Benjamin Farjeon.

Self-Doomed. A Novel

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"Murderer!" she screamed.

Ah, my God! Never shall I forget that scream. It was the knell of love and hope and faith and happiness. It rings in my ears now. It reached Gideon Wolf's in the last moments of his life, and he knew that his crime was discovered. With a wild shriek his arm slid from the beam, and he fell through the air upon the stones, forcing a shower of bloodstained snow into the faces of those who stood near his crushed and mangled form.

"Look, Master Fink, look!" said Anna, pulling at my cloak.

I knelt by the side of my old sweetheart, Louisa Wagner. I pillowed her head upon my breast.

"Listen," she murmured, "the angels are still singing. How sweet-how beautiful! The door of the Temple is open. The lights are there, and I see my boy-my angel baby-boy. Gideon, my dear one, I have come to spend the New Year with thee! Ah, he is in my arms I am happy, I am happy! All my pain has gone. How dim the lights are growing in the Temple! That is because you are not there, my dear one. We will never part again, darling! Closer-closer-closer!"

And with her lips upon my lips she died.

* * * * * *

You guess, do you not, that Katrine Loebeg, the young woman with the silver hair, is my house-keeper now?


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