Nicholas Warren is called upon to organise an expedition to the Middle East to track down and destroy them – but with a hundred million dollars' worth of heroin at stake, Warren knows he will have to use methods as deadly as his prey…JUGGERNAUTIt was no ordinary juggernaut. Longer than a football pitch, weighing 550 tons, and moving at just five miles per hour, its job – and that of troubleshooter Neil Mannix – is to move a giant transformer across an oil-rich African state. But when Nyala erupts in civil war, Mannix's juggernaut is at the centre of the conflict – a target of ambush and threat, with no way to run and nowhere to hide…Includes a unique bonus – The House of the Lions, a st

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