High Citadel / Landslide – Desmond Bagley

книга High Citadel / Landslide автора Desmond Bagley
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Double action thrillers by the classic adventure writer set in the South American Andes and British Columbia.HIGH CITADELWhen Tim O'Hara's plane is hijacked and forced to crash land in the middle of the Andes, his troubles are only beginning. A heavily armed group of communist soldiers intent on killing one of his passengers – an influential political figure – have orders to leave no survivors. Isolated in the biting cold of the Andes, O'Hara's party must fight for their lives with only the most primitive weapons…LANDSLIDEBob Boyd is a geologist, as resilient as the British Columbia timber country where he works for the powerful Matterson Corporation. But his real name and his past are mysteries – wiped out by the accident that nearly killed him. Then Boyd reads a name that opens a door in his memory: Trinavant – and discovers that Bull Matterson and his son will do almost anything to keep the Trinavant family forgotten forever…Includes a unique bonus – My Old Man's Trumpet, a previous

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