Aryans and We – Archi Devi Dasi (Ekmekchjan Adelaida)

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Описание книги:

Community living arrangements require correct understanding of human psychology. Daily wants of a human are not different from those of animals, but a human inherently is gifted with much more developed intelligence. If a human is another species with the purpose to assure existence by means of natural selection, then the question arises: why are we given the intelligence and the emotional life which do not stop searching for recipes of happiness and justice? Every nation at some point of its evolution feels as having found this recipe. What was it like for the Aryans? The Aryans are among those rare nations with the culture addressing the inner life of all living beings in this creation. This Book invites you to travel to the world of the Aryans. Hope, it will be enjoyable and helpful. We are sure that every “traveler” will be delighted at and respectful of the inner life of the Aryans and will find solutions for many psychological problems which hitherto have seemed nonsolvable.

Информация о книге:

  • Язык книги: русский
  • Язык оригинала: русский
  • Издательство: SelfPub
  • Год издания: 2021
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