Only Bachelors Need Apply – Charlotte Maclay

книга Only Bachelors Need Apply автора Charlotte Maclay
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HUSBAND IN A MILLIONSingle mom Joanna Greer knew all the «mommy» tricks: kiss boo-boos, fix three squares a day…fuss, fuss, fuss. But when it came to acting as a father figure to her young son, she was desperately at a loss….Then little Tyler staked his claim on the handsome bachelor next door.Kris Slavik didn't know the first thing about fatherhood. His upbringing had been short on hugs, but long on expectations. Well, he'd earned his millions…several times over. Problem was, he had no one to share it with. Until a rambunctious kid and his beautiful mom had him tossing around footballs–and sizing very big diamond rings….

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  • Автор:
  • Название: Only Bachelors Need Apply
  • Жанр: Приключения
  • Размер: 469 Кб
  • Язык книги: русский
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