Home to the Cowboy – Amanda Renee

книга Home to the Cowboy автора Amanda Renee
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It seems like all of Ramblewood, Texas, is far too up-to-date on Tess Dalton’s love life, or rather, recent lack-thereof. She thought the trip home would help heal her heart–instead it just pitted her face-to-face with the first man to crush it.Cole Langtry is determined to fulfill his father’s dream of building an equine-assisted therapy facility on Bridle Dance Ranch. He doesn’t have time for distractions, especially of the heartbreaking brunette variety. The past should just stay put—and what he and Tess once had, with it. But when one remarkable little girl finally brings Tess and Cole together, it’s hard to remember why they’re apart. They’ve never backed down from a challenge before, but facing their true feelings for each other might be the ultimate test.

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  • Автор:
  • Название: Home to the Cowboy
  • Жанр: Приключения
  • Размер: 426 Кб
  • Язык книги: русский
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